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Hey Photo Community!

The first week of our very first contest is over and I'm blown away by the amount of people who participated in it. We had 39 entries on our first contest which is an incredible result in my eyes.
The Theme of our first contest was Landscape and we had some stunning entries but on the end, the community voted for the Top 3 winners of this round.
Also a huge thank you to the people who tipped into the prizepool:

Together with the 10 donated HIVE from @photofeed we had a prizepool of 16 HIVE. We had 1x 1st Place (15 votes) , 1x 2nd place (11 votes), 2x 3th places (8 votes each)

1st Place

The winner of our first Round "Landscape" is @kieranstone with his entry - Piha Beach, NZ - What an incredible image! It was the first ever entry and also the first ever winner on our new contest series. Congratulations!


Prize 8 HIVE

2nd Place

Our 2nd place goes to @bradfordtennyson with his stunning entry Southwest Sunset - What a spectacular landscape! Thank you and congratulations!


Prize 4.8 HIVE

3th Place

Our 3th place goes to @sharker with his entry Dawn over New Jerusalem Monastery. Another amazing Drone shot over some mystic looking landscape. Great job!


Prize 1.6 HIVE

3th Place

Our second 3th places goes to @lightcaptured with his entry Hazy Morning - Thank you so much for sharing this calm and peaceful looking image. Great work!


Prize 1.6 HIVE

Again, thank you so much guys for the incredible feedback and the high amount of entries. Please, if you have any suggestion how we can improve this contest - Have a chat with us in the comments!

Tomorrow we will announce round 2 of our contest. There is still a poll on twitter running on which theme should come next. Make sure to -- Vote --



Wow! Thank you so much @photofeed and everyone that voted for my photo!

Very happy to be the first winner and looking forward to seeing what's next.

Congratulations to @bradfordtennyson, @sharker, and @lightcaptured for their great shots too!

Well deserved! Thanks for sharing your great work with us. The new round will be announced in a few hours today! 😀

Congrats to you too, mate, Photo on! :)

Very happy to be among the winners. Everyone here has beautiful photos, congratulations!

Well deserved! Stay tuned for the next round which starts tomorrow! 😁

Pleasure to be one of the winners! Looking forward for the next edition! :)

Thanks a lot and stay safe all!

Thanks for sharing your great image! See you in the next round 😀

Thank you for holding this contest, it was an honor to be among the top selections 😁✌️

Most welcome! I absolutely love your image man - What a landscape! I hope to see you in our next round (which will be announced tomorrow) as well! :))

I don't twitter, but it has been awhile since I saw many long exposure shots, maybe also add a sub theme to long exposure, a fast frozen in time shot, like the milk drops bouncing back or a water drop caught mid air thing. Long or fast theme. Stop action wave shots give some pretty interesting things to look at like surfing monsters or diving iguana, I have seen a lot in stop action wave shots.


I've done a vote on Long Exposure for you! :))

Yeah I love the idea with "Stop Action / Frozen Shots" but I think barley anyone on the Hive blockchain does them. Well, at least I'm not aware of it. But yeah, as a sub_theme it could work!

And again, thank you for your support!

If "Long Exposure" wins then contest title could be something like the "Long and Short of it". But yeah, not many frozen in time shots out there.

I'm a photographer here on Hive who rarely post long exposure shots. I typically don't shoot anything with extremely high shutter speeds either, but hearing you talk about it makes me want to try.

You wont believe what you can see in waves breaking when they are frozen in time, I see all sorts of things in them, and the water or milk drop shots are pretty cool to see, I actually caught an Icicle droplet in mid air one time.

My camera can shoot up to 1/8000. I think this will be my project for tomorrow.

Not bad for the first time. As I said, people like contests. )) Congratulations to all the winners!

You were absolutely right :D I'm already excited for the next round. I just hope that the small voting issue will be resolved after the adjustments.

👍 👍 👍

Congrats to this week's winners! I'll see you for next week's contest! :)

Stay tuned for the announcement tomorrow! :))

Congratulations, I loved all the photos, it was an excellent choice.

Thanks a lot for the support @kantos ! :))

Some amazing shots. Well done to the winners.

Indeed! I hope to see you in the next Round 2 Robert 😀

I just put an entry in ;-)