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The newbiess had a meeting recently which was anchored by @starstrings01, @eddiespino and @projectmamabg. During the meeting, we discussed plagiarism, tagging, sourcing, engagement, and how to construct an article on hive. The meeting was an interesting one, and I was glad I attended because I ended up knowing more that what I thought I knew.

This is my second newbies initiative task, and I am meant to answer some questions to ascertain that I understood what was taught and also help other Hiveans understand more about these topics.
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First and foremost, we must understand what plagiarism is all about before we can know why we must avoid it. Plagiarism in my own understanding can simply be defined as using other people's ideas or words as yours without seeking the permission of the owner or giving credit to the owner.

Hive as a platform abhors and frowns at plagiarized contents and as writers, we ain't expected to use another person's work without giving credit to the owner. If possible, it is adviceable to write your post without including a portion of another person's work but if your must, then you need to properly source and give credit to their owners.

You are not expected to copy and paste other peoples work just because you want to get upvotes. You must be creative enough to come up with quality contents except you ain't ready to be a writer. Hive isn't like other platforms that allows you to just post any article even though it isn't yours. Hence, to avoid being downvoted or muted, avoid plagiarism.

Sourcing is one of the major problem most people have on this platform. I have seen so many articles with images which were not sourced. Most people believe they can just take any image, quotations or portion of another person's article without sourcing them. Hive frowns at this act because it's seen as plagiarism and anyone caught plagiarizing will be severely punished.

It is important to note that using images that are not free isn't acceptable and except you decide to buy those iStock images, you ain't expected to use them. We are adviced not to use images from platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, pin interest and even Instagram. There are several free sites that have been made available where you can get your free images from. Some of this free sites are pixabay.com, unsplash.com, pexels.com, and giphy.com for GIFs.

When sourcing a text that isn't yours, for example, when sourcing "Learning never exhausts the mind.", it is recommended that you use the greater than symbol (>), then space before writing the words. The quoted words will appear like this;

Learning never exhausts the mind.

When you are done with that, it is expected you state under the quoted words the source of the texts you used. Using the quote above as example, the format will look like this;

[source](the link to the website you got it from). It appears like this


When you click on it, it directs you to the particular website you sourced the text or image from. You can also use this same method when sourcing an image after you must have uploaded the image.

Before answering this, let's get to know what tagging means. Tagging is a way of drawing the attention of people to your post by mentioning them in it. When people are tagged, they get the notification and this would make them view your post easily.

Even though it is okay to tag people, I don't see it as being expedient. Research has shown that so many persons don't find it funny or appreciate when you tag them on your post. They see it as if you are disturbing them and some might end up downvoting or muting you because they might think you are tagging them because you are looking for upvotes. If you must tag, let it be those you know.

I kept wondering when I saw this question if this was even possible. Are there people out there who publishes the same articles numerous times? Who does that? Hive is a platform that frowns at anything spamming, and you are a spammer if you have such attitude of publishing the same article numerous times.

Spammers are severely punished when they are caught, and I don't think any of us would want to be punished. I believe that anyone who sees or calls him or herself a writer wouldn't spam. As a writer, you must be creative enough to come up with different ideas sporadically. Even though there are sometimes a writer experiences "writer's block", that doesn't mean he or she should publish the same articles numerous times.

Hive allows you to write more than 3 posts a day, but I wouldn't advice anyone to publish more than 2 posts per day. Speaking from experience, I tried publishing more than 2 posts on a particular day and I found out that even my second post didn't receive upvotes like the first post and this is because you don't expect someone who gave you a 100percent upvote on your first post to give you the same percentage of upvotes on your second post not to talk if the third post.

Even though you have the opportunity to publish more than three posts on hive platform, wisdom is profitable. Even if you have the inspiration to write more than 2 articles in a day, I will advice that you save these articles on your draft instead of publishing them as your third and fourth posts. You still have the next day to publish such posts.

The importance of engagement can not be underestimated. Engagement has proven to be the key to success on hive. It is the pillar behind you getting noticed on this platform.

You engage when you make quality comments on other authors post. You engage when you start an intelligent conversation with authors on their posts. When you engage, people will have no option than to follow you and this will give room for more visibility of your blog and more support on your blog. Engagement also tends to build your reputation on hive blockchain.

Without engagement, nobody will know that you exist on the blockchain. You can't be where you want to be without engagement. With engagement, you get to meet people, make friends and learn new things.

There are so many things I learnt from the video. Some of these things are;

I learnt that when constructing an article on hive, I need to consider the title of my article, the first paragraph and the header image. Nobody sees our full post, they just see our title, our header image and our first paragraph. These things are what attracts people to click on our article, and so we must make them captivating.

I learnt that I can also share my posts on other social media to get more views and more engagements.

I also learnt that I can use dividers to beautify our posts and if possible source these dividers.

I learnt how to make my posts look better and more professional using the tutorials that were shared on markdown and HTML. I benefitted from these tutorials and I believe others will also benefit from it and that's why I will be sharing these tutorials with us. Here they are;



I guess some of us must have benefitted from this article just as I did during the meeting. Thanks to the newbie initiative team for this wonderful project. May God bless you all.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe and remain blessed.


I'm sure it will help many people :)

Sometimes you can't help but post twice if you are involved with several initiatives. But in this case you are going to have to accept fewer rewards per post. It helps to spread it out by some hours though.

You are right sir.. Gaining rewards on your second posts depends on how powerful your the posts is... Most people won't want to give you the same reward they gave to you in your first post. They prefer distributing this reward to other person on the platform.. I don't know if you understand what am saying....

Thanks for your comment sir

Yes I understand. If we are doing two posts they should be aimed at different people. For example those who support me in The Inkwell aren't going to be the same ones who are interested in my Feathered Friends post. So the votes are coming from different people :)

Now I get it.. Hmm.. I never thought of that.. Different votes from different communities.. That's nice.. Thanks for this..

I wouldn't suggest it as a habit, but it helps when you have a lot going on... What I'm saying is try to avoid two similar ones in a day no matter what 😂

Yea.. I get the point.. Thanks for your time..

You nailed it, well explained and detailed.. the markdown style really helped.

Thank you for sharing the links to the tutorial also

Am glad you find the post detailed and well explained.. Thanks for your comment

La verdad que es un buen incentivo, muchas gracias por compartir.

Me alegro que haya disfrutado leyendo el artículo. Gracias por tu comentario

La verdad es muy bueno. saludos.

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Well explained!!! I feel like a newbie reading this and it's so understandable.

Wish I had this opportunity when I started 🤔 sure things would have been much better than it is now but not to worry, I'll still get by perfectly fine as time goes on.

Well done on this one, you've done really well. Got here through @dreemport

You are doing so well and I applaud you for that. I know a lot of persons look up to you because you are already getting by perfectly fine...

Keep doing what you are doing..

😂 I'm looking up to all of you, why look up to me? I'm down here 🙄
Thanks anyways 😊

Hahaha... You ain't a newbie and so the newbies will look up to you because you are already a champ... Hope u understand what I mean?

I understand 😏
Don't come and announce it, I still have a lot to learn 🙈

Lol.. I won't.. Am glad you accepted this fact..

I love this newbie initiative!!!! It is SO helpful for people just starting out on hive! and you did a fabulous job getting it written so beautifully!!!

so proud!! :)

Am so glad I joined the newbie initiative.. They are really helping the newbies and I would also advice all newbies to key into this...

Thanks for appreciating my work.. Guess I learnt from the best... Thanks for all you do ma'am

hehehehe thank you for the compliment! and please keep shining your amazing light!!!

I hope that people will take a look at your hard work and the way you write and the way you engage with others on your comment section and see that its the best way to build a true connection with people.

putting your heart out there
working hard
engaging genuinely
being consistent
investing time, money, energy!

love you BRIGHT david :)

Just like I said earlier, I learnt from the best... All these is as a result of the training uptrennd University gave to me... This is why I will forever be grateful to you for that wonderful opportunity.

You are making my head to be big oo... Hmmm.. Let me not say anything...

Thanks for all you do ma'am

hahahahaha ok no more head swelling!!

just a hug :)


I accept that with my full chest 😂 😂 😂 😂...

I love you ma'am

As a newbie I'd Like to thank you for this usefull article!
Easy to Read and understand!

Good to know you enjoyed reading my article.. Have you written your introductory post? If yes then you need to be active if you truly want to succeed on this platform. Welcome on board.

The article it's good for me, and if you have others to suggest to Read, i will do it!
I know about the post to introduce myself, I haven't done yet, because I want to understand better what i want from hive., if writing, reading, playing and so on.
Any suggest it's welcome

Ok then, please are you on telegram or discord?... If you are, I think we can discuss more on those platforms..