Sublime Sunday-That Flowery Neighborhood! Truly Mesmerizing!

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Hello Everyone, on a Sublime and Beautiful Sunday, strolling the neighborhood is indeed an amazing experience.

Usually on all working days, our focus is to rush to our designated work places, as we are in a hurry, always, we miss out on beautiful #nature all around us. This hustle bustle leads to probably a chaotic life with a wavering focus. We possibly miss out on the most crucial aspect of life... To enjoy the sheer beauty of Mother Nature.

Now, comes the weekend and we definitely do have several obligations, but some of them can be missed or realigned. Its actually time to be with "Yourself" 100%!

Go out, feel, believe and observe your beautiful surroundings... your wonderful neighbourhood has several amazing, fascinating 🌸🌺🌻🌹🌷🌼💐#flowers, trees, plants to please your senses.

All of them make the neighborhood, truly wonderful place to be! These beautiful flowers, flowering trees share an amazing story of some in the neighborhood putting little hard work to protect and preserve the nature in the surroundings. Its indeed such an awesome work for #nature and for your own #health.

Beautiful and nature #healthy surroundings is definitely a marvelous place to live and spend your #life in the most beautiful way. Isn't that true!

The car parking with blooming flowering trees, makes me smile always, as they welcome me all the time, while parking in or driving out... seems like these cute blossoms always say... Cheers!

Spectacular Spruce Cones in the neighborhood, is really an amazing experience to watch them grow from such delicate color to gradually mature over a period of time!

Spiraea bush and flowers, the decorative/ornamental flowers spread awesome beauty all around with its tiny white flowers. Each #flower looks simply beautiful!

The Wisteria Vines, hanging from the terrace, with its charming purple flowers, with all blooms and blossoms, make everyone living in the vicinity, blush looking at those stunningly gorgeous flowers!

The Citrus flowers, spread total peace with its white flowers, amazing fragrance and lots of bees hovering over them, all the time! Either lemon citrus or orange citrus they are the trees spreading beauty and fruit bearing, as well. Its absolutely worth having them around!

The stunning flowering neighborhood in #Nottinghill, #London is definitely the most magnificent neighborhood with captivating Cherry Blossoms wonderfully flowering all around and spreading the extraordinary beauty to the entire neighborhood!

Beautiful & flowering Nature in and around neighborhood is the most wonderful place to live in and be!

The Redbud/Judas/Cercis flowering trees flowers extremely beautiful purple flowers that look so pretty and cute, their flowering structure is amazingly unique and pretty distinct! The flowers are absolutely so very charming!

Quite interestingly in some #gardens the randomly growing pink wood sorrel look totally magnificent growing amongst the other leaves and weeds with the #nature. Just to let them bloom and blossom some people don't mow their #garden, because these beautiful pink wood sorrels will also be mowed away, taking away all the natural beauty of the #homegarden.!

No matter where we live...what we matter how occupied we are...just a moment of glance at a beautiful #flower or #flowering neighbourhood...having all the blossoming and blooming 🌸🌺🌻🌹🌷🌼💐flowers...having a look at them, at any part of the day, from morning...till evening...just makes your day...absolutely beautiful with all that "million dollar smile" on your face!

You blush! Silently!!! I know!!!

Of course you do! and then you tell yourself, how lucky I am to be at this magnificent & charming place, surrounded be the breathtaking beauty of Mother Nature!

My Sublime & Beautiful Sunday Sunset Moment!

So, you all my Lovely & Sweet Hivers, how can I end my post, without the magnificent #Sublime Moment! I can't... I really can't!

The heart warming, most astonishing, soothing, serene and absolutely wonderful moment, watching the day, nearing its end with that captivating #Sunset is truly worth... Yes! I really mean... absolutely worth! The day nearing its end for that day... The Romantic Evening... The Dusk... Is truly worth watching for! & Then close your eyes... Say Bye bye... to the day! See you Tomorrow... With another... Bright Shining day! Much Love!


Hope you liked the captures and enjoyed watching them.

Thank you,

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Wow, I think all around the car park must look lovely.

Thank you so much, @ace108
Yes! Just before the sunset on random such hue days, it looks awesome! :)

You're welcome