I'm Still Confused About Christmas!!!

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The month of December is already upon us and by the time tomorrow is over, we would be in the last days of the year. Yet, I still don’t have any plans concerning how this upcoming will be for me. If I’m being honest, I’m kind of confused about how I should spend it because from the way I see it, it can go any way at all and at this point, I’m game for however the wind blows.

It’s not like there are no options for me. There are, what’s making everything a bit hard is the fact that I have to choose, and then with that decision-making in my hands, it has become really slowed down as a result.


Like I said, I’m a bit confused. I’m considering going to Lagos to spend the holidays, but then, I can just as easily go home to my village and attend the masquerade festival. I attended it last year, but I was not able to really enjoy it because it started really late and everything was rushed, so I can only hope that this time around they’ll do better on the delivery.

Or then, I could decide to just stay right here and celebrate Christmas alone. At the moment, it seems like a really awesome idea. Because Christmas can be a really noisy season with a lot of work that has to be done. Whether I go to Lagos or to the village, know that they’ll use work to finish me there! A lazy boy like me would have to work hard for every Christmas rice and chicken that I would have to eat. And right now, I have to admit that I’m not looking forward to it.


But then, there are perks to traveling. If I decide to stay here, I would be alone in a season where I should be surrounded by friends and loved ones. For an introvert, it’s something I’m used to. But then, seeing as I’m that way for the entire year, it might be a good idea to just mingle and relate with others for a change. Whether it’s
in Lagos or my village.

Right now, the village seems like the more interesting choice because the Christmas season there can be very colorful. Apart from the masquerade festival, it’s the one time of the year when everyone returns home, both in the diaspora and other parts of the country, so there will always be people to visit and fun to be had. Which is one of the perks of life in the village.

On the flip side, my Christmas in Lagos would be spent mostly with friends and on trips. I would be on the Mainland, but the hotspots we would be frequenting are far apart. From Ikeja to Ikoyi and the other islands. The fun never stops until your bank account hits red! That’s the only downside to Christmas in Lagos, it can be really expensive! Funny enough though, Christmas is one of the best times for travel within Lagos because the traffic is always sweet. Especially during New Year!


Although restaurants, beaches, and hotels are always jam-packed with people on these days (something that makes me avoid them like a plague during festive seasons), I feel that the Christmas season suffers less traffic than any other time of the year. Which is just beautiful. But like I said, your money will determine how exactly your Christmas in Lagos will be.

So, you can see that I’m in a bit of a pickle. December is almost here and I’m yet to make a choice, something I have to do because our exams are already on as I speak to you and we’d be done by the end of the first week of December and I need a clear path to take by then.

Either way, I look forward to whatever the season will have in store. I’m sure that when the time comes, I’ll make the decision I feel is best for me at the time. So, what do you think it’ll be? Will I go to Lagos, go to my village or stay right here??!!


Thank you for reading. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, I would love to know what you’re thinking. Till we meet in the next post.

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Growing up I always use to think Christmas is overrated but well the mindset changes as one eventually grows

 3 months ago  

Christmas is not one of the season I love to spend alone because there is nothing I can do to keep boredom away. It's difficult because you will see families coming together and it would just make you miss yours as well.

Lagos is a fun place to be during Christmas but it requires lots of money to enjoy life to the fullest here and for village, it comes with it own challenge as well.

I believe that you will be able to make a decision before the time and I wish you success in your examination.

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 3 months ago  

I also don't know how Christmas is going to be either, if I would celebrate here in school, go home or stay with my uncle. I feel literally tired when I think about it. Staying here in school will be good only if I have enough money to enjoy myself.

I believe you'd decide when it's closer, maybe 2 weeks about to Christmas.

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 3 months ago  

Going to the village seems like what I would do in this case. You don't go there often anyway and you loved the festival the last time despite its flaws. Lagos trips with friends can happen at any time of the year and season. And staying at home, hmmm. Unless the "alone" has comma...

 3 months ago  

I don't need to think deep about this.. you already know my answer Bruno. Just come back to Lagos and let me help hit your bank account to red at ikoyi 😂, no joke plz..we call it hive meet up😌..
Lagos is fun during Christmas only that you will spend much money... and a boss like you should just spend this money, one time oo 😂
Leave those village masquerade alone.. you have been enjoying the festival since you are a kid
So, this is the end of my thoughts..lolz
All road 🛣️ leads to Lagos for Christmas celebrations 🥳

 3 months ago  

Well, I don’t know how frequent you visit your village but if you don’t get to visit your village all the time, I would advise you go for the masquerade festival
Or come to Lagos
It depends on you sha but staying in your school area may not be really nice since you will be lonely

 3 months ago  

Men in my family are over pampered during christmas celebration in the village. It's actually we the women that stay in the kitchen from morning till night. The only thing they do is to attend age and kinsmen meetings then come back and eat. Sometimes they help to fetch palm fronds for grandma goats.

 3 months ago  

I believe if I were you I will choose the village, though Lagos has its advantages but life in Lagos is just too expensive compared to the village. The only disadvantage of traveling to the village is the cost of transportation which might go up due to the festive season.

It is better to make your choice now and travel early if you choose to.

 3 months ago  

I feel that going to village can be a good choice for you considering every situation from my perspective.
It seems everywhere Christmas vibes are appeared in your country. In my place nobody celebrate Christmas because it's not so popular here.

 3 months ago  

Whichever way you celebrate it is best, whether you travelled for you stayed back, the day would still come and pass, what would make meaning is how you choose to spend it.

For me, I don't so much like to travel for festivities, apart from the cost of transportation, being somewhere I can't exercise my liberty of loner is a very big deal for me. The ball is on your coat sir, you know what works best for you, go for it.

My dear you can't afford to spend your Christmas all by yourself. We need families and friends around. For me this is what makes Christmas very special. Seeing all the people that I have not seen for a very long time.
Thanks for sharing. You just made me start thinking of the village right now. I feel like crying 😭

 3 months ago  

Well, I would advice you to go the village and enjoy your Christmas. Village is always sweet in Christmas. I can follow you🥰

 3 months ago  

It's just like that life is passing too fast time is passing too fast and you don't know the year ends and this time it's the same but the good thing is that such events happen. Man gets a chance to meet with each other and in a man's troubled life some moments of happiness are bound to come.