Sublime Sunday ~ As my world turns to orange

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On beautiful days, the orange leaves are stunning against the sky, but they don't all change colour at once so right now they're a patchwork of green, gold, red and orange. Still, I'm musing over how my world is changing to orange as I go about my Sunday.

breakfast with flower pots.JPG

I was having my breakfast amongst flower pots while I stared out the window at the colours. The maple tree in my neighbour's yard will become such a fiery orange orb that it casts a glow in my bedroom, but from here, I can see only the vines and the orange flowers.

orange vines and flowers.JPG

I don't think we have had a frost yet but look at how the vines have changed colour.


Needing some milk for my coffee, I opened the refrigerator and was blasted by the brilliance of the leftover squash. I made "pumpkin" loaves last night so I could bring one to a Thanksgiving dinner today. This is the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend with our official holiday tomorrow.

pumpkin loaf.JPG

Of course I have to show you the loaf now, recipe post to follow.

As well as having dinner at my friend's, we're going to try jamming together. I haven't spoken about my music in a long time and both of us are still new to jamming so it's kind of exciting for us.

orange measuring cups.JPG

These are the measuring cups (from the 1980s!) I used to make the loaves.

red tinge on maple.JPG

The red maple on the corner had only a tinge of red at the top the week before. I decided I better start bringing my camera when I go out.

orange cat.JPG

By now, you must see what I mean about a theme going on, as I bump into an old friend.

bush changes colour.JPG

Above, the bush (forest) behind the old schoolhouse. The leaves that face the prevailing wind are exposed to the cold and they usually change first. Of course, all the trees don't go the same colour and you can spot one of our famous flaming orange sugar maples in there.

chicken curry and rice.JPG

And as I sat here writing this post, my doorbell rang. My new neighbour and I have decided to swap home cooking and she just brought me curried chicken and rice. Orange container, need I say more? And it smells wonderful.

Many thanks to @c0ff33a for #SublimeSunday.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Photos from the iPad of @kansuze in Kanata (Ottawa), Canada.

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