A short video on delicious BBQs of my favourite hotel

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Hello and Aslamoalekum to my 3speak family.
Yeaterday we went to have a dinner at my favourite hotel
Chah Bahar hote near CPEC kot bailian interchange.
There I recrded a short video of BBQs for my threespeak
A shef was preparing delicious BBQs .
Although we ate chicken karahee of
thus wonderful hotel.
But I made video onof BBQs on that occasion .
I hope you enjoy this video.

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Waah bhai bohot lazeez BBQ ban rahi hai, kaash mei aap kay paas hota or taste kar leta, inshallah aglay haftay ko hum b BBQ ka program bana rahay hai or zaroor video b share karunga

G bhai zroor share keejye ga.
men intzar lroon ga.
video pasand krne ka shukrya.

tum to sahi davat kar rahe ho bhai bus balance rakhna jaruri he. mera matlab he vegetabsles and fruits bhi khana he

G bhai vegetables bhi khaatey hen.
Bahut shukrya bhai.
Khush rahen

Bro, you have made a very good video. But I want to know whether it is barbeque and how it is made. And it looks quite good too

yeah dear it is chicken BBQs.
Thanks for watching.

wow my favorite BBQ , and cha bhar hotel is excellent hotel , getting water in mouth after seeing deilicious BBQ ,

Thank you so much sir.