I don't get why Web 3.0 is seen as a danger by all this "truth seeking" people. Also, very often asked about decentralization and Bitcoin they say it's just a training program to accept CBDCs...

Edit: Sorry, It turns out not this time really, I just watched it further.

I don't recall his exact words on Web 3 in this film but he seems happy enough to charge people for crypto classes in which he no doubt teaches about it. He seems cautious of most of the main coins for exactly the reason you mentioned and I would say cautious of technology in general as it is so intimately tied to the control mechanism around us. But I do think he acknowledges that Web 3 is our only path to digital freedom.

In his previous films he has shilled coins such as Quant, Link, NFTI, DPI & OCEAN.

He needs to hear about Hive!

Thank you for this video, its really refreshing in the context off all fear multiplying people trying to wake up other. The amount of solutions is really great here.

He knows about hive but stopped posting in Sept 2018 for some reason.

Am pleased you appreciate his solutions.

I like the DAO hitlist idea ;)

That is around when i mostly stopped posting on steemit too...the site sucked!

Good point. He is quite possibly not aware of the hardfork. Though do I want to invite him here when I know what is happening to you? Freedom of speech isn't free any more!

What I'm doing is keeping my rewards turned off on Hive, but they are on in VYB.

That way my posts can't be downvoted. Comments I'm still uncertain on - this one for example has rewards on and could be downvoted. But the ones I'm doing on the VYB front end have the rewards turned off.

Every comment I do is auto downvoted by spankinator at 1 min, which would lower my rep if it was 67 or below, but at this point my rep is still 69 even after all the downvoting, so it doesn't affect it.

Can you direct me to the vyb front end please.

Apparently I am now being targeted too.

Is there a way to engage spaminator in conversation?

Why do you recommend it?
How long is it?
If I decide to look it up, what's it called?

I put a source link in there especially for you. It's long but it's worth it. 2h 30mins

Why do I recommend it? I think he offers great solutions & wisdom. And some decent ideas on how we might go about fighting back in a way they won't be expecting.

Got it, thank you. I think you left the link blank, so it only shows up as a small gray arrow in your post. For anyone else who can't see it, here is a link.

Personally, he's speaking almost another language to me, but if anyone has any takeaways (in layman's terms) I'd be interested in reading/hearing.

Fighting back in an unexpected way is important! I wonder about that from time to time but can't get over the idea that 'they' have predicted/simulated everything, including attempts to do something unexpected. LOL

Sorry, I should have checked on directly. So weird that it doesn't include any of the words I write if I put them below the funky video link it doesn't like. Put the words above the link and it works fine. Will remember this for next time!

So yes, he doesn't speak like everyone else but one can pick it up quick enough:

Mutant juice = vaccine
Pureblood = unvaccinated
Normie lemmings = vaccinated
The rona = covid

If you are interested in his resistance solutions jump straight to 1h 34min. Something tells me they didn't plan for one or two of his suggestions.

Hehehe, those terms make sense to me. Some of his other jargon is over my head. I haven't read/heard much in that branch of spirituality, I guess. Of course, when what he's saying makes sense to me, I recognize plenty of truths I've learned elsewhere, so I'm sure it's worth trying to understand. But yes, maybe I'll leap forward to that spot, thanks : )
And if I get my act together I'll make the move over to leapd and I just won't have to worry about that glitch anymore.

Wonderful to see this post ...after years of posting Freedom-Fighting Shizzle and being deleted/demonitized I stopped sharing "truthing" and just went running.... Now I see what you're doing it reignites a fire in me.... 🔥

Mark gives his blessing! Whenever I ask if we can share/reupload he says "Copyright is the right to copy! Go right ahead and copy!!" :) Legend.