Is This Really February 14??

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So, today is February 14th and it represents two major days in my calendar. For the Catholics and Anglicans, it’s Ash Wednesday; a holy day of obligation that requires that everyone go to church to receive ash. A symbolic act that reminds all humans that since we all come from dust, then unto dust shall we all return.

But then, February 14 also represents Valentine’s Day. This is a day set aside for lovers and a day where they’re to give each other gifts and remind themselves why they love each other. You know, all that thingamajiggy. Well, today is that day as well.


As someone told me, the morning belongs to Ash Wednesday, and the evening is for Valentine’s Day. Couples can easily observe both if they’re inclined to.

However, what is making me talk about this is the fact that this day is bringing up memories for me. This is not the first Valentine’s Day that happens to fall on Ash Wednesday, we’ve seen countless in the past and I’m reminded of one particular one during my days in school. In my Senior Secondary school to be precise. I’m not sure of the class again, it could have been while I was in SS1.


It was just a day like today when Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day fell on the same day. I had gone to the parish beside my school for ash that morning. I didn’t plan it, I had seen a friend on the bus on my way to school and we got talking. He told me he was going to the parish to get ash, before then, I was thinking of getting mine at the outstation at home. But eventually, I agreed to go with him.

It went smoothly and I got the ash, but I didn’t go to school immediately after. I happened to see even more of my friends. Some of them were from my school and we were all in our uniforms, we just sat around gisting and talking. Students from other neighboring schools came to join us and we spent over two hours in the church.


Next thing we knew, the church was deserted and the church had suspended giving ash until evening. That’s when we realized that we were in trouble because it was almost around 10 AM and we were yet to get into the school. We all dispersed at once and hurried off to school and all of us going to the same school ran like the hounds of hell were after us.

We went through our gate and the security tried to stop us from entering but we told him that we had gone to collect ash from church. However, we lied that there had been a crowd and it had taken time for us to get it. Eventually, the security relented and allowed us in. We still had the ash on our heads, so there was no way he could tell that we spent more time gisting and gossiping than we actually did getting ash.

IMG_20230914_1537272 (1).jpg

You’d think that was the end, huh? You’d be wrong. After school, my friends (not just Catholics this time) and I decided to go to the game house that was close to our school. Back then it was #20 per game. And if you’re someone who frequented the place as a kid, you’d know what a devilish place it is and how time seems to operate differently when you’re in there.

From one game to the other, and boom! The next thing we knew, it was almost 6 PM! We all began the long walk home. And for someone that closed school since 3 PM, I knew I was going to have a lot of explanation to give to my Mom because we were supposed to go for Ash Wednesday together (she still didn’t know I had gotten it already).

I later told her that I had gone for an evening service in the church around my school, which accounted for me coming back late. By then, there were still signs of the ash I had taken that morning and it allowed me to go scot-free. Again.


Now, why am I saying all this? Honestly, I have no clue. Having both events on this day just reminded me of the old days when I was a bit more free with the things I did. But I’m older and wiser now, I don’t have to lie about where I’ve been or what I’ve been doing.

Valentine’s Day is a day to show love, Ash Wednesday is designed to remind you of your mortality. If you look at it, they’re related in a way. Love others, but more importantly, love yourself even more. Do it now that you’re alive. Because from dust you came and unto dust shall you return, and believe you me, when you do return to dust people are going to move on so fast that you’ll wonder if you were really here.

Don’t get so confident that you feel indestructible, don’t feel so bad about yourself either. Because no matter how big and mighty you are, and no matter how terrible and impoverished you are, from dust you came, and unto dust shall you return. We all have that in common.

Remember that and always bear in mind that no one is more special than you.

Have a great February 14th!


Thank you for reading. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, I would love to know what you're thinking. Till we meet in the next post.

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Thank you for this.

 2 months ago  

It’s sad how some people don’t feel bad when they hurt others and that’s because they are used to it already
Anyway, we should always remember to spread love as much as we can

Let's just spread love. That's what makes the world go around.

 2 months ago  

Valentine day seems nothing special in my eyes. Sometimes I wonder why that kind of day was created? What was the purpose? Does that person asked others opinion? Not only valentine, but also father's day, mother's day and friends day. How someone can set such kind of day?

I really wonder how these days came into existence... but they're here now and people are observing them.
I guess we get what we get.