The Difference between Western and Eastern Medical Practices.


picture of me in the hospital

So, this it's me in the hospital the first time for 2021. Usually I'm pretty resilient. But I kinda expected to be hospitalised since I haven't travelled around for because of covid. And I guessed that I needed to culture some foreign bacteria in my stomach all over again. I have been culturing foreign bacteria for quite some time now. I've always expected it to happen because it's just part of nature.

So this time I went back to Cambodia after 3 years of absence. This time, after a long while after China's belt and road initiative, I saw Chinese hospitals and clinics springing up all over the place. Since I was working with the Chinese, I was brought to a Chinese clinic to handle my food poisoning.

In most countries around Southeast Asia were predominantly trained by Strict Western medicine. Those who are wealthy studies medicine in the UK, Australia, or even in the US, depending on where they feel like migrating. Those who would like to know more about the brain drain situation in Malaysia and it's cause can read my article on
Malaysia Social Structure. If you're less wealthy or feel a little more adventurous, you'll probably study in India, Ukraine or Moscow. And if you're dead broke and don't plan to to anywhere in life, then you'll end up in a local medical university. Which isn't bad except it's layers or needless racial beureucreacy.

****The Difference

Everywhere else, I get a few satchels of sodium, a couple of pills to suppress the vormiting and a couple of pills to suppress the stomach, and a heap load of antibiotics. Most of them aside from the salt has some kind of minor to major side effects.

However this time round, when I was tended by a doctor from China, I received no such medication, no antibiotics, and not a single suppressant. He said that the procedure will take 2 hours and I needed to be in the clinic. All they gave me was a couple of herbal pills, and three bottles of fluids. 1 bottle of regular fluid, vitamin c and multivitamins. By the time I was done. I was fully energised and ready to face the food poisoning head on.

A clear difference between the medical methods are that the west focuses on suppression, and it is reflected throughout their empires.

While, the eastern medicine focuses on nutrition and regenerative medicine. Much like their economic policies.


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"the west focuses on suppression, and it is reflected throughout their empires." - true words!
I am British & can confirm your opinion with first hand experience.

Sorry don't mean to be direct. But just speaking my mind

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