Population reduction in action

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I snapped this shot of our village yesterday morning after I was done sun-gazing and smiled for a moment with the wonderful collection of colours on display at this time of day for those who are not only out of bed but looking at the world with their eyes wide open. And I don't just mean appreciating aesthetics, I mean appreciating all that is, including humanity's current situation.

I mention this because yesterday we had yet another funeral at our village church, visible from my office window.


This time it was the lady who ran our village market, diagnosed with a heart condition at the beginning of the year (in her late 50s), dead six months later. Out of respect I took only the one image, just as people were beginning to arrive.

The useless eaters are no longer required

In the five years I've been around this village there has not been a single death, yet in the last ten months I have watched ten funerals at that church. And I think you can guess what all ten people had in common. That's right. The covid vaccine.

Of course as I mentioned, one needs to have their eyes wide open to appreciate what is really happening in the world today and such people are few and far between around here. If the dying continues at this rate, our village of 300 will be reduced to 200 in just ten years and if this statistic could be applied to the entire world I think those running this scam would be relatively satisfied with their achievement because it aligns perfectly with the population reduction agenda.

My story here also fits with the wider story, evident in articles like this one, published two weeks ago by the Daily Sceptic:

Vaccine Deaths Outnumber Covid Deaths in U.S. Households, Two New Polls Confirm

On a more personal level, Sabrina has a friend in the police force who had to be fully vaccinated for their job. She died one month ago at the age of 40 of a heart attack, leaving behind a ten year old daughter. The family of the deceased have yet to make the connection between her sudden death and the covid vaccine and perhaps they never will because obviously the autopsy revealed nothing at all. They were told she just had a weak heart! Which makes no sense at all for someone who was sporty, active, healthy & young.

So the good people of this village believe we're just having a bad year, while I would say the covid jab damages the heart and immune system, permitting existing conditions to run amok in the body. A clever trick indeed for culling the elderly and the infirm without culpability to form a new kind of society in which these people are no longer required because they serve no purpose for the greater good.

Another funeral seen here.


It is easy to see the why of all this when one puts themselves in the position of our rulers who desire a smaller & more manageable population. Simply ask yourself how you might go about eliminating the elderly & the infirm without telling them that's what you are doing. You can't very well inform them to roll over and die. No, you must find a way to do it more discretely. And let's face it, the covid jab ticks all the boxes. It even comes with the caveat that the people must consent to be involved in a medical experiment which may potentially kill them, while making a ton of money for those at the top.

To those of you who did not fall foul to the largest psy-op in history I salute you.

To the rest I recommend keeping your immune system as boosted as you can with fresh organic locally sourced food while maintaining an active, stress-free lifestyle. People with compromised immune systems can in fact live perfectly normal lives if they stick to some basic rules around their health.

Love & Light everyone 🌱



The truth of all of it makes me very sad, yet I can't help but wonder if less and less jabbers around and our numbers and our way of thinking multiple... that just may work out real well for us and not so well for them. Hopefully a little ray of light to the situation. I love you brother. Please share our love with that beautiful family of yours. Keep safe dear friend. And as always, thanks so much for doing so much to spread the truth?

Hard to say with 100% certainty that all these 10 people died from the jab, but it is easy to say with certainty that all ten of them took it. And certainly our village church is busier than ever now!

But as you say this may put our rulers in a tricky position in the end because only the people who think for themselves will remain. And we will not participate in their new world order.

Nothing to feel sad about. Life is just a collection of lessons. And death is just a doorway to the next life. So, if they are lucky enough to be re-incarnated in a human body they will think twice before trusting their government next time.

Thank you as always for handing out votes to everyone here!

You really are a great man.

Love love love!

I never got jabbed or put a mask on, fortunately I was already awake to vaccines and the damage they can do. Plus diseases can't be court from others. And I was able to inform most of my family enough that most didn't get the jab.

Plus diseases can't be court from others

So you mean that infections are not possible? I think the same!
Did you hear about the "Germanische Heilkunde"?

Germanische Heilkund

Hadn't heard about it till now! Much appreciated.

And yes, the idea of infectious disease is a lie. Similar environmental factors create similar problems so one may feel as if they have been infected by someone else, but this not the case. Even our language around it enforces this lie: "I caught a cold" or "I contracted HIV". It keeps us looking everywhere except inward to find our solutions.

Wow, so true! I love your mind!

I think there is even many information about the Germanische Heilkunde in English - I will do some research and let you know!

Hey @samstonehill - looks like the "Germanische Heilkunde" gets or got partly translated into English 🥰

Check it out below:


The only part of what is happening now which does make me feel a bit down sometimes is the knowledge that I was not able to help one single member of my extensive family. They ALL took it. So, well done for doing what I could not.

And I like what you say about disease. Indeed our dis-ease is always personal to us and from what I can tell the only disease which can be passed on from generation to generation is stupidity! Perhaps that's a bit harsh. Let's just call it naivety.

Unfortunately seems plenty of stupidity is being passed on to the next generations😩 I would have liked all my extended family to not get jabbed unfortunately some still took it🙁

I can't argue.

And the level of the believe that the vaccine is perfect is astounding.

Glad I have avoided it. If I had all 3 kinds of covid why do I need a vaccine...

It is evident examining covid batch numbers and their associated deaths that some of the batches were placebo. So I would say that anyone who feels as if the vaccine is super effective likely just received the placebo!

And those who didn't will never admit that since taking it they have not felt the same. Certainly not to one of us anyway!

Well done for avoiding it altogether.

I try to make more wise decisions..

Try.... Lol

They were offering a joint for getting the jab. Eh. They can't do better?

The Portland Oregon Communist Chinese people's liberation army ngo was offering $150, plus a $50 per head bounty. I bet you anything those didn't have a covid vaccine... Maybe some RFID chips?

Same group is running hard drugs and cleaning up. Nearly got hired by them. Think everyone is dealing with Federal charges these days.

Another good call for me to avoid that group.

I'm gonna add to the cellular protection and detox list, for those who fell for the scam -- 1000mg NAC, 1000mg Shilajeet, Oregano Oil capsules -- to cleanse and protect... and hopefully repair whatever damage may have been done.

Good to have this list conveniently placed under this post for future reference!

If only there were a cure to having ones DNA permanently altered.

Kambo 🐸 Frog "Medicine" poison maybeee able to accomplish this in 5-10 ceremonies..... I have been speaking with someone very familiar with the 🐸's who has helped 200+ people with their detox...

That last pic is disturbing. Kittehs are not food!

I initially reacted to Yuval Hariri's comments on useless eaters to note that there are myriad people that are worse than useless, and it is the parasitic class of which the WEF is comprised that best exposes that ilk. Let's start getting rid of evil, harmful people, and deal with the merely useless after.


haha! I suppose it does look like she is part of the daily harvest ;)

In fact you just skin them, chop their heads off and tell everyone it is wild rabbit. Yummy! I shouldn't joke about it really. They do actually eat them in certain regions of France. And I do not approve.

Yes, the idea of useless people is quite ridiculous when examined. For the most part society has trained people to be useless, making digital life more important than reality.

And I guess the most obvious thing is that being old doesn't mean one automatically becomes useless. In the past we used to respect the elderly for their wisdom so while they may not have been able to chop the wood they could certainly advise on the the best way to do it.

As you say the parasitic class are the real problem here, without whom life on Earth would be very different.

Yup! It has been a sad time for me too; my old friend just passed away last month of sudden stage four cancer after five weeks of the second jab! I heard about several cases of various friends’ mother dying of fierce cancer within four weeks. My other friend has lost the hearing in her right ear and her brain was going funny. Lucky I advised her to see my friend who’s an medical doctor with alternative medicine practice. Her other ear was saved and the brain regained more clarity.
It’s the beginning of autumn for people dropping dead suddenly here. More new cases are reported everyday. Some friends with two jabs are now fearful and wished they never had their injections.

I do wonder how many percentage of bloggers have been fully jabbed. This would affect the platform probably next year! We might have much fewer bloggers soon?!

Sorry to hear you also have first hand experience witnessing the sudden death (or injury) of the people around you. And interesting to learn how autumn saw an increase in deaths. This actually makes perfect sense to me. Immune systems are put to the test when the seasons change so if they are compromised, the body will struggle to cope.

I always imagine that most people here on this platform avoided the jab, but I suppose that's just the awesome group of people who regularly interact with me. And yes, in just a few years from now I suspect there will be dramatically less people around. I am sorry for them, but grateful too because life will be easier for us in many ways. When the food shortages hit there will be more for us! There will also be a lot more places to rent! This will be mega useful for us as we really want to move but there are no decent houses available to move to in this area. It will also mean that most of the healthy people we meet will instantly have something in common with us and will no doubt be interesting people to chat with. Anyone who intentionally avoided the jab has an advanced mind. Or a good connection with our Great Mother who guides them! Either way they are likely very interesting people.

If the dying continues at this rate, our village of 300 will be reduced to 200 in just ten years and if this statistic could be applied to the entire world I think those running this scam would be relatively satisfied with their achievement because it aligns perfectly with the population reduction agenda.

i am fairly certain that the rate will actually increase and it won't take 10 years.

Hey brother! Yes, you are most likely right about that. The cascade will grow stronger and stronger as immune systems grow weaker and weaker. Especially if people keep on taking the boosters.

How's life in Mexico?

i am back in the states right now. i sold my place and now am looking around for a base in a more rural and warmer area with good water.

The Mexico project is still underway but now more of a homestead than a community. Seems like a better approach to just be in an area with a lot of other like hearted people and have that be the "community" rather than try to create one with rules, etc.

Haha, we'll see where this goes.

Thanks for the update. This exact subject has been a hot topic of discussion in this family for a year now. Is it better to try and build a community in an area where awake people are few and far between, or do we aim to find the people who are doing it already and join them?

Am happy for you that you have found the like hearted people. Can only imagine how good that must feel. Brings a whole new definition to the word 'family' I imagine.

...and yet, the best way to reduce the population is to eliminate poverty and the best way to do that is by educating women who are in poverty.

Sure, this makes sense. Sadly however, eliminating poverty is not their goal. Quite the opposite in fact! They want us poor so we are reliant on them.

110% agreed. So, how do we do it without them?

Hey cuddlekitten. Am pleased cats didn't have to get the covid jab! You seem fine ;)