Hive Learners Weekend Thread Contest Announcement | Week - 001

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Hello everyone! We are glad to bring to you a weekend threading contest in collaboration with the Leofinance community with the aim of promoting engagement and fun activity. The Hive Learners now have a Community Thread Page where you can join the contest and engage with your friends.

All you have to do is to Login to Threads through then choose your favourite method to log in, either using Leo Auth, Hivesigner, or Hive Keychain.



This Week's Topic:

What is Your Favourite Thing About Hive Learners Community

Now head up to the community thread page and share your thoughts. Remember to engage with friends and have some fun.


  • Always use the tag #hivelearners on your threads.
  • Share at least one unique photo in the thread that is relevant to contest topic.
  • Since the word limit on each thread is 240 words per thread and image also take space, you have the choice to make a #threadstorm like (1/2) (1/3) (1/4) if necessary.
  • Don't just thread about your thoughts; engage with others as well.
  • Respect each other and use no abusive words.


  • Cool and fun threads would receive support from Leofinance.
  • Top 5 Most Engaged Authors would receive 10 $LEO.
  • 3 Random Threads and Authors would receive 1 HBD.

Contest Ends: Monday, 11:59 p.m. GMT

All of the above rules are mandatory for participating. We expect everyone to participate in this mini & fun contest.



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 6 months ago  

What a unique initiative to promote engagement in our noble community. This weekend's topic is really interesting 😍. I hope to see more of our members participate actively in this threading contest.

 6 months ago  
An awesome edition of yet another initiative to keep all HL hivers and everyone active and engaging with each other on weekends!

It's gonna be like you're spending weekend time with Fam. This week topic sounds interesting and can pretty much write a whole post, looking forward to see who like what about HL.

Hopefully more hivers will come ahead and gonna join this week and in the coming one's.

 6 months ago  

Hmm nice username (Baby-panda) 😍
I'm loving this new improvement/initiative, I hope to join in participating and I can't wait to read what others love about Hive learners community.

Thanks for organising this 💯

 6 months ago  

I love the name too.... Baby-panda 😍

 6 months ago  

Haha yeah 🥳💯

 6 months ago  

A great initiative. I am going to participate my part in it for sure.

 6 months ago  

This is an awesome initiative in the Hive Learners community. I can't wait to read mini entries of members.

 6 months ago  

Another awesome engaging activity. Engagement all the way, a great way to meet new friends and also get to know there perspective about the hive learners community.


 6 months ago  

It's really great to see you on leothreads too especially to engage our weekend 😃
Thank you for this new thing 😀

 6 months ago  

I have the feeling that my threads aren't getting published although I posted them in the community with the right # . Any idea what could be my problem? I've threaded before, am logged in, so don't get it what the problem is. Anyone who could #help me out?

Anyways, a nice initiative! I love the engagement you guys are promoting and achieving!

 6 months ago  

This is interesting. Really love this username. So fun like. I hope to join in participating.

 6 months ago  

I am just seeing this announcement and I must say that this is lovely. Hive learners and Leofinance collaboration will be awesome.

 6 months ago  

Amazing initiative. I like to hear, read, participate and catch fun too.😅