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On Sunday evenings, when I feel another weekend ending, I am sad and angry about the passage of time. Time flies. The older I get, the faster my time has picked up speed...

It is an autumn day that betrays the late autumn we are in now, Sunday. What can I do to make it memorable, to call it sublime?

A visit to the museum!


MARe Museum in Bucharest.
Especially as it is now hosting a Picasso exhibition!


The Picasso Effect

An exhibition that aims to show the influence Picasso had and still has on painters after him. In this case, he inspired and influenced painters in Romania. An aspect that does not interest me. What interests me most is that fifty of Picasso's drawings and paintings were brought from France, from Paris!

Eight silhouettes
Pencil on paper cut out and pasted on lithographic ink background and then transferred to stone - 1946

The museum exhibits various works by Picasso, some of which are better known and others less known or not known at all. There's no other way to see what Picasso created when you consider that there are about 50,000 left over from this immense artist.

To present this exhibition as faithfully as possible, more posts are needed. I've already done two and whoever is interested would like to see more, can also look at these two previous blogs...

This time I thought to present some drawings, simple drawings by Picasso, and how they inspired a Romanian painter and draughtsman.

Embrace I
Acvaforte - 1963

Two Bathers Lying on a Beach
Pencil on paper - 1920

These two drawings, the first of which I like very much, have managed to have a strong influence on young painters, and the painters in my country have not missed it either. In this exhibition, the example of Florin Mitroi is brought up. Below you can see some of his drawings.

Drawings by the Romanian painter Florin Mitroi



Ink on paper - 1982

I don't know if you can see Picasso's style in these drawings. I believe that the theme of the drawings was also taken from Picasso's drawings and different ways of rendering the characters' features, even if the drawings seem primitive and naive.

Interesting what I have noticed about such Picasso drawings or paintings. I have seen and heard many people, who say, after looking at these drawings, that they could draw the same... or even better! They are mistaken and do not realize it, nor do they try to draw to see it.

I also had this arrogance in my youth, when I used to draw and paint. I found out later how much I was wrong.

Ink on cut and pasted lithographic paper transferred to stone- 1945

This kind of art is now also done by children in kindergarten. My niece Ilinca makes such collages without knowing where the inspiration comes from.

Let me tell you something about the museum.

The 1200 m2 of the building comprises 5 levels: basement - with exhibition space and auditorium, ground floor - with shop and cafeteria, 1st and 2nd floors - dedicated to the permanent collection, attic - with exhibition space, workshop space, library, and reading area; and between the levels there are three other exhibition areas; to all this is added the museum's generous garden...source

MARe stands for Museum of REcent Art. It is a private museum and, of course, it wants to make a profit. To make a profit it has to attract as many visitors as possible, and to attract as many visitors as possible, it has to host the most attractive and interesting exhibitions... The result is that we, the visitors, will always have pleasant surprises and great art. It is a kind of art that otherwise was not accessible to all, not accessible to those who cannot, for various reasons, travel to the countries where this art exists, i.e. France, Italy, Spain, Holland, and Germany.

I was impressed and attracted by the way the exhibition spaces are divided, the access stairs, the different levels, and the perspectives. Below I show you some of these places.


Open spaces, paintings displayed everywhere, thin railings that make you careful to stop, otherwise...




If I look down I'm seized by an unstoppable desire to jump, I'd fly. For now, lucidity and spiritual awareness stop me... but for how long?


Stairs, two stairs. One for going up, the other for going down. There is also an elevator, for the lazier or perhaps more tired.

BeFunky-collage (3).jpg

I can see the paintings even between the stairs!


I'm inclined to believe that this museum is haunted by ghosts or shadows... The shadows of visitors. I saw this at home when I checked the photos I took (only with my phone I got permission to photograph).


Perhaps the reflections of visitors! I get the impression that my reflection and my friend's reflection have been trapped in this painting to keep the clown company!

I think it's time to close this museum visit story as well. To MARe! In the end, I must give Caesar what is Caesar's... still a picture signed Picasso.

Three Bathers
Pastel on beige paper - 1920

If someone arrives in the area, i.e. in Bucharest, and is an art lover and, more than that, is eager to see some of Picasso's paintings up close, then a few forays are necessary.

MARe is easy to find. It is located in the north of Bucharest, close to the Triumphal Arch and Herastrau Park. You can see it on the map!

The Picasso Effect exhibition is open until 8 January 2024.

Monday-Sunday: 10-20 (Tuesday: closed)

Ticket price $ 22
The ticket price for groups (5 people) is $ 15 for each

Orange Gray Artistic Torn Overlay Musician Facebook Page Covers (10).jpg


What a great place, I can't say it enough. Being so exclusive makes it even cooler and the fact that you bring us these works of art is spectacular.

I admired each one especially the one with the reflections, I loved it. And the place itself is wonderful. Thank you so much, I am delighted, happy to admire these works. Thank you very much @bluemoon ❤️

Thank you very much! I love the joy you comment with, it's a joy that is transmitted, I receive it and I feel very good.

It's a great pleasure for me to admire art and it does make me happy! Thanks to you always!😃

With pleasure!

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Thank you!

Is this exhibition something about nudism? 🙄

Not specifically, but I think you know that the nude has been one of the main themes of painters since time immemorial.

This place is lovely, but these pictures are Passing a message which I don't really get 😄

Glad you like the place. I like it too... What can I say about these paintings? Picasso was one of the many painters of the early twentieth century who gave up realistic painting as a photograph. Those painters, whether they were called Impressionists, Cubists... and I don't know how, chose to represent the world not so accurately as a picture, they wanted to show some feelings and their way of relating to their chosen subject. They were inspired by prehistoric and ancient drawings and influenced the art of the world. Some like it, some don't...but they are very important because they changed the way art is made and perceived today.

Hmmm, that's right, and I also feel like, they are able to express what they feel in their mind through art work.. it's actually a nice art work, I love it.

Florin Mitroi is a little creepy or has an unfulfilled desire 😂

I don't know... maybe unfulfilled desires, as you say. In my youth, I did such drawings but now I'm glad I've given up, ha, ha.

I more curious about the scissors looking sculpture.

Yes, that is a much more recent and modern sculpture. It wouldn't exist if it weren't for artists like Picasso and Brancusi, who changed the canons of painting and sculpture at the beginning of the last century.