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Pentecost is a great period in the church in which the holy spirit came upon the apostles and others which were filled with the holy spirit. Our Lord Jesus Christ when he was going up told the apostles that he would ssnd them the holy spirit the comforter in which would be with them and all till the end of time.
It's indeed a great day of Cerebration for God's Faithfulness of Life,. Grace, steadfast Love upon us all.

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We all need the Holy Spirit the fruit include Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness , Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control 🙏🙏. The Holy Spirit is really needed in us all like the apostles which would help us all in good utterances and in good relationship with one another in Life. We need the good fruits of the holy spirit un which would help hs all in one way or the other to be filled and bear good fruits.

Cone oh Holy Spirit fill the Heart of the Faithful and kindle in Them The Fire of Your Love 🙏🙏. We welcome the holy spirit in our midst to help us greatly in kindling his Love's fire in us all.

The Holy Spirit will always be our Counselor, lead us in the way of the truth, bear witness good witness for us in everything in which we are doing. He is our comforter and would always counsel us all in the right path, help lead us all in that right path of truth in life and help us in bearing withnesses un things in which we are doing always.

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Faithful 🙏 God Almighty 🙏 We are Forever Faithful 🙏 and we are Grateful for Everything.

Pentecost is indeed a great feast and we all need the Holy Spirit in our Lives.
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Thank you for sharing. The Holy Spirit is our advantage.


Thank you for sharing. The Holy Spirit is our advantage.


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