10 ways to know you feel old

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It is inevitable to concede ground to time, which admittedly makes us wiser every second in exchange for subtracting our physical youth, however the subject of this post falls more on the verb "to feel" than on "to be" because "feeling old" is very different from "being old".

We often see young people who act with a certain disdain in life, those who have laziness installed even in the spinal cord, those who protest when you ask for support in housework and instead spend their lives 24/7 in front of a screen either 5 inches or more than 32, ie, youth is in the physical but internally they are matusalenes in paste but without wisdom.

On the other hand, we see grandparents that perhaps the physical represents a burden for their hyperactive and eternally young souls, those that a cane or a wheelchair do not prevent at all that the beauty and joy of the accumulation of life flow from them.

Under this premise, I have developed these ten signs that indicate that a person feels old, even if he or she is a 10-year-old boy:

  • 1 Emitting a groan when sitting down or getting up from a chair or couch: this is an unmistakable sign of old age, so if you are under 45 and your back hurts make sure to shut up the little pain before someone notices your premature old age.
  • 2 Getting upset about everything and for nothing: that if it is too hot or too cold, that if the neighbor is annoying, that if the government, that if the pizza without olives, that if the coffee is too bitter, in short, a constant spiral of laments and bad moods that can be justified in someone older than 60 years but if you have less, my friend you are an old man before your time that probably awaits you a life in solitude because I do not think anyone will support you more than two days.

  • 3 Saying "in my time...": confess it, if you are under 45 and you have said that typical old man phrase, my friend, accept it, carry your old age with dignity.

  • 4 Make noises when slurping the soup: it may be a symbol of bad manners at the table but it is also a sign that you are a grandfather or grandmother advanced since for them it is natural to make those sounds with hot liquids.

  • 5 Keep posting on Facebook: yes, let's face it, this social network is no longer a kind of agora for young people but has become a virtual arena. Grandparents took Mr. Zuckerberg's great work by storm at the same time that the youth moved to other more attractive cyber worlds. Posting things there is the modern equivalent of using letters.

  • 6 Listening to AM radio: In my case my ears do not tolerate the sounds of amplitude modulated waves, they cause me a sensation equal to that of fingernails scratching a blackboard, simply intolerable. On the other hand, AM radio seems to be stopped in time, with the same rancheras of Pedro Infante or the boleritos of all times, even today's news heard on AM seems to be from five decades ago.

  • 7 Drinking tea in the afternoon with cookies: what could be more old-fashioned than that? Well, snacking on tea and cookies doesn't seem like something for people under 50 years old, if you see in the movies that's something that grandmas usually do.

  • 8 Grumbling between teeth: typical of people who are and feel older to emit unintelligible mumbles, either to complain or express some displeasure, if you are one of those who make these gestures assume it, you're old.

  • 9 Falling asleep watching TV and with the remote control in your hand: something typical too, find grandpa or grandma sitting in his rocking chair traveling to the world of Morpheus in front of the TV on with the remote control in his hand. The great thing about this gesture is that when you remove the remote control from their hand to turn off the TV or change the channel, they immediately wake up with the following sentence: "I was watching that! If you are one of those who do this, congratulations, you are old.

  • 10 Scolding other people's children: it seems normal for people over 60 to yell at their neighbors' noisy children when they play in the street, but if you are under 30, the truth is that besides looking ridiculous, there is no doubt that you are an old man in every sense of the word.

If you identified yourself with any of the 10 points above, it is likely that you are heading to the retirement queue before your time, but remember, in this life everything is a matter of attitude, so it is up to you to decide if you want to advance your way by advancing processes or accumulating youth and life, in the end you decide.


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Oh, this was a great reading.
To my big surprise, non of those signs applies to me. Not even ONE.
I have even stopped posting on Facebook.
Does it means I'm still not old? I'm confused.
Retired 3 years ago...

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LOL I believe that old age and youth is a state of mind rather than physical or years lived, I think that is the key to eternal youth, at least I think so.

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ahhh the term of having an 'old soul' really brings out some of these traits 😁 thanks for sharing an interesting read!

Thanks to you for the support, I love to know that people like what you do, it motivates me to keep sharing these stories that I come up with.

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This was a very interesting read. I am guilty of more than two signs. Does that mean I am old?😂

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Hahahaha, don't feel bad, I recognize that I also identify with two or three points, anyway we both have time to rectify or continue aging prematurely.

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I don't want to age prematurely. I better retrace my steps

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