DLM Santa Is Back Once Again! GIFTS FOR EVERYONE! 100 HIVE!

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DLM Santa was returning to the north pole in his reindeer. He met a boy who told him that he wants to gift his friend something but he don't know what or how. DLM Santa thought to himself that maybe there are some people who want to gift others but didn't gift for any reason.

After helping that boy, He came to the north pole and ask an ELF for a cup of coffee. Some elves gathered around him and ask him why DLM Satna is in deep thought. DLM Santa said I want to give others a chance to be Santa for someone. Elves asked so what's stopping you? I gifted most of my gifts, now what should I do?

One Elf Burlarj came forward and said, "Take my car (5 Hive) from my side to fund this campaign to give others a chance to be SANTA".
Rosecane and Arkasz were playing with two balloons, stopped playing, and generously gifted their 20 Hive (each balloon worth 10 Hive) for giving others a chance to gift. Since these were the gifts they got from DLM Santa, tears of happiness were seen in DLM Santa's eyes. They all hugged him.
One Elf Bhattg who packs gifts, came forward to contribute his candies (10 hive) for this adventure.
Elf Kronias and Elf Prayzz also gave their chocolate bars (10 Hive each) to give others a chance to be Santa. Elf [Dadspardan] also liked the idea and gave them his watch (10 Hive).
When Santa wrapped the packet one Elf Bruno-kema came from the door toward him. He said, "Add this too (showing a pair of gloves (10 Hive))" and he was still breathing heavily cause of running. Santa Smile and added his generous gift too.

DLM Santa smiled and added more candies (to reach 100 Hive total) and wrapped this in a beauty pack.



  1. Tag 2 friends in the comment section below and write at least 50 words for each friend.

  2. We will gift them on your behalf from our side. Thanks to all the Elves who made this possible.

  3. Please don't try to game the system or in serious cases, you might get heavy downvotes.

  4. Gifts will be delivered using peakd tips on their last blog. We will look back to this event as a beautiful memory one day.


Our intention in hosting this short event is to spread the love far and wide. Anyone should feel free to tag 2 people of their choice with 50+ words specially written for them from the heart. :)

Reblogs for awareness of this event are appreciated! Upvote comments you wanna appreciate. We will gift in order till the funds last.


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 last year (edited) 

🎉Lovely gesture DLM santa. This is super difficult for me, picking just 2 friends when i have sooo many wonderful people. pheew! But, I will mention these two very dear friends who I will never forget.

@pravesh0 You are my sweet and funny Indian friend [and brother] whom I've really grown so fond of. I recall the very moment I stepped into @theterminal and we got talking. What a free-spirited person you are. I wonder if you ever get mad at anything😂 You've helped me so much and dedicated your time and resources; I will always be grateful to you, Prav, and I wish you a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year❤️

@yaziris is one special fellow, the most undervalued hard worker on the Hive ecosystem, whom I could never predict till date😂. Yaz, you've always shown me kindness and acceptance in ways you felt best to express. My journey on Hive would've been so frustrating if I didn't have you to motivate me and give me that push. Even if you are no longer active on Hive, many times when I am about to post, I tell myself to thoroughly check my work and maintain originality and creativity. You are an amazing and talented friend turned family. Bless you, and I hope you enjoy the coming New Year, brother❤️

I wish i could name more, but I've Ms Kitty, Ms Elizabethbits, Stayten, Wesphilbin, Ms Britt, Jamerussel, Saffisara, wittyzell, incublus, Fox, Burlarj, Xawi, B0s, Vickoly, Shrazi, Favour, Momo, Nkem, Starstrings dayummn😂...The whole Theterminal and Dragon Neoxian city folks to be grateful for this Christmas❤️ So so so many people I adore, love you all from my heart❤️

 last year  

What a lovely comment, I am bookmarking this and will show you when you become mad at me haha.

I hardely get mad at anything... certainly not at my friends. 😉

Thank you for all the kind words you have to say to me. You are a special person to me as well. #Forevergrateful

Big shout out to @yaziris for tolerating us. 😁 We love you Yaz 💙

 last year  

😂Yeah save the screeny, damn!
Cheers Prav🥂🫂

🏃‍♂️ Yikes, emotions!

FINE. @queenstarr & @pravesh0

<emotions> 💙💣💥♥️🤗♥️💫💥💙💞 </emotions>

Seriously though, right back atcha. Love you muchness ♥️
Wish you both happy holidays, and a prosperous 2023 👉🚀🌛


 last year  

😂Look who we dragged in... It's YAZIRIS.
I just checked and seen you're back and active, latest post 3 days ago. Welcome Back Brother.

 last year  

All the people you mentioned, I know them all. :)
I do know my community very well. ;)

@pravesh0 and @yaziris, enjoy a small gift from my side. I do know pravesh0 but will explore more about @yaziris in the coming days. :)

@yaziris you seem to get a lot of tips already ;)

 last year  

but will explore more about @yaziris in the coming days. :)

GoodLuck with that🙃

Thank you for the santa tippings🔥

Thanks @dlmmqb. None were needed, but appreciated nonetheless. Had I known there were tips or anything of the sort, I would've asked to pass them on to others (and they will eventually one way or another)

Lovely initiative you got going there, especially when you don't personally celebrate christmas (assumptions :)). Makes it double meaningful! And everyone seems to be worrilessly enjoying it. Kudos!

Happy holidays to you and to everyone. 🎄

@queenstarr, you naughty you! 😑

 last year  


 last year  

Lovely initiative you got going there, especially when you don't personally celebrate Christmas (assumptions :))

@yaziris Since you mentioned it, there has been a lot of drama, feelings, and emotions of different groups on every Christmas if I support it or don't.

To me it's just like GOD doesn't have to be real to guide people. Same like that, son of God, Christmas or Christianity doesn't need to real to have real impact. Sometimes ideas and belief system is enough to keep people happy and enjoy life or show them the path.

This doesn't mean what I believe or support, it's just that if my time and management and a few funds can put a smile on someone's face then I don't care about if Santa is the Santa people say it is or associated with a religion or what are my beliefs.

Hey, @b0s, I know that no matter how many times I want to express my gratitude to you, I won't ever feel as though it's enough. You have been very supportive even though you barely know me. You have my back at all times. And I will forever be grateful that I met you and I took the same Hive initiative class with you. Posterity will not forget you, and neither will I. Thanks so much for everything. You are my blessing. ❤️💕

Merry Christmas.

@kenechukwu97, my first supporter. I wouldn't have been able to run as fast as I did when I first got here if you didn't give me the wings to fly. You are my blessings too. It's not every day you meet someone willing to lend a helping hand even though they are not benefiting from it. I appreciate you for believing in me and I am mentioning you to remind you that the girl you blessed still remembers and she will never forget you. Thanks so much for everything. Merry Christmas to you. ❣️

 last year  

Wow... @iskafan. Hope you are soaking in all the emotions that comes with this festive period. I'm spending an awful lot of time offline this period. Nonetheless, it's really inspiring to get this shout-out from you.

Merry Christmas to you

Yes, I am soaking it all in. Thank you.

No problem. Enjoy the festivity and be back revitalized to do exploit.

It's an honor, sir

Thanks so much for everything. 💕

 last year  

Hey! @iskafan, thanks for nominating @b0s and @kenechukwu97. Rewards are delivered.

Thanks, @b0s, and @kenechukwu97 for all the efforts you guys do for hive community.

Awwwnnnn 🙈

I thank you on their behalf. I appreciate this.!!! ❤️💞

 last year  

Thanks a lot Dlm, I really appreciate. And thanks once more @iskafan

 last year  

You have no idea how big the smile I have on my face is right now. I'm glad to have come across you too. You're a very passionate, hard working and loveable person. Keep doing what you do.

Merry Christmas


You have no idea how big the smile I have on my face is right now

Awwwnnnn 🙈

I am glad I made you smile this morning 🙈🔥

I'm glad to have come across you too. You're a very passionate, hard working and loveable person. Keep doing what you do.

Thank you so much. I'll do my best. 🙌❤️

@iskafan, @b0s(1/1) sent you LUV. | tools | discord | community | HiveWiki | <>< daily

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 last year  

When you ever ask me about only two people who have had the most impact on me in this last year.

They are none other than my #chaos-squad (queenstarr and yaziris).

@queenstarr I remember the exact date you came to TheTerminal, you were full of energy and buzzing with excitement. My hive journey would have been so boring without you. I loved all the drama and chaos we had on discord. Along this journey you have flourished to become an amazing content creator, your creative post inspires me to this day.

I have told you from the start that you will do wonders with your talent on Hive and in any place you go. I would never become mad at you even if I tried haha.

If I ever write about my experiences on hive, I would have a huge chunck of that to you. I get a smile on my face when I try to remember our banter on chaos-chat. How we used to find creative ways to get into trouble hahaha. We were Juxed big time.😉

You have always been a great friend to me and I can easily admit my mistakes to you. I know you will have a much better understanding of the situation and you will get me. Thank you for being a brother and sharing all those precious memories with me on chain and on discord. I can't thabk you enough for that.

Thank you both for being amazing friends to me. I am not a social person and might have left Hive but you two were the one that I loved to chat with.

Merry Christmas!

Thank you DLM Santa for giving an opportunity to give tributes to these amazing people on Hive. I don't know how to express my gratitude and feeling to my friends but this give me a great opportunity to thank them. 🙏

 last year  

@pravesh0 looks like your trio is strong. :)

Gifts delivered to @queenstarr and @yaziris (2nd gift).

 last year  

International Cat Day Cats GIF by MOODMAN

I won't repeat my reply earlier on queenie's comment, I'll add to it here.

Thank you for the kind words. 🙏
You have always been an awesomesauce, and I can never forget our times together. 💙

Happy holidays and wish you the best!


 last year  

Hey bro @burlarj, thinking back to how you and I met still amazes me up till date because I never knew I was going to meet someone like you, someone who is wonderful and determined, not knowing who I am or where I come from, you came up to me and showed me the road to survival, you showed me the path to being independent, I didn't know what I did in my past life to deserve such a kind and loving friend, mentor and brother like you, I guess I must have done something great in my past life...

Just as how a lantern lightens up a dark room, you came into my life and lighted up my dark room which I will forever be grateful for, you were my everything on the block and I am blessed to have you... THANKS for lightening up my dark room and merry Christmas bro❤️💕...

Hey my man @justfavour, I can still remember clearly how you and I met Lol, it was through engagement lol and fortunately I found you in the neoxian city where I got to know a fellow brother, a huge and talented writer who is worthy of this platform, the blockchain knows this and everyone too, you are determined and energetic when it comes to achieving and fulfilling your goals and I am really happy I got a brotherly FRIEND like you and as you know lol, we are twin brothers and I must say we got to look out for each other because we are one and you will forever become my guy and partner in everything, on this beautiful day, I wish you merry Xmas just favour....

 last year  

beautiful😊 thanks man, am happy we cross path, you are my photocopy😁

Gotcha... Red handed

@quduus1, I just found your investor 😜😜😜

 last year  

He was everywhere, I wanted you to figure out yourself

Now I am clapping for myself 👏👏😁

 last year  

hehe. He was hiding him?

 last year  

Ask her og

Yes ooooo.... I asked him in his post.. he refused to give away his position 😃

 last year  

My man. See you at the top, brother.

 last year  

Yea bro

 last year  

What can I say, I do know you all 3. LOOTERS xD

Gifts are delivered! @justfavour and @burlarj

 last year (edited) 

Thanks for the gift dlm❣️

Hi don @cpol, I'm just dropping by to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, I don't know you in person but I've noticed that you have had a pretty big positive impact on the Latin hive community and it's definitely something to be thankful for. I wish you a great year, full of success in which God may (if it is his will) give you wisdom and strength to continue with your projects and continue to be of support to many on the net.

How are you, Doña @marimeche2012? I am passing by to wish you a happy new year and a merry christmas, thanks for all the support during all these years, I hope that in this new year if God permits you will have great success in your undertakings and that you will not lack the strength to do good in spite of all the corruption that surrounds the world day by day.

 last year  

@gabrielrr17 thanks for the nominations. Gifts are sent to both.

¡Muchas gracias don @gabrielrr17! ¡Igualmente! ¡Se te coló el mensaje para marimeche! ¡Igual se aprecia mucho el mensaje y ojalá el próximo año sea muy venturoso para ti y los tuyos y puedas cumplir todas tus metas y llevar tus proyectos a buen puerto!



Muchas gracias por tus buenos deseos, que así sea. También te deseo grandes cosas para este nuevo año, que Dios te bendiga


@benthomaswwd you are one of the amazing people I met here on hive.
I love your sense of humor and how you take life, it's so amazing to learn cool things from you.
I wish you a joyous Christmas celebration, everyday will be a best day.
I pray that God will protect and guide you.
Continue to stay safe and alive.

@zealous4ever I met you here and you are already more than a friend to me, you're like a brother.
I really appreciate your generosity and kindness.
I love that part of you that is not easily pushed down by life, you are always stronger daily.
God will continue to bless, protect and guide you.
Continue to stay safe and alive dear.

You can't fathom how much I appreciate your prayers and wishes right now 😊

Thanks a million for mentioning me in this event, wish I knew about it, could have sent the postman to drop a special gift at DLM SANTA'S door for someone!

Wish you the best of the session and a prosperous new year in advance.

This is the sweetest 😊
Thank you very much dear

 last year  

Gifts are sent to @benthomaswwd and @zealous4ever! Thanks for mentioning them. :)

Thank you very much for this.
You are the main Santa.

Hi DLM Santa (@dlmmqb) thanks for the gift, I so much appreciate it, you're awesome 😊

Thanks @jimis101 for making this happen. I am really impressed 👏

And congratulations to everyone that received a gift.

 last year  

I remember when I met @dlmmqb, I was asking a question, yeah actually lodging more of a complaint, I didn't actually expect anyone to help that much but @dlmmqb came forward, explained things to me till I was satisfied and without fail, he advised on how I could go about my creative Sunday posts, mind you, we have never talked prior to this. My point is he did this without knowing me, he wasn't obligated to, but he still did. He showed concern when everyone was perhaps too busy to, to me he is a pure soul who does good even when people are not watching.
I know you are Santa, but you also deserve this, therefore I am taking the chance to be a Santa for you Santa @dlmmqb

@hopestylist is also one of those people I have got to know on the hive blockchain, for me she is an amazing writer, and I feel privileged to have read most of her content. for me, she screams selflessness and love, a kind-hearted person. Yeah, you always tell she is from the way she engages. Keep being you at @hopestylist, glad I got to know you.

 last year  

@sam9999 looks like someone is impressed with my makeup-related live session. :)
Thanks for picking me up. You are the only one picking me strangely.

@hopestylist you got a second gift. Looks like you have a lot of good friends. :)

Gift delivered.

I would love to mention @jakkal, I started to play Splinterlands more then a year ago, and he was the first person I reached out to for advice. He was very kind and explained to me all the basics to start my Splinterlands blogging experience. From time to time we still fight against each other in Splinterlands tournaments and it is great to write a few sentences now and then. He made on me one of the first positive impacts.

As the second place I would like to mention @ravenmus1c. She is the first Web3 artist I started to follow, and I admire the work she puts in it a lot. The time she takes to create music and her dedication to break into the Web3. She does her research, comes up with ideas and realizes them on the chain. All this, while having a regular job. As the Germans say "Hut ab"! I do appreciate your work a lot, I'm a bit sad I can't follow it as much as I would like to!

 last year  

@ravenmus1c is the favorite of a lot of people. I came to know about her first time through pizza discord and her raven token. I hold some of the nfts in wax account too, mostly hot wheels nfts.

@jakkal is new to me, hope we will know each other sooner. Also @arkasz your profile picture is hard to remember for me for some reason. Your discord and hive images are change. I suggest choosing similar images so people can easily connect between discord and hive person. We know a lot of people and it's logical to forget who is who sometimes.

Gift delivered!

 last year  

@arkasz please mention one more person by editing this comment.

Post updated with another name :)

Ohh thank you so much! It made me very happy to read this!! I feel honored that I am the first web3 artist you really follow. It´s great to hear this! =) I am doing my best to keep going and make a change for the web3 music scene! <3 !PIZZA

happy to know you! :)

Hiya @grindan , Merry Christmas once again, you have been an amazing person to me and to everyone you've met, gosh... Your positive words makes me feel alive, your corrections were always a guide to getting better, I am super glad I met with you, you are strong, incredible, loving, kind, caring and many more.

You are a friend everyone will be happy they have as you are always supportive, an amazing Mom, incredible wife, and a wonderful friend. I love ya Grin😘.

Coming to Hive was possible due to your fatherly love @flaxz , I may not show it much but you are someone I hold in high regard, you are an amazing soul who has rendered help to lots of people with your #Aliveandthriving community and a blessing to everyone that meet with you.

No words can describe how much you mean to me but I do respect, love and appreciate you and pray God's love, peace and blessings never depart from ya.

 last year  

@balikis95 I'm so sorry love, I saw this so late! Thank you very much for thinking of me, and thank you @dlmmqb for sharing this wonderful holiday gift with the community ❤️

It makes me unbelievably happy to know both of you :)! @balikis95 you have always been a bright light to me on Hive, I have all the love for ya sis! Here's to a fantastic 2023 🥂😁🤗

Hehe, honey pie, you are most welcome, and thanks for coming through. You are such an amazing person. Cheers to 2023

 last year  

Nice picks @balikis95!

@flaxz is a hustler and it's impressive to know a little background of his hustling days (ask him in dm someday, he will surely share with u. I did my own digging though). Risk = reward, real-life example.

I met @grindan late (randomly curating) but she is soo lovely and a family person. She put people about everything else. :)

Gifts sent!

Thanks a lot to you as well, and also for the tip you sent, I try to build everything as win-win, and great to see you in ALIVE with your alt account, I wish you a fantastic new year ahead.


Sent 0.1 PGM - 0.1 LVL- 1 STARBITS - 0.05 DEC - 15 SBT - 0.1 THG - tokens to @flaxz

remaining commands 8


The tokens that the command sends are: 0.1 PGM-0.1 LVL-0.1 THGAMING-0.05 DEC-15 SBT-1 STARBITS-[0.00000001 BTC (SWAP.BTC) only if you have 2500 PGM in stake or more ]

5000 PGM IN STAKE = 2x rewards!

Discord image.png

Support the curation account @ pgm-curator with a delegation 10 HP - 50 HP - 100 HP - 500 HP - 1000 HP

Get potential votes from @ pgm-curator by paying in PGM, here is a guide

I'm a bot, if you want a hand ask @ zottone444

@dlmmqb! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @flaxz. (2/20)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Elevator jokes are the best
They just work on so many levels.

Credit: reddit
@dlmmqb, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @flaxz

Farm LOLZ tokens when you Delegate Hive or Hive Tokens.
Click to delegate: 10 - 20 - 50 - 100 HP

Thank you.

Thank you very much for those words, and I hope that your Christmas was great and wish you a Happy New Year ahead.


Thank ya for honoring the call, I appreciate you a lot and I did have a wonderful Christmas and sure the New year will be better, I hope you did too 🤗🤗.

Yes my Christmas was nice, and looking forward to 2023.


So am I ..😁😁

And may you have a fantastic new year.


Wishing you an amazing one too ☺☺.. Cheers

@balikis95! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @flaxz. (18/20)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

@balikis95! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @flaxz. (16/20)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

@balikis95! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @flaxz. (5/20)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

 last year  

Here is another opportunity to appreciate you @treasuree for showing me the way to this wonderful platform. You left your house and visited me to explain a lot of things to me.
This means a lot to me because you have a kind heart and you want everyone to be financially freed. I'm sure you are going to make it in life, I wish you and your family all the best in the coming year. Thank you once again.

@merit.ahama, this is another opportunity to thank you for all the useful information and tutorials you gave me since have been onboarded here. You have listening ears and answered all my questions whenever they pumped into your DM. You have been an amazing someone and you deserve all the good things in the world.
I will continue to appreciate you and I wish you more wins and greater heights in all your endeavours.

 last year  

I'm flattered by your words, thanks and I wish you all the best too.

 last year  

Thank you mhizsmiler

 last year  

Awwwn 🥰🥰🥰 I'm so loved. Thanks sur merry Christmas and happy new year in advance

 last year  

You are welcome my sister, best regards to the family

 last year  

It's not a surprise to see @merit.ahama. She and nke are among engagement queens of hive.

@treasuree looks like you are on a journey to explore hive in depth. Good Luck!

Gifts are delivered to both.

 last year  

Thank you so much for the great contribution and the gift sent to both of them. They are so amazing!!

 last year  

Hehe Engagement Queens huh? 😅
Thanks anyways

@uyobong it's very hard for me to find enough ways to appreciate you for been father and a friend, a true Godsent into my life, didn't know how my journey would have turned out if I hadn't met you.. thank you so much for overlooking my flaws and always pushing..thanks so much DLM Santa

@josediccus I want you to know that you have been one of many who has really stired my spirit in keeping up my zeal in the system, your 100% writing styles and flows have really helped me in structuring my writings too, every day I look out for new ways to improve and become better at writing thanks to you ...a brother-in-pen and heart

 last year  

Thanks for the shout-out man, I'm glad I could have influenced in the way I did. I think everyone at one point in time learn from others, I think I've also learned a lot a lot of people along the way. Keep growing, cheers!

 last year  

@josediccus looks like people do love you alot. :)

Gifts are sent to @uyobong and @josediccus both.

 last year  

Thank you for the gift. @uyobong and @sekani thanks for the gift, Santa delivered it

Thanks @dlmmqb .... appreciate the kind gesture

I came to say thanks for the tip yesterday and found this super lovely initiative.

Then I wanted to participate so thought to combine the thanks with the tags to two (out of too many to count) awesome humans on Hive.

Then I got busy and didn't want to rush it!

And today in transit and still don't want to rush it!

And then realized I may miss it and still haven't said thanks for the tip and support. It means the world to me. Really.


So thank you!

Will keep an eye out for the winners if I miss the boat or see you when I land.

Love your vibe 👍🏼❤️

 last year  

Will keep an eye out for the winners if I miss the boat or see you when I land.

There is no list of winners posted. Everyone who tagged 2 friends with rules followed, all gifts are delivered.

Ah... how wonderful.

Sorry I missed this one.

I've been packing and traveling this last bit.

I should have just done it and not tried to make it perfect :/

Lesson learned. 👍🏼 Next time just do it!

Have a beautiful NY. Hope it's filled with as much love as you spread around. 💓


 last year  

@blacktarri I have known since 2017, but knowing you in 2022 came in a whole new level. apart from being a friend, you have always tried to be in difficult times, times where I call you out for things that doesn't even concern you personally. You never resent me for one day. atimes I wish if there was something I could give you to compensate for everything you do.... I could even write an epistle here if given the chance but then certain things will not permit. Thanks for being a blessing to me in 2022 and making it worth celebrating.

@barryjennifer seeing you come to the hive platform and do what you do is inspiring, I love your work and your commitment to what you do, the way you freely write and express yourself in your writing is one of the amazing things I love about you. I hope you enjoy this Christmas season to the fullest and a happy new year in addy.

 last year  

I do know mostly everyone on hive. Since @blacktarri is new to me and he got pinged a second time, A special follow is also sent on his way. Thanks for picking him. :)

Gifts are sent to both @blacktarri and @barryjennifer!

 last year  

I'm really glad I got the opportunity to send her (@blacktarri) a gift through this medium. thank you very much


You have really made my Christmas a beautiful one, thanks so much @dlmmqb ,and A very big thank you to @kilvnrex for your kindness and support, I really can't stopping appreciate you guys for all you do for me this Christmas.

I love you all, and merry Christmas to you all 🤶🌲🤍

I am really glad @kilvnrex for what I do, I also have decided to help 3 people on the 1st of January 2023, it is always a blessing to help and I hope you enjoy blogging here?

Merry Christmas to you @kilvnrex 🤍

 last year  

Merry Christmas to you too😁

You know you inspire me too right?

Seeing a young man so willing to explore, and so determined is priceless.

 last year  

@mojtee07 I can't thank you enough for being such a wonderful friend, am so happy knowing you because you've been an amazing person both on and outside the block chain.
Moreso, am glad that I was able to introduce you to hive 😃😃 you're a wonderful student too always doing what is expected at the right time, have not for a second regret putting you onboard, I love how you're growing in here and I would love to continue seeing you grow bigger.

Wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year in advance dear.

@imaculate50 My gist partner, I thank the heavens that I was able to meet someone like you, we meet offline but then I introduced you to hive and that made us more closer, we talked about so many things on how to keep growing on the platform, I love how you always bombard me with questions 😃😃 anything I will see our call, your message, you always wanted to know more. It's so good to know you and please keep being yourself.

Wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year in advance my man.

Special thanks to all the Elves that made this possible. 🙌

 last year  

Hahaha loving padi with a golden voice😆, thanks for this amazing shout out. I appreciate this kind gestures a lot, you already know you are loved right? Thanks for all you do, keep smiling dear!

 last year  

😃😃 you're welcome dear 🥰

 last year  

@sholex94 Im blushing 🤗🤗,sorry I wasn't online for few days.
One of the best personality I ever meet, so kind hearted and playful..lols
Mehn I miss those moments,u are indeed a great person, please keep up to your kind heart, I pray God will lift you beyond your imagination.

@mojtee07 mama, mama...I miss all of una

 last year (edited) 

Yeah i sensed you're busy offline, now you're making me blush too 😃😃

A big Amen to your prayer and i also wish you the same my dear brother. Happy new year 🥰

We miss you more oo

 last year  

Thanks for the nominations. Gifts are sent.

 last year  

Thanks for the gift boss 👍 it's well appreciated.

 last year  

@dlmmqb thanks for this wonderful opportunities to show love to amazing people we have spent our journey with.

@sofs-su you are one of the most special persons I have met in blogiverse. You came to my life like a candle at the time when I was in a desperate need of light. You held my hand and showed me the path to my dreams. You are an inspiration and motivation with your strong character. May God give you the best state of health and your sparkles be the reason to enlighten the lives of others around you.

@ayesha-malik my sweet sister and buddy. We interacted as strangers but the time proved that it was not an accident but it was meant to happen. Chatting and conversation with you has always been joyful. I am happy to have you in my life

Thank you @amberkashif for the mention. Appreciate this very much.

 last year  


 last year  

First of all apology @amberkashif sis for responding too late, it's weeding and influenza season in Pakistan you know 😁🥴

We remained partners throughout this journey , no matter if we were at distance yet we were close to each other, learning the things to gather again this year hehehe 💕 more joyful things are going to happen next year sis💞 blessed to have such caring sister more than senior closer to friend !LUV

 last year  

No need for apology. I am myself quite away from hive these days.

Weeding season . !LOLZ 🤣 In Pakistan wedding is followed by weeding. 🙃

I am happy to have a virtual sister like you in my life.

For the coming year, we do have hopes

 last year  

@amberkashif Looks like you made it. Gifts are sent to both. :)

 last year  

Thanks, bro

 last year (edited) 

My lovely friend @mell79, we became closer when i knew she was a lover of food like me 😹. She like cooking. I really love her very much and wish to me her someday. Always coming through for me here on hive

@elizabethbit we met in @ladiesofhive and ever since then she became close to my heart. Always joining in the Actifit daily program. She's a strong woman despite her schedule as a nurse in clinic she still makes sure she post on hive. Wish to see her someday too

Please Santa, I don't have much but can you please gift my friends
I have more to appreciate but since they we were asked for just 2.

 last year  

Hi @graciousvic the second name you nominated might have wrong spelling. Please recheck.

I sent the gift to @mell79!

 last year  

Yeah it was i didn't even notice
It is @elizabethbit

 last year  

Delivered to the correct account. Happy new year!

 last year  

Thank you dear
I really appreciate

Owh, @graciousvic, you are so sweet. Thank you for tagging me, and I wish Santa would give you all the health, wealth, love, and success you need for the rest of your life.

You have always been one of my favourite friends on Hive, and I will always support you.

Have a wonderful day, and aren't you excited for the new year? Happy New Year 2023, dear; spend it with your loved ones. Bless you.

 last year  

I'm really excited about the year, many couldn't see it but I'm glad i would
Happy new year in advance dear friend ❣️

Edited Via Canva™

 last year  

Now i know your full name Melissa, that's a cool name. People in my country bear the name too.
I don't know the meaning tho

Melissa :

Meaning:bee; honey. Born from the word mélissa, Melisa is a girl's name of Greek origin, meaning "bee." Formed from meli, the Greek word for “honey,” this variation of Melissa is a beauty worthy of the ancient gods.

I google it or you can find it here;

 last year  

Ok your sweet as honey as your name implies ❤️❤️❤️

 last year (edited) 

Oh, yeah!! This is beautiful, but also super hard. There are so many people I have come to love and would like to spread the love amongst them. But I am going to have to pick just two of them.

@sekani , we have only met for a few months now, but every moment and time we have shared has has taught me new levels to friendship and that there are people who will always be good, no matter what. I am privileged to have met you. You're an amazing person and are indeed a true friend; one to be cherished and kept close forever. If I could gift my amazing friends ginormous gifts, I would. Instead, I am tagging you along here for some of of DLM Santa's love. Merry Christmas!

@nickydee , it's funny how we just stumbled on each other on Hive somewhere and for some reason, we kept finding ourselves and that was how the talking started. It extended to my music, and then to your therapy articles, and then straight out of Hive. We are miles apart, but that has never been a barrier to shower me with support, especially when I really needed them. You're an amazing person with a beautiful personality and I am glad we connected. As I cannot do much this year, I am tagging you for some of DLM Santa's love. Merry Christmas!

 last year (edited) 

olujay it's no surprise to see you here! :)

@sekani looks like you are competing for Americas got talent. :)
It's strange that I curated a lot in #music when we had vibes tribe token. Do you remember giving my feedback on your songs? If not, then send me your best one in discord dm.

@nickydee what with this "dee" at end of most Nigerian names? What's the logic?

Gifts are delivered to both.

 last year  

Gift received!🤭. Thank you so much @dlmmqb Santa 🤗.

I'll be in your dm asap, thank you so much 🤗.

Thanks for the gift @olujay, 🤗❤

 last year  

Thanks for being an amazing sister always selfless and full of care, if there is one person that deserves a lot and more, it's definitely you, This is an encouragement to continue being you, don't allow anyone or circumstances change you, you are awesome the way you ar3 and I love you. Merry Christmas sis.

Hey! Boss, newbie initiatives program brought me across your way and you've been an amazing mentor since then with my growth on the blockchain, I want to use this medium to wish a vert merry Christmas and prosperous new year in advance, thank you for all you do

 last year  

Thanks so much sis, I really appreciate this. Merry Christmas to you, I hope you have a memorable one.🥰🥰

 last year  

Smile it's such a privilege to know such s wonderful person as you, I'm excited to know I'm part of your hive story and it's my prayer that you continually grow in all aspects.

Merry Christmas and happy New year in advance.

 last year  

I am really curious to know why a lot of people have "dee" in their names. What's the reason?

@treasuree grabbing a gift the second time really says people do love you! :)

@treasuree and @vickoly gifts are delivered.

 last year  

Thanks so much Santa dlmmqb.

And thanks for tagging me @glorydee

I feel so loved🥰🥰

 last year  

You are such a wonderful and caring friend I met on hive, you are one of the best gift hive gave to me, you are loyal, trustworthy, humble, loving and understanding, your sense of humor is topnotch, you are my best friend and more like a companion, and a problem solver, u wish you compliment of the season and I wish you a stress-free holiday.

You show me the way about hive, I see you like a little sister though you are sometimes naughty and saucy but you are still the best, you are loving and caring, you always show me the directions on hive, I will be ungrateful if I do not mention you, thank you for all you have done for me, I really appreciate you and I will continue to appreciate more and more. Merry Christmas and happy new year in advance.

 last year  

Awwww, it's cute what you wrote about @cindynancy.

@ronkkyb thanks for being a nice BEE to help @eunice9200 around.

Gifts are delivered!

 last year (edited) 

There are a lot of awesome people on hive and it would be great if I could speak in a mic that would enable them to hear me.

Thank you for always blessing us with your amazing voice each week in Hive Open Mic. I hope you had an amazing time on Christmas day. Cheer up if you didn't, I worked all through too.😄
I hope that this season makes your heart filled with joy and good tidings.

Hive has blessed me with a lot of wonderful people including you. I can not thank you enough for your generosity and selflessness. I hope that your wish and heart desires are granted. The light of God shall continually illuminate your life, and the joy of Christmas shall not cease.

Merry Christmas to you all🎄 😇

 last year  

@jessicaossom you tagged the wrong guy. It's good that I am a human and not a bot.

@jamerussell is a well-known and reputable user so it's hard to forget his username. :)

Gifts are delivered to @jamerussell and @niglys!

 last year  

you tagged the wrong guy. It's good that I am a human and not a bot.
Really, I did?
What to do, he is an awesome person and I can't thank you enough of send good wishes enough.

Thanks for sending them gifts on my behalf.😊

 last year  

Really, I did?

Yes, the spelling was incorrect but it was easier for me your intentions. I did based on intentions and not actions. :)

 last year  

Oh, sorry...I didn't realize that.
Good thing he is a well-known reputable user.
Thanks for the observation and for helping me spell the username correctly.😇

 last year  

Thanks so kindly for the gift😍🥰🤗

 last year  

Oh dear!!🥰🤭😍
I'm glad you found my presentations on hive open mic community worthy.. I enjoyed your presentations too🥳

It's a huge pleasure meeting you my friend.. Best wishes to you come 2023!

 last year  

Best wishes for you too😇

 last year  

Thank you dear 💞🤗

 last year  

Thinking about it, hive has given me some really amazing friends. It's a difficult one but here I come 🥳🥳

@olujay my friend 🤗. If I look at people I learned from in 2022, your face would be all over though it's been a few months. You're such a free spirit and amazing personality. Your honesty, desire for growth, persistent Spirit and laser vision is what I admire most of all. Our first conversation will always make me laugh 😂. Thanks for the sacrifices, you're an epitome of surprises! Thanks for your kindness, generosity, belief in me and your selflessness. I hope this friendship lasts a lifetime 🤗. My wish for you this Christmas is all the gadgets your heart desires (with Ben10 inscribed all over them 😂🏃🏾‍♀️)

@josediccus the only person who calls me the golden voice of hive 😂 (we'd debate that for a long time). It's just a few months but it feels like forever already. Borrowing the words of a friend, you're as rare as a golden buzzer from Simon. Beyond inspiring and encouraging, the fact that I know I can count on you anytime is priceless. Having you understand what other people think is gibberish is beyond priceless! 🤭. One request, please don't be meeeeh in 2023 😂. I could gift you all the Turkey in Lagos but I'll leave Santa DLM to do the honours.

 last year  

@olujay and @josediccus both are well-known hive users among specific communities. Nice picks, selecting the people's persons. :)

Gift delivered!

 last year  

Thanks Santa 🤗

 last year  

Thanks a lot, DLM Santa.

Happy New Year!

 last year  

Ahhhhh our golden voice of Hive the one and @sekani. I can't believe you have all that sweet words inside of you. Hahaha, thank you for the shout-out and you're also an amazing person too, you understand how it feels to run things, gets things done so diligently too. I hope 2023 will be individually accomplishing for us all. Keep winning always. As for the turkey, I've been looking for some well fried turkey for a long time now.

 last year  

I dunno that Santa DLM exist hehe..merry Christmas to you..

 last year  

now you know. :)

Hello @blacktarri,marry Christmas to you as I express my gratitude on your help here on hive, I know I haven't really made out time to actually appreciate you for bringing here to meet alot of cool people, I just want you to know that, I am really great full and can't stopping remembering you each time I remember that you have the most kind and helpful heart. I'm glad I ment you. This is a one time big expression of love and I'm grateful for everything you have done, taking so much time to respond to me whenever I'm in need to know more about hive. I am sending you a loving Christmas from here.

I know you are barely recognized here, I have not make a beautiful post about you here as I promised. Maybe this is the time and I'm really grateful for the supports you have given me, for helping me when I needed you the most. Sometimes I am emotionally down but seeing you take brave steps motivates me alot and I can't wish for more than that. It is hard these days to actually get motivated from someone but you change it all. Thanks for all you do and merry Christmas to you.

This is actually the sweetest message I have gotten for a very long time, thanks so much, I can't stop thinking about this beautiful message.

 last year  

Hi, @barryjennifer first time interacting with you probably as well as both people you mentioned. In which discord do you guys hang out mostly?

Gifts delivered!

 last year  

@seunny, you've been a wonderful and God-sent brother to me. Having you as a brother is the best I can ever ask for, and I bless the day heaven made that possible. Today being Christmas, which also happens to be your birthday, I'd love to wish you a happy birthday and a merry Christmas.

@monica-ene You're one of the best friends the world gave me, and I'm super glad for the privilege to identify with you; knowing hive and getting to understand how to navigate my path through this life-changing platform were all thanks to you, dear friend. As it's the Christmas season, I want to wish you a merry Christmas and pray that God will help locate you.

 last year  

The love I have received the season was quite overwhelming...
Now you come de cut onions join.
I pray God makes life easy for all of us and may we stay true to this friendship for many more years.

Ehen for the sweeter part, @seunny happy birthday to you sir now that they have cast you, hope there is spare cake and wine for me.
I pray that God grants all your heart desires and make all your dreams succeed.

Knowing and associating with you all is part of my joy.

Merry Christmas to our wonderful families, I pray that the love and joy of the season remain with us forever.

Amen and Amen💖❤💓💞💖💃❤🌺🌳🌲🌱🌹

 last year  

Thanks dear, cake is available that's if you come on time for it o. Happy new year in advance, hope you had fun yesterday

 last year  

Smile you're welcome, I wish you all the best

 last year  

And you too, do take care

 last year  

Smile it's nothing dear, just shows how much of a wonderful friend you're.

Thanks for everything and amen to all your prayers, have a blessed new year ahead

 last year  

Thanks I love you

 last year  

You're welcome, much love

 last year  


 last year  

Looks like you guys enjoyed engaging here. @vickoly I would like to thank you for taking part in this gifting event. Thanks for passing the ball to @seunny and @monica-ene. I delivered the gifts. HO HOO HO HOOO!

 last year  

Thanks for the gift, I truly appreciate this but how did I miss been a Santa for someone else 😢..
Guess I didn't look into all the details and could have passes the bell.
Thank you so much

 last year  

Thanks for the gift. Seems I didn't take the time to go through to know what's required of me, am sorry for that

You are a special person to me. Our HIVE journey has been one full of good memories and I cherish all the moments. Today is Christmas, I wish you a lovely Christmas celebration and a prosperous new year in advance. Enjoy and remember to keep safe too. From me to you.

Hive has given me the opportunity to know people from diverse and various places. You are one of them. You have been an inspiration to me as well. As we celebrate the birth of Jesus today, that is, Christmas, I wish you and your family a wonderful and lovely Christmas celebrations and an amazing holidays ahead. Keep living.

Thank you very much dear.
I really appreciate this.
It's so good to meet you here.

You are welcome. Enjoy the rest of your holidays.

@dlmmqb! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @alovely088. (3/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

I'm glad I know sign language
It's pretty handy.

Credit: reddit
@dlmmqb, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @alovely088

Farm LOLZ tokens when you Delegate Hive or Hive Tokens.
Click to delegate: 10 - 20 - 50 - 100 HP

Wow, thank you so much friend. I am deeply elated. Thanks for your kind wishes for me too. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

 last year  

Happy holidays @alovely088

Thanks for mentioning @amakauz and @jmis101! I delivered the gifts to them. :)

Wow, that's so nice. You are special too.

@dlmmqb! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @amakauz. (3/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

 last year  

That's nice of you. :)

This is amazing.
Thank you very much dear.

Oh, thank you so much for giving the gift.

 last year  

Hello there @quduus1 . You’re one of the best peeps I’ve met on this blockchain. I don’t know how we met or where (the server) we met, but I know we got to know each other better in the city. I’m glad I met someone like you. You’re one determined, consistent and good writer. Merry Christmas, brother.🎄

Heyo @hopestylist. How are you doing? I’m sure your teeth are aching from all the meat you devoured during the day. My dreemer of the year that totally forgot about me on Christmas Day. The engagement queen. I’m glad I met you on this blockchain. We don’t know each other that well, but I just want to say a big thank you for the times you helped me. Merry Christmas, hope.🎄

 last year  

Hey Fave, I'm doing well and you?

It has been a great privilege getting to know someone like you and I'm just so glad I got the opportunity to be of little assistance to you.

Thank you for the wishes but I don't celebrate Christmas 🙂

 last year  

@quduus1 looks like your friendship earned you a gift. :)
@hopestylist how much you wanna win more? DREEMER of the year ;)

gifts delivered!

 last year  

aha great initiative dear friend thanks for the mention.

@bala41288 bhai is the first I would like that tag. He is like an ideal for me in the hive, I do admire him a lot. he is a very busy person and seems to be seen everywhere in the hive. Sometimes I do think a single person alone can do that 😅. Thank you for helping me out every time here on the hive whenever I did stuck at anything The first person I do remember is you

The second person is @inuke bhai. I do love his writing style you should check that out too. From the early days of the hive, I am really a big fan of him and his writing style and he does that pretty well. The very kind person we do use to talk to weekly in the past but we did start that weekly talk thanks to @pravesh0 bhai for the weekly talk show.

❤️ you Bhatt bhai.
Mein aapko bhai kahte hun aur aap khudko Mera fan batate ho. 😅

Thank You for your kind mention. Aur @dlmmqb a big thank you

 last year  

whenever I did stuck at anything The first person I do remember is you

@bhattg agli bar ana zara myry pas xD

Gifts are delivered to @bala41288 and @inuke. Thanks pick @bhattg!

Thank you for the lovely gift. 🤗

 last year  

@nane-qts Nane is a very good-hearted person, she is always helping me in rising star game and pizza server. She was born in the same state of Brazil where I am from, but we never saw each other. She deserves a lot of a gift! She is always helping me with some posts in hive, especially when I started.

@fefe99 Fefe is a fun person, we don’t know much about each other lives, but we talk a lot about coin market, programming and even science. Fefe is very smart and ambitious person, has a very shining future. The only annoying part is that Fefe keeps posting messi pics! Come on!

Thank you so much for your kind words @gwajnberg ! 🤗
I'm happy that I could help you and I'm here for you if you need any more help.


 last year  

Gifts are sent to both. Thanks for dropping names.