What lightens my mood on christmas day

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Festive days are days that people always long for due to the celebration, food and other activities that happened on that day.....


Christmas is one of the most popular festive days that is being celebrated all over the world by the christians, it was said to be the day the messiah who saved the world with his blood was born and hence every year we celebrate his birthday in grand style...

I was born into a muslim family but now a christian as i converted myself... Right from childhood i have always loved the christmas day because it is a day for surplus food....

There were many christians in my neighborhood and they usually prepare rice of different kind[ white rice, jollof rice, fried rice] and chicken or meat to share with us muslim as we also give them food during our salah, it is like a tradition which has been in practice for a long time and i doubt it will ever stop... it is a day of love and the best way to show love is sharing what you have with others...

Any time from noon, if there is any knock on the door, i rushed towards it because there is 90 percent chance it is food they brought, from one food to another with different aroma which makes me want to wish everyday was christmas...


It is one of the day i always eat to my satisfaction, like i would be the one to ignore the food later because i am over filled🤣

That was when i was a muslim and still live with my parent but now that i am a christian and no longer with them, what changed?😊


As a born again christian, the right thing for me to do is to prepare food and share it with my neighbors but i am a bachelor and my kind don't cook😁

My neighbor didn't use that to judge me as they still give me food😋 but i make sure to give their kids who brought the food money since we are all celebrant and also i give drinks to all my neighbor as my part in the celebration...

It does not stop here as this is the time i visit my loved ones and family that are close by to eat celebrate with them🤣

The christmas song is another thing i love, they are so melodious to the soul especially the one titled mary's born child by boney M, remains my favorite...

Christmas is just 6 days away, merry christmas to all hivers in advance and may it meet us in good health....

One more thing i wish for is a green candle in the crypto market so the festive mood can be fully activated, it will be more joyous for everyone if there is money to celebrate it..

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 2 years ago  

We all grow up to see that Christmas is a Christian feast and a day that we celebrate the birth of Christ but then, when I looked in detail what Christmas is, I discovered that there was no such practice by Christ nor even his own apostles or those that were after the apostles but then in about some years ago can't really say the exact year but I know it was many years from the death of Christ that the feast called Christmas started.

But even before that, there was already a similar feast that looked similar to this Christmas we see today and that feast was the celebration of the sun god called Saturnalia. If you can take your time to find out what that feast entails you will see that it is what people celebrate today but under the camouflage that it is the celebration of the birth of Christ.

Christmas is not a feast that the Bible recognized and it is not how we as Christians should show love, we are to share and show love every day of our lives and not annually. Like you said, you wished Christmas Could be every day and that's just how it should be.

I asked a friend sometime what Christmas means and he said it is the Thanksgiving of Christ, the question is, shouldn't we thank God every day for his son he sent to die for us? And if Christmas was so necessary why didn't God tell us about it or at least why didn't the apostles observe it?

 2 years ago  

No one really knows the date Jesus was born, so December 25 was just a fixed date to remember him, I don’t really count it as his birthday … Moreover it is my first time seeing stuff about the sun god and there are many things that is beyond us…

Just going with the flow, ther are many things that is not clear but one thing I know is God exist ….

So you don’t celebrate Christmas in your church ?

 2 years ago  

Exactly, everyone knows that but they somehow made us still accept it with so many reasons given and like you said, some just want to flow with the trend afterall it has some good features in it.

You are right, God exists and he has given us a way he wants us to serve him, we don't have the right to decide how we worship him because he said the true worshippers must worship him in truth and in spirit.

My advice to you Dad is to try asking more questions about Christmas and also do well to find answers in the Bible because that is a Christian's only source of authority nothing else. It is wise to speak where the Bible speaks and be silent where it is silent.

Good morning dad, I'm so sorry I had to respond to this now, I was just feeling a bit lazy and tired. Hope you are doing well?

 2 years ago  

Good morning my lovely daughter❤️, it is ok to take a rest when you are tired😉

meanwhile whatever i find out about christmas won't really change anything, the world will keep celebrating it and i will join them to celebrate it as well..

which makes me curious, do you celebrate easter in your church?

 2 years ago  

Yes Dad you are right about that.

That's true, whatever you find won't stop others from celebrating Christmas and that's one reason why Christmas is not a Christian feast, in fact pagans celebrate this feast more than those that say they are the followers of Christ. Well, I wasn't expecting you to stop celebrating Christmas, I'm only trying to tell you that Christmas is not a feast that a Christmas should partake in.

I'd like to know what Easter if you don't mind because I'm not sure if I really know why it is called Easter.

 2 years ago  

Hmm i guess you don't celebrate that too in your church right?

 2 years ago  

No, We don't because that's not what we see the apostles practice or what Christ himself asked us to do.

The only feast we saw that Christ asked his apostles to celebrate was the lord's supper and he even showed them how to do it and what to use for it.

It we want to serve God, we must serve him in truth and in spirit, there is not room for what we think is right or what we feel is good. It is God we are serving right? So why not serve him the way he wants?

 2 years ago  

This season is associated with feasting and giving.

As much as I like the Christmas songs, they make me sleepy too😀
Have fun this season!

 2 years ago  

They make you feel sleepy because your heart found solace in them😊

I am expecting my jollof and chicken from you

 2 years ago  

I guess they do.

I am expecting my jollof and chicken from you

That's not a problem. You'll get it! 😁

 2 years ago  

Ok baby😊

 2 years ago  

Oh may your wish will come true as this is our wishes. I am glad that you believe Christ was born and save us.

 2 years ago  


 2 years ago  

You remind me of one of the bachelors in my previous house. He always receive lots of food from everyone in the house and that's one of the lovely things about Christmas; it brings people together no matter their religious background

 2 years ago  

Yea that is just it, it is a day to show love even though people need to practice that more often and not wait for Christmas Day to share with others

 2 years ago (edited) 

I also wish for a green candle too 🥺🥺
Interesting! What made you converted to Christian? Perhaps story for another day 😅😅

You need to go and marry and leave that bachelor level. Let your wife do the cooking and sharing of food to your neighbors during festive period please 🙄😂😂

I love the Christmas songs too and the love in sharing with people and letting us know it's the season we should extend more of our love to people and also to appreciate our lives.

 2 years ago (edited) 

Uhm the spirit lead me to church. And since I found salvation there , I became a born again

Marriage ke, I am still enjoying single life 🤪

I also want a bull Christmas rally.🤞Love your post. Happy Christmas for you too.

 2 years ago  

We all want this bull, hopefully our wishes will come to pass 🙂

 2 years ago  

christmas mood is here already, the fact that you are a convert wow, hope it wasnt because of the jolly jolly back then. should I drop by for my christmas chicken

 2 years ago  

I did just as the spirit lead, moreover I have been to mosque and the day I visited the church I love the way they conducted their service so that got me

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 2 years ago  

Christmas for me here, I don't use to stay at home, I always leave my place after eating little food not that we dont use to cook but I will still go for visitation and I will surely eat there or be forced to eat, my stomach is always overfilled that day😂. Christmas is a day when our jesus is doing birthday 😄

 2 years ago  

Lol, it is a day to eat till we can’t eat anymore , I can relate

 2 years ago  

Smile. Anticipating for that day again 😄😄

 2 years ago  

We all wish for green candles this festive season, this is one of the wrong time to see the market go bearish.

Merry Christmas in advance.

 2 years ago  

Honestly man, the dip is making people depressed, we need the market to go green again

 2 years ago  

The fact that even people who are stingy always tend to share food on Christmas Day means it’s a season of love😌. You don’t cook but you do receive food😏and who says bachelor don’t cook😒😂😂😂. Be there and keep deceiving yourself 😂

And yes I got to know you convert from Muslim to Christian today,that’s nice.

 2 years ago  

My own kind of bachelor don’t cook🤪 and won’t it be rude if I reject food from those who give me food?😏

Well you know people and their ideology, since they see everyone sharing food the stingy ones want to feel among too!

 2 years ago  

True, we don't know the exact day Jesus was born. 25 December was set aside to celebrate his birth.

Christmas is a season of eating any prepared food like you just mentioned.

I love the part of you becoming a Christian. I believe you enjoyed your christian journey since you got converted.

God bless you and a special Christmas gifts. Thank you for putting this piece.