STFU (IT IS WHAT YOU THINK) Second Shot of Brainzzzz

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Hello there ya' Braniac Maniacs! I'm very thankful for the great turnout and support including on these posts. I will be doing more contests in the future so be on the lookout if you like to have fun and get the esteemed honor of being a winner. (in my book everyone who participated already is a winner!)

Here is the link of the first batch of winners of my wordy lil' challenge.

I was asked why do I use so many "Rick and Morty" gifs and my answer was...... "shhhhh, just show me what you got". I hope that answered their question. :)

Here are the rest of the STFU (Share The Farking Upvotes) "challenge" winners!

  • @failingforwards / the LOL one made me lol cause some don't understand the concept of consequences (I'm sure there's some sort of study to back that up)

LOL : Lots of love, just cause I love the consequence if only some people took it up
HIVE : Hurrah I Voted Everyone

  • @riverflows That IS a good question, why tease fruit? Good job! See folks, words can be quite fun when used in bizarre contests I think up while doing boring things. :(

WTF - Why Tease Fruit? Wank Tuesday - Friday? When To Fark?

  • @nevies made me giggle cause booty's jiggle also it's not an nsfw type of contest so the 'other' entry was a no-go.

POB = Proof Of Butt

  • @small1axe lol and like the whole axe angle but so do you!

EVE or IVE ,.. and nope , ... figure it out yourself , ,.. kids could be watching you know .
AXE ,... ill give you ,... Artistic X Emissions . ;-)

  • @wwwiebe AGAIN because he went above and beyond as seen in the original post if you want to go read entries for some weird reason. O.o





That last one, in particular, can be substituted for the traditional LOL with some magnificent results; e.g.,
Sorry, mom, I missed the plane and I'm not going to make it home for Thanksgiving. LOL

Thanks again to all who played with me.
Give it time on the payouts as it's laggy on the transfers but got the first 5 through.

Check out my other posts and feel free to make out with them in a smart way. Being smart is smart but you knew that already did you not?

*giphy/when life hands you lemons ....squeeze them into your enemies eyes then run away ! (joking, have a good one!)

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NASA ,.. Nasty Alien's Serve America ,... WHO .. We Have Orgies ,... WEF ,. World Extermination Front .

I had more like this , to depressing to enter a fun contest for it's more real then we might think .

LOL ;-)

very good ones fellow axe! :)

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Hey thanks for the comp and the POB!! Look forward to your next one!!

:) glad to hear it, thanks for playing

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Proof of brain has to actually get on uniswap with PPOB

Pegged proof of brain on ethereum and BSC will get us on uniswap and pancakeswap

Talk to Thomas bertani on

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hello, hope you're well and thanks for the info. , for real hoping this might help
am a sucker for trying to spread the Pobs around
it's like in the good old days of total craziness on 'the other place' but it was fun, REMEMBER FUN? have to make it fun or even investors will ngaf , imho.
you liking all this disclosure, one thing some of us can agree on is...........told you guys so right? lol

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Sounds nice to me atleast at face value. Maybe @proofofbrainio or @leprechaun would like to see this?

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Woot! Thanks for the shoutout and the POBs!

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was happy to make others happy, is that weird?

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Buy The Farking Dip


Alabama, enough said!

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thank you :)

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Thanks a lot @battleaxe

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