A Bad Time For A Collapse!!

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Even as I’ve been talking incessantly about the sudden spike in heat waves that is hitting my country, things have only gotten worse. It’s just as if every single thing was waiting for the perfect time to happen, and the moment we slid into February, they got the signal to hit us with everything they’ve got, and boy, have we been hit.

The heat, bad as it is, is only a fraction of what is going on. Yeah, it’s sweltering and borderline insane because at a point the heat would make you want to claw your skin off with your bare fingers. Sometimes, it would be so hot that the very air itself would be hot. Can you imagine standing outside and the breeze that blows over you is hot? That’s how bad it is. And even with all that, the heat is still not the only thing we’re suffering right now!


Of all times for there to be a collapse, the national grid chose this period! Honestly, I don’t know what to call this, because it’s just too painful to consider it. If there was power, the heat would have been a bit more endurable because as long as we were indoors, we could turn on our fans and ACs and we would instantly feel better. But without power, being inside your own house feels like you’re being cooked in an oversized oven. You have free space to run around, but there’s no escaping the heat.

And then, at night, we can’t afford to leave the windows and doors open. Not because of security, but because of mosquitoes and houseflies. Heat and mosquitoes are already terrible individually, but the combo will make you go insane. So, we lock everywhere up and keep cooking even as our beds get wet from our sweat.


These days, as the price of fuel keeps on rising, fewer and fewer people are powering up their generators. Normally, a lot of people would have been sleeping with the generators running through the night, but not anymore. Now, it’s possible to go to a street and not even one household would have a generator on. So, we’re basically abandoned to deal with this heat menace on our own and the ways we would have dealt with it are not even viable anymore.

Honestly, I don’t know the update on the national grid just yet. It chose a terrible time to collapse, although even when it was up and running, we only got power sporadically. So far, that’s all I want. For the power to return. Nothing can be done about the heat that only seems to get worse with each passing day, but something can be done about how I get to live with it. And I for one am tired of this sickening heat.


Either cheaper fuel or a more constant power supply, but then it sounds like a pipe dream because our leaders have shown that they don’t care at all what we’re going through. They’ll always do what they want regardless of the price we the people have to pay. It’s sad, yeah. But it’s the reality we’ve come to accept.

I really hope the national grid becomes functioning soon again because of this darkness and heat combo… I’m not doing it again!


Thank you for reading. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, I would love to know what you’re thinking. Till we meet in the next post.

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 2 months ago (edited) 

Its indeed saddening @bruno-kema. You have said it all. The way the heatwave has been without any improvement from power supply is worrisome. I wondered when will things start changing for the masses to live the normal usual good life.

However, the worst of it all is how prices of food items keeps going up with minutes as it trends with dollar 💵 up surge. I could not believe a bottle of 1kg Kings Veg oil I bought for 2,300 ($1.5) about a week ago, as of yesterday is selling at 2,700, almost ($2.00).

This is alarming. We can even bear the heatwave with constant showering, ad long as there is food in our homes. A cup of beans which children don’t even like eaten is now selling for 1,000.00. It’s beginning to be frightening.

This is alarming indeed, and it's only getting worse.
It's frightening!

 2 months ago  

The heat has been very crazy but I am glad that rain has been falling in Lagos since yesterday and the heat has reduced in but not that much and we have light here and it has lasted for hours now so I hope they fix the light over there as soon as possible so you can even save yourself from this unnecessary heat

Omo... let this rain come here as well ooo! We need it biko because this heat is becoming more and more unbearable!

 2 months ago  

The situation of your country is terrible right now. I can feel it but none of us can do anything because there is nothing we can control. You can only adapt with the situation..

You're right, we can only adapt!
No choice!

 2 months ago  

There are special things in the bad times that prepare us for the next time and also show us the faces of the people that we know in the next time who these people are. So bad times are always special.

I guess... that's one way of looking at it.