Control Isn't So Easy!!

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Sometimes, I just wish that I wasn’t so well-behaved. Maybe, if I had been brought up a bit differently, I would have had it in me to be a bit more callous with my words and be able to say whatever I wanted without any restrictions. Not because I’m scared of the consequences, but because I simply do not care what others will think of my actions.

This is because there are times when people will get on your nerves and then regardless of their age, you simply want to grab them by the shoulders and shake the living daylight out of them until common sense rattles into their skulls once again. Or when you just want to say your mind but you have to stop yourself because you know that when you do that all hell will break loose.


Sometimes, having control feels so terrible. As a result, many times we envy those who seem to lack it. There are people who will tell you to your face that they lack control of their tongue and it’s yours to deal with it. They’ve accepted that part about themselves and it’s up to you to do the same. This is why sometimes, we find ourselves wishing we could just let go like some people, we wish we could just say what’s on our minds or do that thing to that person… even if it’s just for once.

However, sometimes having control can be the very thing that will save your life. It won’t matter if you’re in the right or not, if you piss off the wrong person it could destroy your future in an instant. I once heard the story of a lady who worked in a general hospital and was attending to a pregnant woman. This woman wasn’t heavily pregnant, it was still in its early stages, however, for some reason, she was just rude and insulting.


She insulted this lady even as she kept frustrating her over and over again. The annoying thing, the pregnant woman was even older than the lady, they were either the same age or the pregnant lady was younger. Eventually, the rudeness and insults got too much for the lady and she reacted. She spoke her mind and it escalated into a shouting match.

The thing is, the lady didn’t know it then, but the pregnant woman’s uncle was one of the big wigs in the hospital and she also had another family member in the Ministry of Health. The lady lost her job before the week ran out.


There are a lot of people who find themselves in this kind of situation all the time, having to suffer even though you really shouldn’t. You can’t speak up to your boss so you don’t put your job in jeopardy, you can’t speak up to your friends and family because you don’t want them to see you in some other way, or lose the benefits you’re getting from them. So, you simply hold it all in and endure it all. Control.

But it never stops, does it? Because once people realize that you’re willing to endure, they’ll always come back and keep trying to test your limits. They’ll keep trying to get you to snap and you’ll keep on resisting because you’re scared that the day you give in to your urges could be the day that your life changes forever in a way you would never expect.


Is this any way to live? Hell no! But people are living through this kind of hell on a daily basis. They’re caught in this torturous loop that they can’t seem to get out of. Well, I’m here to say that it can be escaped. One thing that makes people continue to be bullies is that they believe that their victims can’t fight back. However, once you start showing them that you’re not standing for all that nonsense anymore, they’ll start backing off on their own.

That said, I know how important self-control is. However, you have to also let people know that you’re capable of losing that control if need be. I’m not saying you should lose it, I’m just saying you need to make people think that you can. It’s just like how every man is meant to be dangerous to be able to protect their family. This doesn’t mean that he goes around beating up people who so much as look at his family the wrong way, however, people have to believe that if it comes to that, he’ll be willing to do just that!


I wish I could say that there are instances when we can relax on our control, but that would be quite untrue. We have to always be on guard and on alert because one single slip is all that is required to destroy a perfectly planned out life.

Self-control is important. It might not be fun, or it might not be satisfying, but there is so much rubbish that you’ve most likely been saved from simply because you practiced self-control. So, let’s keep it up, shall we?


Thank you for reading. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, I would love to know what you’re thinking. Till we meet in the next post.

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Thank you for this.

 2 months ago  

Self control is very good the advantages can not be overemphasized but it also depends on the situation, if it has to do with bullies or defending yourself on what you know that if you don't speak out, you would be affected then you'd better speak out but as in the case case of the nurse, that was mean, she deserves what she got, you don't just speak to people anyhow because you are opportuned it's bad. That's a lesson for some nurses, most them are mean to patients especially pregnant women.

We need to know when to talk, when not to and when to walk away. This will save us from falling into trouble

 2 months ago  

If I understand the story well, I think the pregnant woman was the one that was rude. The nurse couldn't take it anymore and she voiced out and that cost her her job. A very unfortunate situation.

We need to know when to talk, when not to and when to walk away. This will save us from falling into trouble

This is a good was to manage situations.

 2 months ago (edited) 

Oops, I didn't get it right then but honestly the attitudes of some nurses towards people in the hospital is terrible. However, in this case, I feel for the nurse. If I was in her shoes, I would have retaliated too, sometimes we can't help these things.

Thank you for drawing my attention back to this🥰🥰

Actually, the nurse only reacted to what the pregnant woman did. She lost control for a second and it cost her job.
It's not fair, but it's just one thing about life.

The lady was too rude to the pregnant woman. That is the problem with us here, if the pregnant woman did not react, people will call her foolish, now that she has reacted see what it has cost her.
Thanks for sharing.

 2 months ago  

Many people have suffered unjustly because of the impunity that reign supreme in our system. This is the more reason why people abuse their offices and go scot-free.

Yesso... because everyone is scared of fighting them. No one wants to risk losing the little they have.

 2 months ago  

That's the sad truth.

 2 months ago  

Self control sometimes may make you feel like a mumu but self control is key
It is needed. There are so many things that other people do and it’s not like we can’t do it but we have this thing called self control and it goes a long way

Yeah... self control will go a long way in protecting us!