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I exposed myself to some propaganda again today. I don't watch tv or read newspapers but sometimes I listen to the radio in the car. Mostly I tune to the irish channel coz I can't speak irish so can't understand what they're saying but today I accidently heard some news. It wasn't about convid so I let it run.
I listen to it so seldom that it really does sound like another world, I can't take it seriously at all. I inevitably end up laughing or screaming.
They were talking about Afghanistan and the human rights issues. The human rights guy was bemoaning the fact that the Taliban were telling women to cover their faces and stay at home.

Ironically this image was taken from an article banning women from covering their faces by 'ISIS'

Hmmmm so where have I heard that before?



Oh yes, here, AND EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD just about. Except it's not just women it's everybody who has to cover their face and stay at home so at least the poor Afghan women won't feel discriminated against and hey they even get the joy of seeing their men having to wear a manburkha. I guess they might find that worth the trip at least.

So they want to rescue oppressed people and bring them to our oppressed country to face not only face covering and staying at home but also medical tyranny. What's the bet they have to comply with a bit of gene therapy test jabberwocky to come here (that'll boost the sales a bit).
"Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) show that only 1.2 million doses had been administered as of August 20, out of a population of 40 million." (No doubt that is a huge exaggeration too.) Bad news for big pHarma. Why not ship the lab rats to a more organized laboratory. EUROPE.

The whole silly charade I was listening to made me think they're just shipping over new fresh slaves to the areas where the population is going down due to the convid shots.
It's like a slave trading racket where the slaves don't know they're slaves and being traded.

I don't pretend to know what has actually been going on in Afghanistan for the last 20 years since the 1st invasion but I know I don't believe anything the media tells us is going on. I do wonder how a bunch of uncivilized poor cave dwellers managed to drive out two of the biggest superpowers in the world tho, Russia then the USA. Bit odd. Doesn't sound right to me.

They went on to mention that all restrictions (here in Ireland) will be lifted by October. Yeh right, we've heard that old chestnut before haven't we..........

Cheers big ears, or as they say here Slainte...........

ADDENDUM later that day someone sent me this "educational film" which it turns out was more propaganda and lies. Wow double whammy day of it for me. I can't recommend you watch it unless you have a warped sense of humour.

The last line of this mockumentary is this - "what we need is a new STORY and one that we can BELIEVE IN." Yup says it all huh. Thanx Beeb for the 'stories'.

Now a real alternative view from the ground-


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With you on no TV and newspapers. Go on bitchute where only a handfull watch. There really is a matrix.

Newspapers are good for one thing, football!

here in the UK we are still getting daily reports of individuals dying, positive tests, blah blah blah!

These fuckwits in the office of national statistics are allegedly experts at number crunching to scare the sheeple.

I wonder why they dont break the numbers down even further, in respect of these deaths and positives, to indicate how many of them have been double jabbed?

Oh no they won't do that will they. Not part of the agenda

The only news I see is the old newspapers we use for packing parcels...blows my mind the utter crap they print.

Ok you will like this... life in nz...beards interfere with face masks...i think you can see where I'm going with this...

No, this is not satirical..

I wonder how long it takes to grow a beard?

well we can't have men going around looking all masculine and hairy can we.

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certainly not!

One crazy world we are in now😩