Hive Is Not For Me

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Today I'd like to write about something that I see happening on Hive every single day and it's not good at all. I'm not going to be popular with it, but this is not a popularity contest and I'm not here to get famous.

Hive is a developing platform and we have many new users joining every day, with high hopes and even higher expectations. The difference between Hive and the existing web2 social media platforms is huge, which is why some users are facing difficulties in adapting, as well as give up too early.

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Hive Is Not For Me

The other week I saw some of the newbies saying they think this platform is not for them, all this after less than one month of experience on Hive. There's always a reason behind such a statement and I wanted to see what it is, so I checked the user's profile.

I saw an introduction post, that got more than ten welcoming comments, which is very nice as newcomers need welcoming, encouragement and guidance, but none of the comments got a reply from the newbie. This was not a unique case as I see this often but that doesn't mean it's right or that I can understand why.

Replying to comments is a way of appreciation for those who took the time to read your post and leave a comment, so the minimum you can do is reply to them. But that did not happen in the above mentioned case. Some may say that RC may have been the issue as without any stake RC can restrict you a lot, but when you see the user posting daily and still not replying to comments left to them, you know it's about something else.

It may be common practice on Twitter or Facebook, to not reply to comments, but that is not the case on Hive. Give me one good reason why those who commented on your fist post, trying to welcome you on the platform, should come back and comment again?

Engagement is key on Hive and as a newbie, your first priority should be to build up your followers, organically. This, in plain English language means try to attract followers without begging. How? One thing that you can do is post good content that people may be interested in and engage with like minded people. Commenting on other people's post is a way to make yourself noticed, but make sure those comments are meaningful as "nice post" and "thanks for sharing" has been abused so many times by now that no one takes these seriously.

Hive has millions of users, so getting noticed by others is not easy and no matter how painful it is, no one has time to scroll through new posts 24/7, to welcome every new user. This is why it is important to find your niche, post in appropriate communities where people are interested in what you're posting and can follow you to get more content from you.


High Expectations

The beauty of the blockchain is that you can't hide anything, all your moves, actions are visible and traceable. Everyone can read your posts, comments and can have a peek into your wallet.

Seeing other user's stake can be a huge incentive but it can also turn into disappointment as it happens in many cases. Some may think that Hive is a get rich fast platform and you can get a few thousands in no time, then when things go sideways, desperation kicks in.

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New Mindset

As I've said before in my post, hive is not like the web2 platforms. An upvote here must be earned as votes are not like Likes. No one is obliged to upvote your post as to every upvote has a monetary value. You may be used to getting a bunch of likes from family and friends, as that is expected from them, regardless if they like what you're posting or not, but that does not work here.

The fact that you own your content and you hold the keys to your wallet is the new way forward. Consistency is the key to anything and that's not any different on Hive. Every beginning is difficult, but that doesn't mean you have to give up after a month.

Hive has changed many lives. This may sound like a cheap slogan but it's not. I can tell you from my own experience, in the four and a half years since I'm on Hive, I've learnt so much I can't even list it here. The power of the community is unbelievable. We have literally saved a few people who have been facing hard times and helped them get on with their lives.

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My Advice

Start building your Hive life, brick by brick. Learn how Hive is working and post what you like. Engage with like minded people and enjoy the journey.

For those who are looking for shortcuts, there are no shortcuts. Hive is to use, not to abuse and trying to abuse it is the fastest road to nowhere. I keep saying that the most precious thing you can have on Hive is your reputation and that doesn't mean the number next to your name.

Hive is only two years old on its own, but we have to consider the previous time as well as the community comes from another chain. We've been through a lot together and if you look at where we are now, you can't dismiss the results. Hive is the future and the sooner you realize that, the better for you.

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You've said it all. It's not always easy as a newbie but it's all just part of the building process. When we take the shortcut, we might get what we want but one thing is certain, it won't last.

My journey has been a really beautiful one I'd say, though there were days when I felt like I was not getting what I should get but that didn't make me feel hive wasn't for me, no, it only made me learn more and I did that by engaging with other users.

@dreemport and @starstrings01 were the first to give a detailed explanation of how engaging with others is important and the way the explained it made me show so much interest in it and now it's paying off really well, I can't be less grateful to them.

I'm a living testimony of the benefits of engagement and I will want to encourage everyone to follow suit, don't see it as a waste of time because it's not.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us, I've again learned something new and I hope to put it to good use.

I'm glad to hear you you did the right the right thing and have learned from early days what's the right thing to do. Now you can also teach newbies about it, help them understand what's the right path to follow.

Growing together is important and we can only do that if we help those in need.

That's right, I will do well to share with them what I've learnt, thank you for the advice 🙏.

Wow. Y'all motivating me🥺

I'm so glad you feel motivated @silviafx 🥰.

At first i thought Something happened and you're leaving hive - Thank God I'm wrong.

Not Gonna lie, i spent years on Web 2.0 and have never commented or not even replied - never felt like doing so Made my bad habit

But from day one on the other platform I'm writing helped me to get out of web 2.0 and make quality engagement and when i joined hive since day 1 till now always trying to engage and exchange Good words with someone taking time to comment on my post or i always appreciated and felt so Good reading those comments.

Your advice's are Too Good. And to be honest, I've noticed it too when i welcomed some of newbies but never Got a reply.

I really hope people will adapt this whole new web 3.0 environment and won't act like it is web 2.0.

Have fun!

Not Gonna lie, i spent years on Web 2.0 and have never commented or not even replied - never felt like doing so Made my bad habit

You're not alone and unfortunately I can say that this is the trend. Drop a gm or good night line, get 50 likes, you like the ones others are dropping and that's all. You can see that kind of behavior on Hive to, but not for long as they get tired of it. From there, they either adapt or quit as that kind of thinking is not popular here.

Indeed it's the trend they want to start on hive but unfortunately as you said will en up adapting (Good for them) or quite (Good for hive).

I look at the life of a content creator as something I will be doing until I no longer exist. Which means I have a whole lot of time to say and share and engage. In most cases on Web2 no single post will net me rewards. On Hive I at least have an opportunity to earn rewards IF those that engage with my content find it has value. No guarantee of rewards is promised. Just a possibility of rewards. Think a few pennies isn't worth your time? Go see what TW, FB, and IG are giving content creators. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

Once you begin to add up those pennies over time it could be that your account is worth dollars or perhaps hundreds of dollars. Is that a guarantee? Nope. Just a possibility. Maybe. Just maybe if you are a good community member who writes good content you may wake up one day and be surprised at how those pennies added up.

No guarantee of rewards is promised. Just a possibility of rewards.

This is very important to understand as many are taking the earning possibility for granted, expect to earn more and more, which may or may not happen.

There are other earning possibilities, not just by posting as your stake can bring you nice curation rewards, as well as HBD interests, but those who are cashing out everything will never get any of it.

Expectations are what discourage most of us newbies. You should be here primarily to read, write, engage and have fun. The money should always be a plus. If you come to Hive with very high financial expectations, I’m sure you’re going to end up saying things just like what this month-old newbie said.

You're spot on. And I'm glad to see you thinking like that.

Many will leave early, then come back in a year or two and see those newbies that have started the same time already way ahead. This is a never ending story. We've seen it so many times.

Nice to see you doing so well!

Thank you! The advice about writing from my heart and not the generic shit I posted on my previous account helped:)

Generic shit is everywhere and that is what people need to understand. Why repeat what's been said and written millions of times.

Exactly. It took me a while to get that. What makes Hive outstanding is the fact that there are unique people here sharing on things you won’t find anywhere but Hive. It’s all fresh ideas served exclusively on Hive!


Unfortunately I noticed these cases too but the reason why so many give up so easily is either because the system is not so friendly and it takes a while to learn how things work (I still learn by myself too), while the other reason might be because they expect to get rich over the night and that's it. But when they see this is not happening, they just leave.

Which is sort of ironical considering that they join hive in 2022 and not 4-5 years ago when everything was a lot harder from the single thing of getting exposure because communities didn't exist, to the places from where you could learn how things work. Now the whole chain did advance and there are plenty of guides which teach them what to do step by step, but again, it depends a lot on what their real intentions are.

The system is indeed complex and takes time to learn but on the other hand this is the price to pay for owning your content and wallet. DIY is never easy, no matter if it's banking or crocheting. But once you learn it, you benefit from it.

Basically those who leave are not ready for the task and will be back later.

Indeed Hive is more organized and easier to navigate through if you take a little time to learn.

This. Brilliant. Should be pinned where every new member of our community will see it. Btw I find this habit of never (or hardly ever) replying to comments so disrespectful and annoying! When too busy, I better skip posting my own posts only to be able to reply to the comments that I got...

I know do and I respect you for that. I'm prioritizing comments now as life is a bit busy lately with new tasks but still. This is very important.

How many are there, who could not give a damn about replying to comments. That is disrespectful. Long term it's going to drive people away from those blogs.

Right. And sometimes, these ignorants who never bother to reply to comments even actually complain about the lack of support and engagement under their posts. Pathetic. Of course it takes time, effort, persistence and dedication to build something here, just like anywhere else...

Unfortunately I can't disagree with you on that. The truth is, no one is big enough to be able to afford not replying to comments.

Right ;)

I kind of do the same as you. I've gotten into the habit of making sure all my comments have been replied to before I even post a new post. I do it because making sure everyone gets answered is one of my priorities here. I feel if they can take the time to stop by and leave their input then I can at least respond back letting them know I acknowledge and appreciate it.

Exactly :) Glad to know there are more Hivers like this.

I Should adopt this. Makes sense.

It helps me keep up with comments preventing me from getting too far behind on them. I hope it works for you too ;)

Yeahhhh.Hopefully, it'll work for me.

I agree! Of course there are some of the users who think they interact with others posts just by spamming the common "wow my friend, so cool post!" which honestly they don't deserve any reply back but maybe a warning or even a downvote if they don't learn anything. But even to those I take time to reply and in a few months I'll celebrate my 5th year here!

Yeah. I actually get these quite often as well, probably because I usually upvote the comments with some smaller % to reward the engagement. But it´s pretty easy to tell which comments are real and which are these copy & paste farming comments ;)

Haha very true. Once you've been here for awhile, you get one of those comments and can’t help but to go 🙄😏. You can definitely tell when a comment is genuine compared to someone just commenting for the sake of it.

I’ve actually reached out to a few people on this and since then they have put more effort in them. I warned that eventually those type of comments will be seen as spam.

Awesome :) Thanks for your contribution towards the improvement of our little cryptoworld :)

For sure ;)

Excellent! I don't want to be seen as harsh, but, I am always disappointed when someone makes a comment for a quick upvote and doesn't even read the post.

Now, I don't care if you read my post, but, to pretend to read my post? That is insulting.

I give up posting so that I can answer all of my comments. Some days I get a fair amount, but, if someone spends the time to read my post and comment, they deserve the same courtesy.

Besides which, I do like the interaction. People are fascinating!

I'm right there with you Denise! It is insulting to lie and say you read someone's post when it's clearly evident by the irrelevant comment that they didn't.

I give up posting so that I can answer all of my comments.

Right on! I figured others were doing this as well. It’s much easier this way to help avoid getting too far backed up on replying.

I really enjoy the interaction too :)

The interaction is the best. :)

Yes, I was up until 4 am playing catch up from a week of little to no wifi at the island I was at. I caught up for the most part and early to bed tonight. :)

Thank you for all you do for people and the platform! Have a wonderful night!

You have got some nice and healthy engagement here with more than 100 comments, wow, very inspiring :)

@tipu curate

Thank you for the tip. I'm trying to reply to every comment since the post was published and I'm not done yet :)

Yup, replying to comments is crucial, and not something I’m always good at, but I’m definitely getting better.

Glad to hear that. You'll see the difference soon 🙂

Yep, sometimes I tend to think that we should "alert" newcomers about the meaning of engagement and how it can be used for success in the long term.
Those who understand how this platform works are the ones that prevail.

I'm advising those I see not replying to any comments but the truth is, they should understand the importance on their own, without being told. This is common sense, politeness that you learn at home, basically.

...they should understand the importance on their own, without being told. This is common sense...

Common sense is not as common as the phrase implies. 😅

Seems like it 🙂

A race of effort and perseverance, as well as improving your content by listening to your readers' advice, never give up and give your best.

una carrera de esfuerzo y perseverancia, además de mejorar el contenido escuchando consejos de tus lectores, nunca desistir y dar lo mejor.

That sums it up nicely.

When I saw the title of this, I was worried 😲 I'm glad you are just helping new Bees 🙌 I think we could make things easier by "adopting" a newbie each week. There must be at least a few hundred of us who use Hive daily? If we each help even one person per week truly set down roots, and they do the same, we can grow exponentially.


That is actually a very good idea, that will benefit us long term. I'm doing that on a daily bases, advising newbies every single day and writing guides to help them start their journey.

I actually had a rather detailed plan on how we could organize it much easier, but unfortunately the person who I thought was right to put it into action wasn't a good fit.

Don't give up on the idea as there must be someone fit for it.

I know plenty of people who are fit, and would like the idea - but they are already busy making Hive awesome in their own ways 😂 ! The trick is finding someone with the ability, interest, and time...


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I slept like a baby last night.
I woke every two hours and cried.

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Good luck and thanks for the tokens 🙂

Daily basis? Wow. I'll look out for them. I'm very much interested in learning and exploring hive. As a newbie, I've accepted it won't be easy but I'm ready for the ride🙂

I think peoples expectations of 'reward' are built up in whatsapp and telegram groups which encourage sign ups and from YT videos that extol the earning potential. When riches dont instantly arrive, theres no interest.

I do think this is sadly an issue from poorer parts of the world where rewards are all that matters to them although if people actually took a little time and made a genuine effort to be authentic and original as well as engage, the rewards would be forthcoming a lot quicker. How dumb are so many people who turn up and post a spun '5 benefits of Mango' post and then wonder why they get no engagement or reward.

The truth is many are advertising hive as a good way to earn as they think money is the best incentive and the only one. Then reality does not match expectations.

About what to post, that's another interesting topic. After all these years we know there is a certain category that wants to look smart and because they can't come up with something new, repeating what is common knowledge or spinning content seems to be a good idea.

The other thing I see very common is trying to teach others about what to do, what is right and so on, because elders are teaching them too. There are cultural differences and there may be a certain audience for this type of topic, but maybe not as they are expecting.

In any case people change over the years and some may adapt and actually find the place interesting.

Last paragraph is a key point. Those that do stick around seem to mould themselves into their own niche and style sooner or later and that authenticity is what brings them the success.

Very true. I only know a few people who are still doing the same stupid sh*t after five years and expecting a different outcome. The rest has recognized the importance of changing and has adapted.

When I first joined Hive, I read dozens of content about comments and engagement. I think I have seen the benefits of each of them. I am still new and learning, hive really provides access to all kinds of information and has an answer to every question sought.

Those who are saying engagement is key are saying that out of existence. Over the years we've seen so many cases and trust me, time spent engaging is never waste of time.

Definitely, I'll be busy with the hive. My time here is not only about account development or rewards, but I also value it for my personal development. Thanks for your informative content and comment in the progress.

I'm glad you found it valuable and good luck!

Thanks for sharing this amazing content, it will help a lot that want to adapt on this chain. Thanks once again for your guildline it always useful to me.

We have literally saved a few people who have been facing hard times and helped them get on with their lives.

I am one of them. I was able to financially go through the previous winter because of the help and support from the Hive community. And I am very grateful and very happy. I also bought my current smartphone (Samsung Galaxy A12) with my Hive income.

Good evening dear @erikah !

I have never read anything more accurate than your publication.

When one starts, with few exceptions, the results take time to come because of the simple fact of visibility.

Those who join #hive often do so thinking that 10 posts will change their lives and it doesn't work that way.

You have to be consistent, be creative and most importantly know how to socialize, make yourself known and make life on the platform.

There is a saying that I like a lot and it says:

Glory was never a reward for the aragans.

So guys to work hard, to exploit all that creativity that we all have.

In the long run, perseverance and hard work will pay off.

Big hug

Thank you @pablo1601! I'm glad you find it helpful.

In the long run, perseverance and hard work will pay off.

This sentence says it all. Money does not grow on trees and even though it can be earned, one has to work for it.

It is sad seeing this happening, so much potential gone to waste. HIVE will never be your centralized social media. This is a community effort, so to be successful in here you have to become a crucial part of the community. We all know the best examples of success on HIVE @jongolson @edicted @taskmaster4450 @theycallmedan to name a few and of course @erikah. It took them 5 years to reach success. By the way here is a great post talking about reaching success on HIVE

Well, I'm not sure we think the same way. Define success. You have tagged a few people here, saying they have reached success. That's your assessment and I am not sure what is your set of criteria to determine who's successful but I don't think it matters.

I believe each individual can evaluate their journey on hive and see if they are satisfied with their achievements or not. These achievements can be various, that's why I wouldn't name anyone successful.

I know I had a great time on this platform, have met a lot of interesting and good people, have learnt a lot and that's enough for me.

My criteria is based on your post talking about been noticed on the chain and interacting with the communitty and not giving up.


Well, I get as recently I have had a lot of newbies come to hive through me.

To be very honest, the hive ecosystem is not so friendly at the start.

The user interface is quite complex and only the patient ones can get through.

I recently talked about hive in one of my classes and a lot of people joined but most of them are finding it difficult to continue so I decided to pick a few of them to teach them the ropes.

I have taught a few people how to stand on hive in the past and I think I will be doing it more frequently.

@jaydr @khaleesii, @akubillionnaire were amongst the first set of hiveans I taught and they are doing pretty well.

I am raising a new set now and I think it will be a monthly task for me.

@etemitee, @silviafx and @alidickson are the newest of the people I will teaching.

The hive platform really needs guidance and I do not blame them

It's nice of you to guide newbies and help them start their journey.

I guess I grew up with hive, so I may see things differently. But I think if we help them, we can get good results.

Yeaj.. In the past oneyear, I have been busy with doctor duties and so it was difficult keeping up.

I might just intensify the teaching now

Thank you so much @bhoa for the selfless act. Thank you for being a source of motivation to me since I joined hive. I hope to give my best and be a good example to a newbie someday.

Thank you so much boss for your guidance and assistance. I am so very grateful. Truly the Hive journey is not an easy one at the beginning, but with your help, it's a smooth sail.

Chiefdaddy of the most high 🔥…. Billionaire Doctor 😎..
Thank you for showing me the way @bhoa

You are too hyper dear

This is the kind of comment @erikah talked about 😂

All very well said, what a newbie needs to know.
Seeing cases of abuse, I sometimes wonder, how much time and energy they put in a wrong way, wich always one day will be found and stopped.
They dont see, puting time and effort in doing their own writeups, photos and just learning brings a lot more at the end, at least friends and new skills.

Start building your Hive life, brick by brick. Learn how Hive is working and post what you like. Engage with like minded people and enjoy the journey.

Can I steal this sentence for the ecency discord please? ;-) no, just a joke

The truth is, there's plenty of abuse as people think it's decentralized, therefore no one is watching. They can't see the future, they only see the few cents they can scalp. They won't last for long, no worries.

Price is another factor that attracts and chases people away. When the Hive price is low, they quit as working for a few cents is not worth it. Then when Hive shoots up, they come back.

To add to your well thought and humbly presented ideas and/post, I think another one very important and key trait of all successful hivers is their commitment.
Commitment here combines consistency, more effort and dedication to Hive. Only just being consistent in posting wouldn’t cut it much.
It takes some amount of effort to stay back after dropping your post to engage with people on your post and also on their posts too.
It takes dedication to be consistent. Dedication to hive. This is what will make you wake up everyday and think about what good content you’ll be putting on here.

You're right, commitment is also important. There are a lot of ingredients that are needed for one to get where they want. I'm glad you see it that way as once you've identified what is needed, you're on the right track.

I'm truly grateful that I found this meaningful post while I was scrolling through my feed. Honestly, I love the thoughts that you shared. Looking back when I was still new here, about one month ago, I was still having a hard time how this space works. I even thought of giving up. I was also having a hard time because of my low resource credits. But I was thankful that I was given a free delegation from giftgiver. From that, I took that opportunity to learn the platform further and understand every bit of it. As I continue my journey, I realized that finding the right community is a must. It's not a space wherein you could just share stuff without minding the community. Communities are made to share post that interests the people so what we post must be related to what the community rules. Aside from that, I also believe that interaction is the key around here. As I met a lot of friends, I realized that Hive is such a fun platform. I realized that there are a lot of friendly people. With that, I could say that Hive is worth staying for.

Again, thank you so much for sharing these helpful tips. I appreciate it ❤❤❤

You're welcome and I'm really glad to hear it's helpful.

As I continue my journey, I realized that finding the right community is a must. It's not a space wherein you could just share stuff without minding the community. Communities are made to share post that interests the people so what we post must be related to what the community rules. Aside from that, I also believe that interaction is the key around here.

I see you have figured out everything. If you already know this after one month, you're on the right track! You see the meaning and know what to do! That's what counts.

You are right though🤣 because seeing some people getting upvotes of almost a 100 dollars is fun... Especially if you are indeed interactive and all that jazzies.. I geuss it is what it is though... Like im not even a new comer 😂.. Ive had good posts that got good votes. But some people consistently get those votes

The thing is, you can't control the votes you're getting.

Yeah.. I know its just a little frustrating from time to time... But one shouldnt be doing it for the upvotes.. Its all about the story I geuss

I think anyone here who has had a success how big or small, we all can say it it took time and work, loads of work. Even the best informational posts will die out if replies are never read and done. Its the fuel for society, it is why you want to go back to someones post

I couldn't agree more.

I see. No use raising people's expectations anymore. I used to work it out on video calls and shared screens teaching people with enthusiasm only to find them give up not even minding my devotion to teaching.. I m glad I kept my cool and really just glad they atleast have an account cooling off.

I ve often compared hive to tik-tok and how people flock on there. Well differences abound but, a lot of then only get tiny little pennies and they just believe it's worth it.

Really I think henceforth I won't even tell them of any financial benefit first. Just the community and its dapps.

I'm not familiar with Tik-Tok as I've never been there but from what I've heard, it's not the place for me.

It was nice of you to teach newbies, but you know how it is, you can't teach them if they don't want to. Hive is not a simple place, there are a lot of things to learn and if they are not willing to, there's nothing you can do.

In absolute fact.. there is are social media platforms that are not for me too. One must know where to go. I have even paid for some hustles and found out it wasn't meant for me.

Hive demands some form of desire to embrace the uncommon. I tell most noobs, you don't know anything as it were . Ask me first. Lol.

A very well written post and to the point. It does indeed take a while to settle in here. I'm two years now on @Actifit and enjoying every single post of it! Newbies just need to choose a community, get involved and give it a chance, the potential of this Hive blogging platform is huge!

the potential of this Hive blogging platform is huge!

That is the key point to note. Hive is not a short term project and we're still at the very beginning. There's no much development all the time that you can't see that on other chains.

As about communities, there are plenty and anyone can create and crow a niche community, that can be incubated by OCD, which mean support for good content. Possibilities are endless.

Nice post !LOL
No, seriously, straight lines. I don't know why they would NOT make you popular?... You're telling the truth and I don't think anyone with some experience on Hive would tell the opposite. It's a very long explanation though, I hope that the newbies who you're mentioning are going to read everything as well.
What could help as well to stay motivated, are the tipping tokens, like !PIZZA
You're not mentioning them. Is there a specific reason for that?

Why is Peter Pan always flying?
Because he Neverlands

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@erikah, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @svanbo
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I'm not a fan of those tokens, have never used them, but I have seen them around and I know others are using them. It's an incentive for sure.

In that case I won't five you any more hahaha. Any particular reason you don't like them? It's just an extra benefit and if you don't want they don't cost you anything, You need only 10 LUV tips or 16 LOLZ tips to be able to tip other people yourself without loosing anything. I took a look in your hive.engine and it seems like you've got 3 from each. If you want to try it, I'll hook you up with 7 more LUV in the next days and after that you'll be able to tip 1 LUV every day. Just let me know.

It's not that I don't like them but have never used them. A couple of years ago there was the engagement token, that worked the same way, but I was always forgetting to drop the command in my comment. I don't know what's happened to it as I haven't seen it and have even forgotten about it till now.

Thank you for the offer, but I think it would be best to help a newbie as it would mean a lot to them. I can upvote comments with my stake and distribute Hive, they can't as the threshold of the comment payout is $0.02. It's better to give them a little push with this, if you can :)

That's very kind of you, I'll do. I know how it is to be a newbie, since I'm still in my first Hive-year. And I really appreciate the upvotes, good advice, and tokens people are giving me...

I'm glad you understand. It would be selfish of me to take it when I know it would mean the world to those who are at the very beginning of their journey. God bless you :)

On the other hand, I've got enough to give by now...
It's not that you would be taking it from someone else and it's neither so that they mean the world.... Anyway thanks for your reply and for thinking about the others...

Web2 social media really fucked how people interact on the internet. It made them have short attention spans and everything is so superficial. Everyone wants clout and likes so most of them don’t really care about genuine engagement. Since Hive is a different platform that demands the user to change its old web2 habits, they don’t like it lol. Maybe someday they’ll learn that things need some effort but atm there’s still a lot of them who want to achieve their goals in an instant - which is something you could get on web2 if you create some drama or whatever.

Your advice is also what I give to people who I have invited in the past but old habits die hard so they mostly return or get active on Facebook and their excuse is not having enough comments or votes on Hive. :D

Web2 social media really fucked how people interact on the internet. It made them have short attention spans and everything is so superficial. Everyone wants clout and likes so most of them don’t really care about genuine engagement.

Unfortunately that is very true, that's why I don't use those for ages. Web2 users are still stuck in the like collector mentality, that is what makes then happy and they can't see how meaningless and empty the whole thing is. They are going to be forced to change and when they realize that, it'll be late.

Remember the users who quit years ago because Hive was sh*t? A good part of them is back and regretting deeply that they left back then. Coming back to Hive after a year or two is like waking up from a coma.

The other week I saw some of the newbies saying they think this platform is not for them, all this after less than one month of experience on Hive. There's always a reason behind such a statement and I wanted to see what it is, so I checked the user's profile.

I'm sure they joined Hive because of the $$,, so you can be sure they will be disappointed in less than two days.

so i think, whoever is promoting hive not because of the $$, so someone who is invited will be disappointed because they don't get the $$.

forget my bullshit. 😀😀

actually i just want to tell that i really like your post on hive, which i read to the end yours & @tarazkp, nice day to you guys ❤️❤️

Thank you for the nice words, I'm trying to bring something new and interesting but the audience is the one judging :)

Ironically, even though Hive is a social content plantform, the idea of social media where people actually engage and are social with each other (beyond the stereotypical "nice pic!" comment) is out of the ordinary.

In many ways, Hive is a throwback to the days of "social blogging" as it was between 1998 and Facebook taking over the world (2008-ish).

The very thing that appealed to me when I got here was precisely that it was not mindless and dumb social media... but I also honor that that's not for everyone, and thus Hive is likely to always remain more of a niche venue than a broad-based one.

I see these various issues faced by newcomers being discussed and it makes me think that these concerns are what need to be gathered and collated and put together into a comprehensive "Newcomer's Guide to Using Hive," that goes above and beyond just the obvious "connect A to B" instructions.

Maybe you're not familiar with the different communities working on welcoming newbies. I see them leaving comments as long as my arm, with links to different newbie guides, all in vain as they don't even bother to reply, although there's always a note for them, saying what to do if they need help. The truth is, you can't force anyone.

Oh, I know there are quite a few groups doing the newcomer welcome thing... of course most are (understandably) bot messages, which people are mostly trained to ignore.

I'm more thinking along the lines of guidelines/FAQ being popped in people's faces before they even get to posting. As part of the account creation process, even. Along with "have you REALLY backed u your keys?" you get a "if you want ANY chance of succeeding, read this!" Maybe even having "annoying popups" before someone tries to post.

I've tried to talk a number of people into joining Hive (as has my wife) and the issues always seem fairly consistent: The learning curve is "too long," and people arrive with false expectations.

The other "problem" we have is that there's only a very tenuous connection between someone who "recommends" Hive and the person actually taking them up on the offer.

The referral system might let me know that someone joined as a result of my linking from somewhere, but I have no means of DIRECTLY sending them a "Hi Erika, how cool that you joined Hive! Here let me offer you some help and suggestions! from the very beginning. I've been saying for 5+ years that we need an integrated internal message system — Facebook messenger style — in this ecosystem. I can cost resource credits, but doesn't reward, and to facilitate newcomer integration, there should be an option for the original conversation starter to "fund all resource credits for thread/conversation."

Or something like that.

Mind you, as a long time admin/sysop in web groups for 20+ years, even 5% of signups becoming active would be a MAJOR success!

This really encouraged me..I'm new here,thanks for sharing

Good luck and enjoy the journey!

Too bad the people that left will probably not read this post to highlight where they have gone wrong.

As I said in one of my earlier comments, you can't force anyone.

All you've said here is spot on. I think another thing that makes people say hive is not for them is comparing themselves with others. They see those with great rewards and wonder why they aren't getting the same not knowing the effort that person has put to get to where they are.

Spot on. You see things right. My next post will be about that.

Nice. Can't wait to read it :)

This is really a great post that of course many newbies will not read because they are more interested in posting than in commenting.

I started a 30day writing challenge for my countrymates here as a way to revive the Ugandan community. I have tasked each person to post daily 1 post and 10 comments.

I have stressed in our WhatsApp group and the Google meetings I have organized for them why commenting is key as you mentioned below.

Engagement is key on Hive and as a newbie, your first priority should be to build up your followers, organically. This, in plain English language means try to attract followers without begging. How? One thing that you can do is post good content that people may be interested in and engage with like-minded people

Let me even share this post with them and hope they will read and maybe even comment hehe.

Yeah, I see newbies posting multiple times, focusing on quantity, rather than quality.

The writing challenge is a very good idea as they learn to be consistent and also engage. At first, making 10 comments may seem like a task, but when you find a lot of interesting people, you will be dropping more comments without knowing it.

Congrats on the initiative and keep up the good work as helping newbies is very important. You can drop the link to my post, of course. If you think it helps, why not, after all the purpose of the post is to help.

I did drop the link of this your post to the group but I haven't yet received a reply or feedback from them hehe, maybe they are busy hahaha.

Thank you so much @erikah I'm a newbie here and I'm just happy I came across this early. I've actually found your posts interesting of recent. Though most of the things you said have been told to me before by my mentor @bhoa. Thank you for emphasizing engagement. I hope to see more of your posts, especially those for newbies like me😊

Thank you! I've been focusing on guiding newbies lately as I see it is needed. I'm trying to figure out what would be important to explain.

Yes it is needed. Thank you so much. I'll stay tuned to your posts.

Engagement is key on Hive and as a newbie, your first priority should be to build up your followers, organically.

I agree. This thought can also be applied anywhere. This is also the thing that I keep on building since I'm also a newbie in the platform. I don't worry about how much token I can earn but what matters more is the feedbacks that I can get. I greatly appreciate seeing other people taking time to read my posts and dropping a comment. That's whyvif my resource credits permits me, I'll try my best to give back the favor to them.

I don't worry about how much token I can earn but what matters more is the feedbacks that I can get.

Worrying about rewards is the fastest road to nowhere. The truth is you can learn so much on Hive, make new friendships, develop new skills and so on. If you focus only on rewards, life will be difficult here.

Que interesante tu publicación, te confieso que estaba explorando las comunidades busco una para publicar acerca de tecnologías, cuando trabajo un tema nuevo no me voy de buenas a primera a colgar una publicar simplemente por publicar, primero busco una comunidad, leo sus reglas, interactivo en ella, comento y voto para conocer y compartir con usuarios, porque entiendo que esto es una plataforma social, dónde compartirnos ideas, pero para no no fue fácil, fíjate inicie en enero, y por cierto tiempo me dedique a leer y aprender, menos mal me tropecé con un grupo de hispanohablantes que hacen programas de curación en vivo donde aprendí mucho, aunque estoy en contante aprendizaje, pero Pienso que fui perseverante, testaruda, es como un reto, tratar de hacerlo mejor cada día.
En estos días me preguntaron que from usaba y les dije un poquito de cada ecency y peakd y no los domino.
He visto publicaciones muteadas y noto que no siguen las instrucciones, por ejemplo solo se escribe en inglés y siguen publicando en otro idioma, bueno en fin son tantas cosas por aprender que a lo mejor abruman a los nuevos.
Yo insisto en aprender, insisto en crecer, insisto en buscar oportunidades, insisto en que no solo se trata de apoyo económico, es un mundo de reto, de aprendizaje, de crecimiento, y dónde puedo le comento a cualquier usuario para que no pase por lo mismo que yo.
Para finalizar me gustó tu publicación te felicito, a lo mejor suena trillado pero eso me anima a seguir siendo persistente.

How interesting your publication, I confess that I was exploring the communities I look for one to publish about technologies, when I work a new topic I do not go from good to first to hang a post just to publish, first I look for a community, I read its rules, interactive in it, I comment and vote to meet and share with users, because I understand that this is a social platform, where to share ideas, but it was not easy, I started in January, and for some time I dedicated myself to read and learn, luckily I stumbled upon a group of Spanish speakers who do live curation programs where I learned a lot, although I am in constant learning, but I think I was perseverant, stubborn, it's like a challenge, try to do better every day.
These days they asked me what from I used and I told them a little bit of each ecency and peakd and I don't master them.
I have seen muted publications and I notice that they do not follow the instructions, for example they only write in English and continue publishing in another language, well, there are so many things to learn that maybe they overwhelm the new ones.
I insist on learning, I insist on growing, I insist on looking for opportunities, I insist that it is not only about economic support, it is a world of challenge, of learning, of growth, and where I can I comment to any user so that they do not go through the same as me.
Finally, I liked your publication, I congratulate you, maybe it sounds trite but it encourages me to continue being persistent.

You're right, Hive is not like any other platform out there, there's a lot to learn here and unfortunately learning is a must. Otherwise things can get worse for you in no time.

Looks like you're on the right track then and I'm glad to hear that. Keep up the good work!

My mom says that the sun shines for everyone and that's how I think of hive, there are spaces for everyone, we just have to focus on being ourselves and many more things with layout, image source, answer comments, publish, read the rules, participate in initiatives, in short there are so many things that I could not stop counting, thank you, I liked the community and your publication you are great, but I'm just one more little girl

I responded to every comment, even from my 1st post, I still do unless its some bullshit comment, or comment vote beggar. It did me well.., what can I say?

Looks like we have the same policy then :) It's the only way in my opinion.

This is so true. I used to have this mindset when I started initially ’Hive is not for me’. But this was rather about fear, but I just learnt to take it one step at a time, find my niche, engage with other authors and post quality content. Rome wasn’t built in a day, I don’t expect to get where I want to be in less than two month. It all takes hard work. Those at a higher level have obviously worked for it so I’m working for mine now.

I just learnt to take it one step at a time, find my niche, engage with other authors and post quality content. Rome wasn’t built in a day, I don’t expect to get where I want to be in less than two month.

Wise words my friend. On Hive you have to build and build. It's difficult at the beginning but it's the future and definitely worth it.

My next post is going to be about what your last sentence covers.

Sure I can’t wait to read it 😇

Fasten your seat belt 😂

Aye aye captain 😂

Click bait, nice though, but it's easier for old forks on hive most of these newbees get misconceptions by who invited them too the hive Blockchain tell them they would earn alot of money.

I suppose some of the onboarders use the strategy of promosing high earnings, thinking it may be more attractive but it can easily backfire.

It always back fire when hive watch catches up with them

This is a brilliant and straightforward piece of writing that discusses certain truths that need to be discussed. Thank you for this.
I almost gave up as a beginner too. At some point, I actually did. Before I got motivated to continue again, and didn't stop since then.
So I can relate to what's being said here a lot.

You're not alone unfortunately. High hopes, false expectations, entitlement, all work against you. But I'm glad you're back and see where the problem was. Good luck on your Hive journey.

I'm also very glad I didn't give up on the platform.
Thanks so much for the well wishes
Goodluck to you too.

Thank you!

You're welcome

I have tried to get many people to know this wonderful platform that HIVE is, however they give up very quickly, only come for "easy money" I can understand that people get discouraged quickly, but if you arrive at a place where you pretend to be welcome without being you who gives the example, you are already wrong, responding to a comment does not take more than just minutes, I really agree with you, some people who take the time to read your content and also reply to yor content is really nice, i love to read those positive comments and of course reply them.

Definitely i heard this phrase a lot "Hive is not for me"

Unfortunately there's no easy money on Hive. And getting 10 welcoming comment is really a privilege as not all the newbies get as many. So they should really appreciate it, but this is something you should learn at home, at a very young age.

I think you captured it perfectly.
Could be presented as a newbie guide. If people adjust their expectations to this when joining, more would endure and raise their own quality control and stay on Hive.
Good job!

This is just my opinion, but judging from the comments I got, many think the same way. However, you can't force anyone. Those who come here to get rich quickly will leave anyway.

This content is very educative for me as A Newbie. Before I would engaged, I must also engage, work harder and influence the Hive Blockchain. It comes with much effort and zeal to win great victory: commenting, feedbacks, consistency, working wholeheartedly without anticipating any rewards.

commenting, feedbacks, consistency, working wholeheartedly without anticipating any rewards.

That says it all. You're on the right track.

Honestly it's not easy as a new bie to find my way around.sometime I just want to stop.but then thanks to friends who's always willing to push me up again..
And initially I use to find it difficult commenting and engaging, bit I'm doing a lot better..
Honestly this is helpful thanks for sharing.

Every beginning is difficult and Hive is also a complex place, but if you have faith and really want to be here, you'll find a way. And there's always help.

Your right thank you .I appreciate this!!

Hello @erikah
What I think happens with a lot of new members, is that they join HIVE whith the promise of easy money. I myself entered to see how the money was earned.

Many people still don't see the value of honest connection to the community, but that's changing.

Soon there will be more people creating content to connect with, and enjoying the ride on these tokenized networks.

Good Post!
Thanks for sharing.

Soon there will be more people creating content to connect with, and enjoying the ride on these tokenized networks.

Let's hope you're right.

You are so right. I have been on this platform for 6 years now and I find it important to answer every comment. Even if that reply comment only comes after 2 weeks because my life has gotten so busy over the past 2 years.

But like you said, people taking the time to read your post and interact with you deserve as much. Even if it is just a little "thank you".

And for the getting rich part.... After 6 years I am still not rich thanks to hive 😂 even though my posts are always appreciated. But hive definitely has enriched my life. I've met so many lovely people here who I like interacting with when I find the time. Some I have even met in real life and others I hope to meet one day!

Also, I have learned so much through what other people are posting. For me these riches coming from hive are good enough. Though I must admit that it is nice to be rewarded for the effort I put into posts and have this little spare money to treat myself or someone else on something nice once I a while.

Have a beautiful day!

That is exactly what I've been saying repeatedly, that thanks to Hive I've learnt so much, picked up so many new skills that I wouldn't have otherwise. I've met a lot of interesting people online, we've helped a lot of people, literally saved them, because the power of the community. So looking at rewards solely is not the right thing to do.


Hehe this is funny

Yeah, it is funny indeed :)

It's clickbait, lol

Not exactly as I quoted what the newbies said 😜

Thank you for writing this. It's good to hear the truth. Otherwise, how will anybody learn? This is such good advice and the new people are lucky! Can this be pinned somewhere?

I have to say that it is a little friendlier to start now as opposed to when we started on the legacy chain. The huge improvement was the communities, making it much easier to find your audience. One of the biggest problems is the abuse of tagging a community that has nothing to do with what you are writing about. This tells me that you haven't even looked at the rules of the community. I don't like to downvote new people, but, I am not sure what it will take to make some not do that.

I never worried about making money here because there wasn't a real paying platform at the time. When I got my first money, it was like a gift, and it still is. They are paying me for posting. I still marvel at it.

Everyone who says that commenting is important is so spot on. Although I miss some, I try not to! That is more important than posting most days. Some days, I get a LOT of comments, and instead of moaning about it, I am grateful I have people commenting.

Thank you! I could only pin it to my profile, but I have another one pinned, about communities, as it's important to guide newbies.

I was thinking if it was easier for us on the legacy chain or not, but from community point of view, now it's much more easier as you can get more exposure for a niche community, rather than get lost in the crowd.

I don't like to downvote new people, but, I am not sure what it will take to make some not do that.

It's a drastic move, but sometimes much needed. Seeing their rep lowered may wake them to reality.

You're right, commenting is the most important hing. The number of comment I got on this post is huge, it's been two days and new comments are still coming and I'm still replying, because that's the right thing to do. I'm glad to see my post has reached so many people and at least I see many agree with what I've written here.

I believe HIVE is not for everyone. Or better said, HIVE is more for niche crowds than anything else. Most people in our world don't want to take quality time to create interesting content, read content created by others and get into the engagement mode more than push out posts. However, many may try HIVE when they see the $ values on posts. I suppose we'll see newbees come and go for a long time to come.

That said, I've seen so many good content creators come and go much faster than those that try to take the easy approach. The whole $ thing is something that is cool, however, it makes things very hard as well for HIVE to properly grow.

Those who are used to web2 platforms,are having a hard time to adapt and many will leave as they don't want to adapt. As I said before, you can't force anyone to adapt.

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