Prepping for fall

Fall is my favorite season. Beautiful weather, big skies, typically no pressing humidity or bone chilling cold, just nice middle weather. My birthday is September as is our wedding anniversary, so lots to celebrate. Here in USDA zone 5b, northern border central/eastern Massachusetts the growing season is pretty short. So I'm feeling a little bit sad about it. However I have some projects in mind to keep growing some cold weather loving greens over winter. It'll be more of an experiment than anything.


Picked up these windows for free from a few different community members to make cold frames. Somewhat like a mini greenhouse. Will keep you updated on that project.


I've also been busy harvesting some seeds for next years growing. Above is some beans, I let them dry on the vine, they shrivel up and turn yellowish letting you know the seeds are mature. Beans are easy and are ready to be stored that way. If you save seeds from heirloom varieties you grow personally, next year crop will be better acclimated to your specific soil. So always helpful. We have naturally very sandy rocky soil. I have been implementing some permaculture and hugelculture practices to our home garden to improve our soil naturally.


We seeded some carrots a few weeks back, here are the little babies above. I will need to thin them out soon so they have some more personal space for growing.


We have a very active local buy nothing group. It's a community sharing group. Everything is free. you can ask for specific items or post anything you are willing to gift. Today I was gifted a few clumps of bearded Iris. I love flowers, and one of my long term goals is to have a large flower garden running along our front property. Budget is tight so it's been s gradual project, but I'm loving the progress so far.


I'll leave you with a photo of some of our ladies eating some snacks.


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