It's Okay To Let Go

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Letting go doesn't mean that you don't care about someone anymore. It's just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself. ~ Deborah Reber

Life is unpredictable and sometimes things could get messy and toxic. This happens more often than not, especially in our relationships. When that happens, we should not hold on to our prediction of how things should be, could be, or would have been.

People predict a whole lot of things based on their perception of reality and thinking they are always in control of the situation. In relationships, most people think it's about both parties pleasing the other, thereby creating a control mechanism to bend the other person to their will. When this happens it's time to let go.

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What many don't know is that a good relationship is not determined by how long or how agreeable your friend or partner is. It's about how much experience both parties can have without having to manipulate the other person whose interests may differ.

Most relationships today are built on manipulation, where, for example, two friends have choices that vary from one another, and one always wants the other to acknowledge their viewpoints without trying to see the other person's viewpoint too.

Sometimes people stay in a toxic relationship because they don't want what they have with people to end. But with this comes more pain, agony and manipulation. Nevertheless, it's okay to want to keep a relationship on good terms, but what we can only do is try, because we can't control the other person's desire to keep things on good terms.

It's okay to love, care and still have to let go either to find something better to care about or find a better understanding friend or partner in the future. In any relationship, what matters is not how long but how well.

What do you think is the best choice in keeping someone you love even if things don't work out? To let go or to keep up with meeting only the other person's needs in the relationship without yours being met or acknowledged.

Share your thoughts in the comments.


I agree. It is time to let go and take care of yourself.

Yay! 🤗
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