Big fight coming soon, count me all in. Willing and able, fuck em.

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You really ask good questions. Some of the citations though let me answer you in this way:

It happened to me that I rejected being tested or test myself in my working place. I questioned the implemented measurements. Then I was fired from that job. From the first job I also was fired, for the manager did not want to find a solution together with me to work without a mask.

I had the following option: To consult a lawyer and go against the company in creating a legal case. I put some efforts in finding a lawyer. I couldn't find one. The promised support on the usual pages happened to be more of a lip-service than real. I called many numbers and got the answer "he is not working as an attorney any more" or "we have no capacity" or nobody answered the phone. A friend of mine who were in contact for her own case with a lawyer was put down by him when things became tougher and she was not able to reach out to him again. Though his name appeared in the list of those organizations which published on their websites that legal help could be expected.

Later on, when I already decided that I have to come to terms with my situation, I spoke to someone who defended himself without particular help from a lawyer, for he was so deep into the topic that he found himself capable of doing so. As far as I know, he remains unbothered by the authorities.

Insofar you are right. Many of the fines are put on a stand still. The courts do not answer once a person questions the fine itself and does not accept it. Or, the courts are not being approached from the conflicting parties, they remain "on hold".

I've never been fined myself, for I avoid being in situations this could take place. I may have been more confident when the things would have happened to me in a different order. Losing ones source of income through differences of world views and interpretation of the currents, is a somewhat traumatic experience (at least for me).

So, I left things as they were. In order to not see myself as a victim I turned the event around in my mind and heart. I asked myself: Would I have wanted to remain working in my usual working places under the new conditions? Would it be realistic that my working style could be still maintained by me? My answers were "no". The colleagues and the board overall accepted the rules and so it was impossible to them accepting me as someone who questioned them. Even though I may have succeeded in legal terms (which was not certain at all), I probably would have lost in terms of being individually accepted by the working people. Of course, I never will know that fur sure. If my case would have been successful the one or the other colleague might have taken an example and changed his mind. Maybe, if I was not all alone but had one or two others of the same mindset, things would have gone differently. But there was nobody.

I left both companies in leaving them some more arguments and letters, where I presented my perspectives on the matter. I don't know how much impact I made, but I hope, I made them somewhat think and doubt.

People come at different paces into the situation to say yes or no. I know people who remain unaffected within their jobs, for they can work from home-office mostly. The minor cases in which they meet in person still does not bring the feared "take the jab or else". It may take more time, no one knows. Or things will turn, the more time passes. As long as someone who is a critical thinker can remain in his position and being influential in terms of discussions, questions and decisions about measurements, I appreciate this. Once, you are dismissed, there is no chance of having a voice within a company. For this, you gotta wear a mask. You must be able to pretend to play by the rules, while in fact you disagree.

Counteractions which do not appear as open resistance may be an intelligent form next to other, more disobedient open forms, as they allow individuals to build bridges between the extremes that no one from either camp would think of building. I really don't know how I could have taken such a position myself, for I was not a deeply connected every day worker but a freelancer who hopped in and hopped out. So my stance was different from the outset. What was my advantage in former times (not being entangled in conflicts and decision makings throughout the board of colleagues and managers) became now a disadvantage.

I, for my part, was not able to wear a mask. I couldn't. I am happy that others can do it without losing their sanity and calmness. It's the differences between people thinking, feeling and acting which seems to be important in order to see successfully the measurements either being taken down or being ignored.

So, when people are called slaves, it quickly happens that one might think of oneself as one, or as a coward. While in truth one is realistically weighing ones owns limits and personal situation. Going over my limit does me harm. So I need to know where it lies.

Other than that, I highly appreciate your texts, the way you think and present your stance.

Thankyou again and sorry you were fired. I've heard some people are suing for being fired or maybe they are threatening to sue and so not being fired. We'll see. I would look into suing tho if I were in your position. They shouldn't be allowed to get away with this. You can use the anti-discrimination statutes which seem to be worldwide now.

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Yes, I brought that argument of discrimination up.

If I had found a lawyer, I would probably have taken legal action. But I came up empty. So what do you do if you are right in principle, but none of the lawyers will even touch your case with pliers; or else, they are so overrun that they can't take you on? I can't file a lawsuit without legal advice. ... But maybe I am wrong and I could have, I really don't know. It's too late by now anyways.

So, it's probably good to have a friend who is a lawyer or to know someone who is in close contact.

Still, I am happy to hear that other people took their chances, probably showed more of their teeth. Though I took risks in my life and disobeyed and argued with who was in the higher hierarchies, I never encountered a situation like this. Friendly colleagues turned into irritating ones or seemed to show zero tolerance towards doubts.

Lawyers don't have friends ;-)

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HaHa! Heard that one before. Poor image they have. Not for no reasons.

Im currently half way through another 30 day ban
All hail to the hive.

Great piece of work again xx

Interesting that comments on my posts are being downvoted and some seemingly by bot?
What is that about????

gangstalking is considered a spammer that is being downvoted constantly...

Thanks for your article; some munition for the fight!

yeh I get his down vote but what about the other one? Coincidence? Bit random.

gangstalking's comments are being down voted everywhere. active-truth did you hear the vaccine from jan. to march was 50 % placebo?

No I didn't but it would make perfect sense. I know some super keen pro's who paid to get in early and have had no ill effects. Do you have any proof of this I'd be really interested.

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At 9:00 Dr Jane Rudy reads off the FDA announcement

Thanx so much for this now I need to find where she read that from. I'd like to see it in bblack and white. I have friends going through it. xx

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This might help a little.. After all those taking the jam / placebo are the test group.. EXPERIMENTAL