What Nigeria Taught Me!!!

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If there is one thing I’ve learned about my country and my fellow Nigerians in the past week, it’s the fact that despite what many of us may say about it, we all love it. When the time comes for us to band together and support our own, we do that without any differences or issues.

There are moments when all that is required is just for the people to come together and have one mind. It could be over anything at all, but what matters is that we’re all together and have like minds. And when we act like that, it’s always so beautiful to watch.


It’s been quite an eventful week in Nigeria. First of all, we had the Grammy nominating four our our top celebrities, and none of them got any award. Personally, I don’t know how they pick their songs and how they determine the winners, but fans of Davido didn’t like the fact that their fave didn’t win his category. And as per Nigerian style, they were not afraid of airing their grievances.

For days, all that was trending on Nigerian Twitter (Now called X) was how Grammy did Davido dirty and simply used his status to promote their event. While there were those who were defending Grammy, so many more people were rooting for Davido because it was clear as day that the guy had put a lot into the hope that he was going to win the award.


But was that the end? No! Something more interesting and engaging came up and that’s the African Cup Of Nations that’s currently shaking the world right now. And as expected, we’re solidly behind our players, the Super Eagles of Nigeria! We’ve been cruising through the games like knife through butter, defeating major players and always coming out on top. I made it sound easy, but the competition was fierce, and I guess that’s what made the win all the more sweet.

On Wednesday night, we defeated South Africa to move on to the finals. And that night, Nigeria erupted, both online and offline! While the match was going on, the streets were empty and everyone who didn’t have their TV on was in a viewing center or their friend’s place where the match was broadcasting. Even people like me who have no interest in football, petty traders and what have you, everyone was interested in the game!


And when we emerged as the winner of that match, the excitement and jubilation were contagious. It was impossible not to take part in it. I can say for a fact that Super Eagles made us happy that night and I hope that they will do it again this weekend at the finals.

But why am I saying all this? I want you to see how all of us banded together behind our very own. When we stood with Davido, no one cared about his tribe or religion. Now that we’re hailing Super Eagles, no one is saying that this player is from here or this keeper worships this one. They’re Nigerians and that’s enough for us. Because we as a people, we’ve transcended all that! We’re bigger than religious and tribal sentiments.


Why then do we still face such things to this day? Our leaders, of course! The reason things like tribalism, racism, and religious intolerance still exist in the world today is that we have leaders who enjoy using them as tools to control their people. And not just leaders, corporations, and industries as well. When you pit two groups against each other, they’ll be too busy fighting themselves to focus on you who is the real enemy.

Not just with football and music, this was the same way we banded together during the last Ebola outbreak in Nigeria, that was how we worked together during COVID-19 and EndSars (until it got hijacked by hoodlums). When it comes to working together for our own good, we have no problem with that. Individually, we have no hate in us. The only issue is that we have leaders who will keep pitting us
against each other, and that’s the reason we’re still where we are today.


Moral of the story? Don’t let anyone use you for their own agenda! Don’t be used to further someone else’s power. We have nothing to gain when we keep fighting each other and trying to prove who is better than who. Let the fact that we’re Nigerians be enough, let’s try to move forward together. Let’s all live in love and harmony, and refuse to be used by these unscrupulous elements. Enough is enough.

Anyway, that’s what my country has taught me in the past week. And now, I’m looking forward to the AFCON finals. I really hope we end up winning it because X and in fact the entire internet won’t hear word for Nigerians.

Much love!!


Thank you for reading. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, I would love to know what you’re thinking. Till we meet in the next post.

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 2 months ago  

Me too I was surprised the way everyone was supporting Nigeria in last AFCON, I don't always watch football match, but I had to watch the match and I was so elated with the outcome.. hoping we win the final.

What a thoughtful post, you're making me to realize something about this out country, and I got to realize it's nothing but the truth.The citizen are ready to support each other but our leader are not making it to Work out and which lead to fight among us. Our leaders have to look for way to make us see ourselves as one for better improvement.

They would never want us to be unified because then we'll be stronger and more focused on them. That is the very thing they're trying to avoid.

 2 months ago  

I don't watch football match and as it's my exam time there was no chance to see.
To be honest everyone is united when it's about sports but in the real life activities we can see the opposite. May be we it's because of emotion and honestly we allow others to use us for their selfish desire and it's the harsh reality.

I don't watch either, but for this, I couldn't help but watch it. This is not one of the things that people will recount for you, you have to experience it yourself!
Once we decide to start thinking for ourselves and not be slaves to the whims of people who don't care about us, then we'd do better as a people!

 2 months ago  

I don't know about the Grammy story you shared but I believe Davido do have lots of fans who can go any length for him.

The night super eagle was playing was something else for me, I was not interested in the football at all, but when I checked on one Whatsapp platform I belong, the gist was just on a top gear, so I joined to the point I was gisting my husband the flow....aahahha, I was trapped, when the penalty was declared against us I just concluded they're trying to manipulate the match, trust me I was not watching the match but my body was so tensed.

This continued till the end of the match, I was the highest commentator.

Lot of things have united us as a nation so we should not allow anyone to separate us for their selfish gain, imagine end SARS insidence. You have spoken so well and I learnt a lesson too.

We just need to come together more often than we fight each other. That's more of what we need!

 2 months ago  

That's true

 2 months ago  

It is sad to know Davido had not won the reward although he was sensational in his performance. Congratulations for defeating South Africa team, you celebrated with your nation although you are not interested in football. We all should stand with happy and sad moments of our Homeland. It is what more big nation do in many occasions. It was a good and impressive post for learning about Nigerians People.


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Yeah... we win together and we lose together.
Although so far, we've been having a steady winning streak!
Thank you!

 2 months ago  

I really agree with you that we should not use ourselves to enhance someone's power.

After reading your post I am thinking about my country. We all need to create an attitude of unity, harmony and treatment in our country.
By the way, I rarely watch football matches!!

Yeah... this is not isolated to Nigeria. Leaders will always use divide and conquer so they will always remain in power.
It's up to us as a people to refuse to be divided.

 2 months ago  

Honestly, you are correct. Seems like the "peace" in the national anthem was taken but the "unity" remained. Even when we wanted sir Peter obi to be the president, the unity between us was top notch.

Personally, I am not a fan of football and not following the AFCON but honestly the unity I'm seeing between my country men and women is something else. We could eradicate unknown gun men if a touch of bravery is sprinkled in our unity.

We just have to be willing to come together, we're all one, after all.

 2 months ago  

Yep.. we are one. Each and everyone of us.

 2 months ago  

No matter what happens, we all love this country, lol. Even the ones claiming Biafra still watched the match and were very happy when we scored. Well, I love the fact that we were not being tribalistic and all
Unity will prevail

Omo... Super Eagles belongs to all of us and they made us all proud.
They'll still make us proud tomorrow when they beat Ivory Coast woto woto! 😂