Read the Book First - Where The Crawdads Sing

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I don't understand where all this hate is coming from. Some people out there are so hard to please and just cannot see the positive in anything. I already feel exhausted being you guys lol.

I'm talking about this book that I just read "Where the Crawdads Sing" which most people online seem to hate. If you're basking in privilege, stop right here. If you're also fending for yourself, feeling isolated and lonely, surviving... then read more.

But how I wish I read the book first. This is actually the first time that I'm gonna read a book after watching a movie just because I can relate to the story very much (spoiler alert: except the murder part... well actually, I'm not sure anymore). I just want to see the "uncut version" of this movie by reading the actual book.

Are you also part of the book-first camp? It just means you like to read the book first before watching the movie adaptation. If you are then I guess you're a normal person lol. I made a post on Reddit (I know right) about my seemingly unusual preference of reading the book first then I didn't realize that I'm the abnormal one in the sea of abnormal and hateful pool of readers (Reddit lol). I mean why would anyone want to be disappointed first (by watching the movie first. Book is always superior of course)?


“Being completely alone was a feeling so vast it echoed.”

Marsh girl that's what they call her. She's wild and feral. Her parents and siblings abandoned her when she was young. She survived alone in the marsh with just nature as her mother. So mother nature taught her everything in life. The townspeople rejected and made fun of her except a very few people who helped her and treated her kindly. The time came when she felt lonely and longed to have a partner - because she's just human after all. The good boy went to study in Uni and left her for a while. She became needy. Then she met a bad boy who broke her heart.

Sounds familiar? lol I know the movie seems a bit cliché that's why I suggest you read the book first because there were far more details in there that had been left out. And also the hatred comes from the Marsh girl being well-put-together and beautiful in the film lol. That's a movie geez, and not all savages should look like savages (me here - a beautiful savage lol). How I wish my best friend is still alive because we just love to talk about books and movies and he was such a hardcore critic. If he is still alive, what would he think of the story?

I think he will tell me that the Marsh girl already has her craft and her simple but beautiful house in nature. Which she redesigned and redecorated later on - thanks to her book. Before needing "a boy" she was admiringly very independent and artistic, so focused on her art, collecting rare feathers, studying, and painting insects in great detail. Then of course, here comes the boy to ruin the whole picture.

I remember my best friend also criticizing the "Pocahontas" movie saying that there she was, strong, wild, and independent until a man/savior came and ruined things for her lol. I can see now how my friend is going to say the same thing about this book/movie.

I like this book not only because of the story but how it made me miss my best friend. He used to tell me that a person should have a craft in order not to feel lonely. Our verdict? The Marsh girl should be fine with or without a boy, doing her thing, focused on her art, free and away from the cruel outside world, in the loving arms of mother nature.


“I have to do life alone. But I knew this. I’ve known a long time that people don’t stay.”


Google movies has been rather insistent about me watching this movie. Maybe I should surrender to the algorithm. It sounds like a good message, well crafted film too.
Brave New World - a Pocahontas movie is one of my hated films. Her true story is kinda sad.

I think maybe try to read the book first.

I would except your last book recommendation killed my passion for reading. Doesn't mean it isn't a great book, just it's taking me a lot of time and effort to digest.

Oh which one the Power of Habit?? or the 58 Laws I forgot!

48 Laws of Power. I hate the book because it's true, but I love it the same. I can only read it a bit at a time.

Ahhh yeah I think it can be applied to business...or be taken as a warning.

I read the book and my reaction is - I know that this works, but do I want to be that kind of person? The time I'm taking is allowing myself to sort out that tension between what I would like to achieve and the person I should become to achieve it. At what cost one's soul, a marginally better world?

Wait! I read it and liked it lol If that makes me weird so be it lol

We are weird ha ha ha

I have seen the trailer for the movie, but I do love a good book so I think I will join team book first once again. I agree with you, the movie is always such a letdown compared to the book, why would anyone do that! Im off to buy the book shortly, thanks so much for the review 😃

I think I will join team book first once again.

Welcome to the team! 😊