Never mix businesses with personal Life

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I think one should never mix business with love. I love my friends and family and I am willing to do everything for them but if I mix my business with my friends then it’s a great way to ruin a friendship. To be honest being with friends is more different than building something together. If we regularly work side by side everyday even as a business partner we will eventually have conflicts. Well, some of those are minor. If there are more money at stake then emotions will be greater than that. Eventually, money will change peoples mindset somehow. Oftentimes people get protective and also bitter. Moreover, sometimes they are vengeful.

I have seen many people facing problems of contribution & performance. Like they turn out to be competitive and one person may think that they are doing more than their friend or one might feel not appreciated. Some may want more control of it, there’s no way that you can tell your friend that they are not performing well. Or tell them when to let go. If you really care about your friends and don’t want to ruin the friendship then you can have some friends in business but also remember don’t go into business with them.

Oftentimes when your friend is involved in business then it becomes difficult to criticise and also talk about the honest opinion. If I am in this position then I would want to hold back because I don’t want to hurt their feelings. For real this would lead me to hold back on many serious decisions for the business. Moreover, it is not a good idea to mix business and love for friends. Because the business will suffer in the long run anyways after that the friendship may not survive.

It's basically a bad idea which will complicate relationships. Starting a business is very stressful thing to do. In business requires many important decisions and with different decisions that may divide the friendship of the friends. Also, personal matters can leave an effect which will not help with business matters and might end things nasty. Well, you can do well in business and compromise your friendship and do what’s the best for the business but if you don’t wanna lose your friends then it's not the best idea to do business with friends.


In 2023 February my friend started a business with his friend of university and they created a business for clothings such as T-Shirts. So, my friend did every possible things to make sells but his other friends didn’t bother to do any kind of promotion or anything. In the end they started to blame my friend that he was not putting an effort but I saw who was at fault but they have completely blamed him for the loss of the business and in present time they are not friends anymore. So, it would be better to start business with some professionals and not your friends who might start to take your credit and blame you for the loss.

My friend who gave his best but his friends didn’t appreciate at all they were very harsh towards him and left him speechless. After seeing this scenario how can I ever think of starting my business with my friends? Of course I can see the results and I don’t wanna try it by my own to see if I will end up in the same way or not. Because I think even after knowing what’s gonna happen and if I repeat the same thing then I don’t think I can ever grow in life. We all actually can learn from others mistake and not repeat the mistake by my own hands.

I have very less friends and my circle is very small so, I am not a fool that I would repeat the same thing as others.

Well, I must also admit that there are many successful businesses which are around family, lovers & friends. It actually depends on that if you wanna take a risk or not. Therefore, my advice is that it’s a bad idea.



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 2 months ago  

In this case is tough. I have a friend that opened an ice cream shop with other friend, and this other guy didn't do anything, only my friend that spends all the energy in that business and the other guy just get the money from the profit without doing anything hahaha

 last month  

Same, he had his 2 friends involved and both of them are like you didn't do anything. Actually, I also did promotion for their clothings and it was because the guy who is my friend and most of the sales are because of me but they didn't give him the credits because he managed me to do it for their business. Like they are not grateful at all.

Hi @ayamihaya , I agree with you, money interests are too heavy to mix with friendships and love, it's good to see those experiences to learn. I like your reflecxion. A big hug.

 last month  

Hello, I think not everyone is the same but it's not worth it to risk it all. untitled.gif

 2 months ago  

Well, you are right here. Friends often look for benefits when it comes to business and relationship.

One should keep them separate.

@tipu curate

 last month  

But not everyone will do the same thing.

 2 months ago  

When you start doing business with friends and family eyes, it will be very difficult for that business to grow. You can do business with family and friends and still grow but that depends on the limit to so many things.

 last month  

Yeah, limitation can cause damages.

Beautiful wisdom I ever heard today because it’s realistic. It is like, your friend borrows you a money, but later, he doesn’t pay. Later, it ruins the relationship. A friend can just say, would you help me and give money instead of borrowing. This is also my plan when I have a business, that personal matters is out of it. I don’t wanna include my family and friends to avoid ruining relationships.

 last month  

When you borrow something there is a pressure going on in the head and can cause troubles.

Most friends feel entitled to benefit

 last month  

That's very true.