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Maybe now you know @cleanplanet initiative ou may not.

This post to offer you the new cleanplanet's logo communication

It was published on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM, with the #HIVE for reference.

You know, I am sure that CLEANPLANET will bring many poeple on HIVE and make it well known.

Ecology world System, The green spirit is in evolution.
Youngs are awareness to protect the environment and do actions in this way...

CLEAN UP THE PLANET_20231110_082258_0000.png

After 5 years... @cleanplanet is one of the older project on HIVE BLOCKCHAIN which is still alive

That means I am all the days a year online and several times a day I check if cleanplanet's users published something following rules.

If their post is compliant... they receive a super great upvote

I often was in front of cheaters... but I am carefull about it and verify as much as possible.

When money is in the center... it brings cheaters...


Well, what @cleanplanet needs ?

We all know that @cleanplanet is non profit ORG as a NGO...
That's means cleanplanet never spent any HIVE... only for website fees or tools of communication for gifts which have been distributed ar KRAKOW, BARCELONA or BANGKOK.

Only one of old user delegated a big amount of HIVE POWER (thanks @ekitcho)
We had a great support from a well known witness during a few mounth (thanks to you @roelandp)

And I am pleased to thanks a lot our very sense community for their support.
Each little delegation is very welcome and it permiss to better reward cleaners of environment.



Officialy I ask to HIVE Witness to support @cleanplanet

@cleanplanet is only an account and a HIVE Community
Its gestion is good since 5 years ... with Only CURATION REWARDS TO GROW

I made a demand of delegation a few years ago... but without a HIVE business plan there is no answer about it.

The business plan ... is CLEANPLANET itself... with a WIN-WIN-WIN SITUATION

  • Win for the planet
  • Win for the user

I expect a lot to get support from HIVE but I really don't know how to do. I am just an user from a long time who try to explain to others the HIVE deployment.

I support my idea that HIVE can reward the good spirit when poeple clean up the environment.
Pollution is a real problem and HIVE has à real role...



Let's get you some well deserved visibility on this terrific initiative @cleanplanet

@tipu curate 3

Wow thanks a lot @ninahaskin

Each day is a new day for me and some hivians jump in the train !


Dear @ninahaskin, you just got hugged.
I sent 1.0 HUG on behalf of @cleanplanet.

J'espère que ton post attirera l'attention qu'il mérite.
As tu besoin de délégation plus modeste ?

Oh super sympa !
Chaque petite délégation fait avancer plus vite et récompense au mieux les utilisateurs

Mais je ne peux te demander expressément ça

C'est vraiment ton choix perso 😉


Je viens de te déléguer 100HP , c'est petit, mais pour moi, c'est énorme aha ^^
Longue vie à @cleanplanet

Yes I agree with you. Pollution is not good at all and clean planet activities helps to reduce this pollution. Thanks to the clean planet community for this great job.

Maybe your request, our request be granted by Hive team. The support is really needed to appreciate those who clean the planet. So, this community has been in business since 5 years now? That's impressive. Let's keep doing more and continue growing


Waoh 5years now that is a long time now impressive @cleanplanet
I wish many people can come in to the community not only for the rewards but for a cleaner environment and a better planet

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Wow, you have been excellent for 5years?, this is very impressive, we will keep cleaning the planet for ever, thank you @cleanplanet