A cup of coffee I had for the last time in Kharkiv, Ukraine before the war...

My life changed dramatically due to some unfortunate circumstances that I went through. Traumatic experiences not only affected my life situation but also my perspective on life. I keep asking myself why all these things are happening to me. Looking at my life timeline, I feel like my entire life has been a joke full of traumatic experiences. These thoughts keep bothering me every morning when I have my coffee and cigarette.

Speaking of coffee, my addiction to coffee started when I moved to Ukraine. I can't remember exactly how it started, but I think it was because of the cold snowy weather. Every time I went out, I had to have a cup of coffee before or after. There were so many coffee shops around my neighborhood in Kharkiv, and coffee was much cheaper at that moment compared to Europe. Recently, I stumbled upon some memorable photos of a coffee shop in Kharkiv where I had my last coffee. This experience was the last time I had coffee in a nice coffee shop in Kharkiv before the war. last experience of mine having coffee in a nice coffee shop in Kharkiv, Ukraine before the war.



Back then going to a coffee shop means to have me time or to hang out with friends. Mostly after finishing groceries, I used to go to regular coffee shops to have a cup of coffee before heading home. That was a regular routine in life. I cannot remember the name of this coffee shop but I remember that they started their business at the end of 2021. The shop was completely renovated, before this coffee shop, there was a meat shop and during the COVID-19 pandemic, the meat shop didn't work out. So after the pandemic situation, the same spot became a new coffee shop or cafe. I don't know if this cafe is still open or not because of the war but I am sure, the shop still exists. I had my go-to coffee shop so it took me some time to find this cafe near me.

I like spending leisure time in cafes rather than restaurants. I still feel that this cafe was unique and I haven't found any coffee shop here in Almere Netherlands like this cafe. I tried to find cafes here that offer some unique coffee flavors but here, most of the cafes offer the same coffee. In fact, Starbucks has a lot more to offer than the local coffee shops and of course, there is no comparison between the coffee price in Ukraine and Netherlands. But the good thing is I don't need to sell my kidney to drink coffee here in the Netherlands. 😁



Okay, now I can recall the name of the cafe after seeing this photo, "Coffee Gallery". The cafe was located in my neighborhood area; not far from my home. They also had outdoor sitting areas but during winter, people used to prefer sitting inside, a warm and cozy atmosphere. This cafe had a unique menu of coffee compared to other local coffee shops. They offered rose latte, mochaccino, vegan latte, and coffee with orange. I am not a fan of orange-flavored cappuccinos or lattes, they taste horrible. I don't understand why people love citrus flavor in coffee. Even in Almere, I have been asking around for matcha latte and Café glacé and they don't have it. Some of the waitresses give me such a look because either they never heard of such a coffee name or they think I am talking gibberish.

My current favorite coffee is decaf hazelnut macchiato latte and I only find it in Starbucks. I try to have this flavored coffee once in two weeks. Anyway, back to the past.

I was in this cafe with one of my friends, it was the weekend so we were meeting each other on a regular basis. We were having a good time; were completely unaware of what was waiting for us in the upcoming days. I wish I knew that my entire world was about to change within a week.



The cafe was almost empty, soft music was playing and we were enjoying our conversation while having our coffee. I had my regular latte but my friend took matcha latte because she was addicted to matcha flavor. Darn, those carefree, relaxing days often make me cry because now I can't even relax like that. I still go to local cafes, but I don't find that comfortable, cozy vibes anymore. The barista had done a nice coffee art on my coffee even though I took the takeaway cup. Here in Almere, you hardly will find such coffee art even though you are paying a lot. I noticed few cafes here and unfortunately, they (baristas in Almere Netherlands) don't do such coffee art. And about the local coffee shops in Almere, you might find a table in the corner in crowded cafes but you won't be able to enjoy your coffee due to the crowd. Sometimes I go to Dunkin Donuts and sit outside no matter whether it is sunny or rainy because I don't find the inside atmosphere comfortable.



This nice cafe would have been my go-to coffee shop if I stayed in Kharkiv if life stayed the same. But now it's a memory and a very special memory of having my last cup of coffee in Kharkiv in peace. Speaking of peace, I currently don't find it anywhere, unfortunately. I drink coffee every day but I don't enjoy it. I changed, my way of seeing life changed and my surrounding atmosphere changed.

This post might seem complaint box rather than my last coffee experience in Kharkiv but I just wanted to share my past and present experiences having a cup of coffee. ...

I know there might be a time when I will learn again to enjoy my coffee like before or a time will come when I will return to my home again in Kharkiv and will have that same experience of having a cup of coffee in peace...



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Very nice and sad story about your favorite coffee shop, there are many parts of the world where coffee is not an art as such, it is not given the real value of what it is, it is a shame, that they don't enjoy coffee like we do. Greetings

Yes, that is absolutely true. Nowadays most of the local coffee shops don't pay attention to coffee art because people don't care or ask for it. I saw in Italy, people do coffee art a lot even in some places in Poland. Nowadays people go to Starbucks mostly for go-to coffee so nobody cares about the coffee art.

Thanks a lot for reading my post...

It is unfortunate that it is lost in those places, but we should be proud that we still remember and appreciate it. Greetings

A beautiful and poignant piece of writing. I love reading you because you're honest and authentic. One day a happy travelling post, the next an open account of how you're feeling.

I have never heard anyone who is being invaded and bombed describe it as mildly as 'unfortunate circumstances' lol

You're a star here, and deservedly so.

You take care and have the greatest week you feel able to :-)

I have never heard anyone who is being invaded and bombed describe it as mildly as 'unfortunate circumstances' lol

Yes because I am kinda tired of talking about it 🤣. Somehow I am trying hard to stay stable and positively control my emotions. My mood swings a lot and I write when I feel like writing and that's why gradually my post-writing is getting less every week.

You're a star here, and deservedly so.

That's a big compliment though...

I hope you are having a nice weekend...

Memories are precious. Peculiarly for you. !LUV

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Yes, nostalgic moment even if it's not a big event or something. A small moment worth remembering...

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Hello @priyanarc

That's a lovely cafe and I like the design of the coffee cup too.

I like spending leisure time in cafes rather than restaurants.

I definitely can relate to that, and I prefer to meet with friends in cafes for conversation, rather than going to cafes to work.

Lovely photos!

You're very welcome. Have a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Day!-8.jpg

When you want to meet your friends, cafes can be a good choice. I personally love local cafes that are not so crowded, cozy, and comfortable. I know you are a coffee lover, what kind of coffee do you prefer mostly?

That coffee shop really made a dent in you, as you describe it as if you were there. I imagine the smell there would be spectacular. Those are nice memories to treasure, and they help a lot during rough patches. I hope you are doing well with that. Regards @priyanarc

That coffee shop really made a dent in you

Yes because that's the last time I had my coffee in a cafe before the war in Ukraine. It was surprising that I took all these photos back then and forgot to delete them. Now it's a story to tell...

Those are nice memories to treasure, and they help a lot during rough patches

Indeed. Thanks for such wonderful words and for reading my post...

I can remember when the first Costa Coffee shop opened near me. I'd only had basic coffee before so I enjoyed trying out all of the different flavoured lattes. Compared to other coffee shops they were quite expensive though. We started to call it 'Costa Bomb'. Many years later, I've finally got over the price!

Ah atleast you finally got over the price. I think I also tried coffee from Costa Coffee in Poland, Warsaw but I can't remember the name; I guess I tasted their coffee and they are a little expensive. But compared to the Netherlands, coffee prices in other locations are cheaper. I personally like Italian coffee now a days 😃

Christmas time is best as Costa bring out their best to tempt gullible people like me. 😁

Oh yes, that's why I love Fall and the holiday season mostly, you can have nice flavored coffee...