How the Gypsy Boy Rides My Bicycle A great video. Morning walk and meeting the Gypsy tribe

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hello my #3speak and hive community, today my video is about
Met a nomadic tribe during an early morning walk today. Nomadic people travel with herds from one place to another as winter sets in. The nomadic tribes do not receive education nor do they have any regular homes, but they travel from one place to another with their cattle and where they get grass and water for their cattle, they stay in that area for some days. In today's video a nomad boy tries to run my sahical but he doesn't know how to run sahical this is a very awesome video hope you all will like it.recording date 16 november 2023

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The life of poor people is very difficult. They have to endure a lot. And sometimes they don't even get food from the chain. And today your video is very good

yes i agree with you, these people has very difficult life, so i really like them very much, i always try to talk to them, and they have good behave and nice kind words for every one, thank you dear for appreciation

Sir waqaee ye log bahut mehnti log hen.
Bachey ne cycle chlaney ki koshish ki lekin nje chla ska.
Achi video bnaee he ap ne sir

han g , boy nay effort ki hai,, cycle chalnay ki, lakin vo nic chala saka,, aik dafa tu vo typre par bath gya , us nay samja back side hai,, , thank dear for apprecation

I think they are Pakhtoon nomads, not gypsies.

You are very welcoming as always.


no, they are not paktoon just speak pashto but belong to gypsies,, pakthon not travel,, but very little tribe travel like gypsies,, thank dear

Hey bro what a beautiful view.This is one of the best views I have ever seen.How many goats/sheep they are taking in the morning.Great environment.I loved the kid's bike ride.But most of all I loved seeing the herds of cattle.Great moment shared bro so beautiful.Thank you very much bro for the great video gift.

yeah it was fogy morning, and beautiful view, there was almost over , i think 1k goat sheeps animals in the hards of cattle, yeah boy could not ride the cycle he attemped 2 3 time thank you dear for apprecation

All these animals looks so beautiful.

it was beautiful view and met with these people, nice , thank

Most welcome dear.


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