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RE: Hive Is Not For Me

in Proof of Brain2 years ago

This. Brilliant. Should be pinned where every new member of our community will see it. Btw I find this habit of never (or hardly ever) replying to comments so disrespectful and annoying! When too busy, I better skip posting my own posts only to be able to reply to the comments that I got...


I know do and I respect you for that. I'm prioritizing comments now as life is a bit busy lately with new tasks but still. This is very important.

How many are there, who could not give a damn about replying to comments. That is disrespectful. Long term it's going to drive people away from those blogs.

Right. And sometimes, these ignorants who never bother to reply to comments even actually complain about the lack of support and engagement under their posts. Pathetic. Of course it takes time, effort, persistence and dedication to build something here, just like anywhere else...

Unfortunately I can't disagree with you on that. The truth is, no one is big enough to be able to afford not replying to comments.

Right ;)

I kind of do the same as you. I've gotten into the habit of making sure all my comments have been replied to before I even post a new post. I do it because making sure everyone gets answered is one of my priorities here. I feel if they can take the time to stop by and leave their input then I can at least respond back letting them know I acknowledge and appreciate it.

Exactly :) Glad to know there are more Hivers like this.

I Should adopt this. Makes sense.

It helps me keep up with comments preventing me from getting too far behind on them. I hope it works for you too ;)

Yeahhhh.Hopefully, it'll work for me.

I agree! Of course there are some of the users who think they interact with others posts just by spamming the common "wow my friend, so cool post!" which honestly they don't deserve any reply back but maybe a warning or even a downvote if they don't learn anything. But even to those I take time to reply and in a few months I'll celebrate my 5th year here!

Yeah. I actually get these quite often as well, probably because I usually upvote the comments with some smaller % to reward the engagement. But it´s pretty easy to tell which comments are real and which are these copy & paste farming comments ;)

Haha very true. Once you've been here for awhile, you get one of those comments and can’t help but to go 🙄😏. You can definitely tell when a comment is genuine compared to someone just commenting for the sake of it.

I’ve actually reached out to a few people on this and since then they have put more effort in them. I warned that eventually those type of comments will be seen as spam.

Awesome :) Thanks for your contribution towards the improvement of our little cryptoworld :)

For sure ;)

Excellent! I don't want to be seen as harsh, but, I am always disappointed when someone makes a comment for a quick upvote and doesn't even read the post.

Now, I don't care if you read my post, but, to pretend to read my post? That is insulting.

I give up posting so that I can answer all of my comments. Some days I get a fair amount, but, if someone spends the time to read my post and comment, they deserve the same courtesy.

Besides which, I do like the interaction. People are fascinating!

I'm right there with you Denise! It is insulting to lie and say you read someone's post when it's clearly evident by the irrelevant comment that they didn't.

I give up posting so that I can answer all of my comments.

Right on! I figured others were doing this as well. It’s much easier this way to help avoid getting too far backed up on replying.

I really enjoy the interaction too :)

The interaction is the best. :)

Yes, I was up until 4 am playing catch up from a week of little to no wifi at the island I was at. I caught up for the most part and early to bed tonight. :)

Thank you for all you do for people and the platform! Have a wonderful night!

I’m glad you got caught up and ooooh I hope you enjoyed yourself on that island :D

Aww of course. I appreciate all you do here as well.

Enjoy the rest of your week ~