delicious sweet water big fish , winter season and river indus fishing , i bought 7kg fish for famly

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today is december 7,2023, i went to buy fish from one fisher man,fisher man sells fish after fishing from river indus, fisher man has street shop near dhair yaro ala ali that is located near rokhri kacha area.i bought 7 kg fish from this fisher man, fisher man was selling very expenisve fish, but it is summer season and every one love to eat river indus fish, river indus fish has great taste and its price are also very much than farm fish, so i bought fish and enjoyed the very much, my all family love river indus fish very much, so hope you all will enjoy my today this video.

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What's the matter bro, you have bought 7 kg fish. And now it is a cold season, that is why fish tastes so good.

dear brother, river inuds fish is very much famous fish,river indus fish has great taste, it was big fish, big size fish is expenisve , if fish is over 3kg then price are high, aur if fish weight is near 500grm then price are cheap, it is depend on fish kind, there are many kind of fish, so gulfam, dumbra, mali, singara these fish are expenisve if fisher man hunt from river inuds, yes its taste is very much unique and different than farm fish, thank you dear for liking my video

Fish is not sold in our area because we eat all vegetables there.

in my area, there are many kind of fish is sold , farm fish,, but river indus fish is famous for its taste, we ate fish very much in winter

Wow dear I am very fascinated with your video today, fish is being sold in such a beautiful natural place and it was very nice to see big fish.You can taste fresh fish today.Thanks for sharing such a nice video.

Hi, I like fish, it is a great food and it is very delicious, nice post.👍👍👍

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