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RE: Population reduction in action

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I never got jabbed or put a mask on, fortunately I was already awake to vaccines and the damage they can do. Plus diseases can't be court from others. And I was able to inform most of my family enough that most didn't get the jab.


Plus diseases can't be court from others

So you mean that infections are not possible? I think the same!
Did you hear about the "Germanische Heilkunde"?

Germanische Heilkund

Hadn't heard about it till now! Much appreciated.

And yes, the idea of infectious disease is a lie. Similar environmental factors create similar problems so one may feel as if they have been infected by someone else, but this not the case. Even our language around it enforces this lie: "I caught a cold" or "I contracted HIV". It keeps us looking everywhere except inward to find our solutions.

Wow, so true! I love your mind!

I think there is even many information about the Germanische Heilkunde in English - I will do some research and let you know!

Hey @samstonehill - looks like the "Germanische Heilkunde" gets or got partly translated into English 🥰

Check it out below:

The only part of what is happening now which does make me feel a bit down sometimes is the knowledge that I was not able to help one single member of my extensive family. They ALL took it. So, well done for doing what I could not.

And I like what you say about disease. Indeed our dis-ease is always personal to us and from what I can tell the only disease which can be passed on from generation to generation is stupidity! Perhaps that's a bit harsh. Let's just call it naivety.

Unfortunately seems plenty of stupidity is being passed on to the next generations😩 I would have liked all my extended family to not get jabbed unfortunately some still took it🙁