Hey everyone,

We went over to see family today, as it was Grampys 76th birthday. Our brothers family ended up bringing what we think is a goat skull they found on a hike. What do you think?


My other brother in law does taxidermy and so this skull was given to him. I think in the future we will post pictures of the animals he has.

As for our garden, we attempted 3 sisters this year which is Corn, Beans and Squash. This is what you can see in the photo. We got the seeds from our local buy nothing group but as you can see, the Squash didn't like our soil too much. The beans started to grow up the corn, and we were able to collect some beans and dry them out for next year. This way they're already acclimated to our soil.

3 Sisters with our rabbit poop mulch

What's great about rabbit poop mulch is that it's one of only animals droppings that can go straight onto into a garden.


Beans growing up our corn


Beans left on the vine to dry to be replanted next year


We're looking forward to what next year will bring. Our set up next year will include a rain barrel slow drip system, so there will be a lot to see.

By the way, our pumpkins just turned orange!


Can't wait until we can pick them!

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  • -1. Oh oh. The skull looks like a animal with a prudent mouth and head but I don't think I can guess the name though. Happy birthday to Grampys, I Wish him long life in good health.
  • -2. For the picture you took, beans growing on corn yes it is very possible because things are called crawler crops. so they are meant to crawl from one place to another and if care is not taken they can grow on a tree as well that is why when you are planting beans you need to stake it. Staking I mean, you need to have a very tripod dried branches which your beans were actually grow on it so as for it to have a very more produce.

have a wonderful week ahead

haha! we thought it may have been a Goat, but it's definitely an interesting skull!
I didn't think about the beans being a problem growing on trees, but that's a great point. We have used the dead branches method, but the 3-sisters was something new we wanted to try.
This time around, we'll stay away from the trees. 😁

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thank you for the upvote!

Glad the experiment was a success!

Thank you! We look forward to having a better set up next year.