PhotoFeed Contest #4- Wildlife Photography

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Authored by @worldcapture

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Hey Photography Community!


I'm super excited to annoucned round Nr.4 of our contest series with this weeks theme:

Wildlife Photography





Wildlife photography is a genre of photography concerned with documenting various forms of wildlife in their natural habitat. WIKI


  • 1 image per user
  • Post your image below in the comments
  • No nudity
  • Only your own original images

Winner Voting


The winners will be voted by the community. You can simply upvote your favorite pictures in the comments (I recommend to use 1% votes as not the value but the number of votes count)

  • Users can vote as many pictures as they like
  • Min. Rep (50) to vote
  • No Selfvotes
  • Fair voting (Don't invite people to vote for your image)


Photofeed will provide 10 HIVE for every round. The prize pool can increase if people Tip on this post.
Peakd offers the feature to Send tip's for posts. 100% of the tipped Hive on this post will directly go into the prizepool. The more people tip - The higher the prizepool will be.

150%5 Hive + Tip
230%3 Hive + Tip
320%2 Hive + Tip


Current Tip Pool: 13 HIVE (updated every 24h)

Good luck to everyone 📸



Love it! Looking at it makes me realize that I've never seen a monkey in the water. Thanks for sharing this image Kieran!

I love this photo! It would be so cool to see in color 😁

I bet that's a Winner! Insanely good

Wow this is amazing. i love the happy and thinking expression this monkey shows.

Went through all the works and this one won it for me. The warm color is perfect. The monkeys expression Is wooow

Elk (Killing me for fun will not make you more of a Man. But it will make you less of A Human Being)

A wonderful theme and I'm sure there are lot of those wildlife photographers with tons of photographs 😊
Haven't had much of wildlife in my gallery, but the Rocky Mountains of Colorado had some for me. Here is my entry


Great shot! I love the colors and also the composition of it. Thanks for participating and tipping into the prizepool! 😀

For all the good work @photofeed is doing 😊
Glad you liked it 😊

I really like this photo, the play of colors in gradient is spectacular.@pradeepdee6

Thanks lot for appreciating the photograph 😊

This is going to be though, as I´m sure there will be amazing entries. But I´ll give it a try with this little Tree Snake I saw the other day in a Nationalpark in Australia.


Nice capture bud! That looks like a pretty long tree snake (But yeah, It's Australia obv :D)

2015714_Whisby Nature Park_0185PP.jpg

This image of a Great-crested Grebe was taken a few years ago now, and it still stands as an image I am proud of... over 200 images were taken this day while watching this Grebe frantically searching for fish, and finally I managed to get a shot of the bird side on as he paused to look around.

Very nice image! Such an beautiful animal 👍

Beautiful right in the centre of the ripples created 😊

Flamingos on Bolivia's Stinky Lagoon

For my entry, I present you with flamingos we saw while visiting the famous lagoons of Bolivia. This lagoon got it's district name from the silver smell emitting from the base. I can confirm that it was in fact stinky 😋

Well there's nothing stinky about your impressive flamingo image! @bradfordtennyson
Glad it's not a scratch and sniff photograph!

Thank you so much! Haha be glad we don't have smellivision yet!

Awesome image as always! For those colorful flamingos I would have also chosen to suffer from the bad smell :D - It looks very worth it!

My entry to the contest as well as some interesting information about the polar bear's coloring can be found here

Nice capture! Thanks for participating :))

Thank you! @photofeed And it's my pleasure!

Nice entry. Love the snowfur 👌

Thank you and me too! Polar bears are truly amazing creatures.


Ground Squirrels showing love to each other. Shot in Lower Austria in Summer 2018.

What an adorable image! Thank you so much for sharing it! :))

A little wild and real little bug. Hope I qualify for wildlife round

Thanks for joining the contest! :))

Thanks for joining in! It looks like a very young moose - adorable! 😁

Summer dandelions and bears. Taken in Nisga’a Memorial Lava Bed Park (Anhluut’ukwsim Laxmihl Angwinga’asanskwhl Nisga’a). The park is included in the landmark treaty, the “Nisga’a Final Agreement”, between the Government of Canada and the Nisga’a Nation. Nisga’a Memorial Lava Bed Park is also the first provincial park to be jointly managed by a First Nation and BC Parks. Northern British Columbia, Canada


All images in this post were taken by and remain the Copyright of Robert Downie -

Impressive capture! Does he have flowers in his mouth? 😃

Yes of course; they are tasty ;-)

A magnificent creature! Rummaging & foraging with a healthy fiber dietary intake of dandelions! @intrepidphotos

Siberian Chipmunk
This furry buddy first climbed on the grass, and then jumped on a stump and collected thorny seeds that adhered to his fur.

Very nice capture of that little fella. Did you take it with a Tele-Lens? I think they are pretty shy and hard to capture 😀

yes) shot with tamron 150-600mm

I don't have many wildlife images but I do have a portrait of this lovely Cretan wild goat (Capra aegagrus cretica) the largest wild animal on the mountains of Crete that has been listed as vulnerable since 1996.


What an adorable animal! On the first look I thought it's an giraffe! 😄

Too much green, too much rain in my city, so I managed to get this picture inside the city.


Focus is spot on! Great image - Thanks for sharing it! 😀

Thanks 😁

This is my entry...

Found this bumblebee loaded with pollen in a front yard near Gummersbach, Germany.
They are storing the pollen between the hairs of their legs.
Researched this after capturing this photo ;-)


Great capture! Thanks for joining in :))

Well looking for those in Holland is hard, but this is our wildlife :


Hope its a good enough entry 😉

Ha! It counts 😁 Thanks for joining in!

Super , I also put the contest in the terminal for our 500 members to see hope some will enter

Thanks a ton for your support @brittandjosie ! :))

I love your photo, it looks a lot like my cow @brittandjosie

Nice capture of a beautiful reptile. I love the composition! Thanks for joining in again buddy! 😀

Thanks man 😊

Well camouflaged frog! Thanks for participating! :))

vasos, vidrio, foto mia 002.jpg

The beginning of all wildlife or nature. I am pleased to participate in this contest. I hope you like my entry. Thank you @photofeed for this contest.

Thanks for participating! :))

Ohhh I am already seeing some amazing photography in the comment section.
Good luck to all of you. I am really happy that this photo contest has such high level photography entries.

I decided to try my luck with Patagonia (Torres del Paine) photography from 2018.


Ohhhhhhh it's an alpaca, right? One of my favorite animals. Great scene for that shot! Thanks for participating again!

Actually I think it is Guanaco (latin: Lama guanicoe). Relative of lama and alpaca.
I hope you still like my photo knowing it is not you favourite alpaca on it ;)

Learned something new today! Ha, of course I still like it (as they are relatives 😁)

Beautiful image in such a serene setting!

Thanks for the comment with kind words and vote as well :)

Say hello to this beautiful Galapagos land iguana.
Most of them are located on Cerro Dragon, or "Dragon Hill” island. A rocky, low-lying hill on the northwestern side of Santa Cruz Island. They look scary, but they are not aggressive at all. This one looks like he was posing for the camera!


Hello 😀

That's a very strong looking animal - Impressive! Thanks for sharing this image with us!

Thanks for participating! 😁

You're welcome.

It is wildlife in civilized society 😊 good one 👍

The white-cheeked bushtit, also known as the white-cheeked tit. It is found in Margalla Hills, Islamabad, Pakistan.

That's a very cute little fella. I'm impressed you know the name of it 😀 Thanks for participating!

Great shot of a beautiful animal. Thanks for sharing it! :))

Thank You :) I am looking foward to entering more of your contest.

Spectacular photograph of such a wild animal @halo

Good morning @photofeed
Here is my entry;

The working Camel in the desert who is producing sesame oil. By using the camel, they produced sesame oil by turning round and round milling or grinding the sesame seeds.

Thank you.