When will we change, if not now?

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The pretense is not only in my mind, it is being made in the midst of all those who are traveling in the city for various purposes. Because in the midst of this lockdown, those who are traveling in the city for various emergency work are witnessing many unexpected events. No one could really imagine it. Since I’m almost commuting around town to the office, I’m also surprised at a lot of things.

Honestly, there have been so many discussions and meetings and seminars about the Corona virus and its precautions, I don't think there has been so much discussion or review on any other topic before. Really think a little, see why there has been so much discussion on the subject?


The more corona viruses are discussed or reviewed, the more people will have the opportunity to be alert, experts say. Because the only way to protect yourself from the Corona virus is to be aware and adhere to social distances. Because we have not yet come up with an effective way to fight it and win.

But has the purpose for which experts have discussed and reviewed so much really affected us? The simple and electrical answer to this question is not really having any effect on us. If we read, we would be careful about some things. Because the whole world is saying this again and again today, there is no alternative to caution. If you want to avoid corona, you have to be careful all the time.


We prefer to do the opposite of the big weird, the weirdest, because we love to always be the exception. But we don't realize how foolish it is for us. We are inadvertently harming ourselves and endangering our own family members, this simple calculation is not getting into our heads. In fact, we are so indifferent to personal thoughts and interests that even simple things seem much more complicated.


Anyway, at the end of it all, Change It is probably nothing but foolishness to expect it from us. Because we will die, we will perish, but we will not change our position. It seems to me that this is the end of our behavior and attitude. If not, how do we get out of the lockdown without a mask at this time? It's not being understood by me. Still, I hope everyone is well and safe.

Thanks all for understanding.



আমি মোঃ হাফিজ উল্লাহ, চাকুরীজীবী। বাংলাদেশী হিসেবে পরিচয় দিতে গর্ববোধ করি। বাঙালী সংস্কৃতি ও ঐতিহ্য লালন করি। ব্যক্তি স্বাধীনতাকে সমর্থন করি, তবে সর্বদা নিজেকে ব্যতিক্রমধর্মী হিসেবে উপস্থাপন করতে পছন্দ করি। পড়তে, শুনতে এবং লিখতে ভালোবাসি। নিজের মত প্রকাশের এবং অন্যের মতামতকে মূল্যায়নের চেষ্টা করি। ব্যক্তি হিসেবে অলস এবং ভ্রমন প্রিয়।


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Here comes a time in all of our lives where life itself presents all of us with an endless string of disconcerting contingences and bewildering coincidences that hold significance for human beings. We truly have come to that fork in the road where one must decide how to live and how to die. I
don’t think you really know for sure what you’ll do until it comes down to the moment when you have to make that decision for real. Let’s not get to the stage of being agitated to the point of falling into state of irreversible catatonia. Let’not Self-doubt and apprehension, along with intensifying self-loathing and fatigue beseech us to stop questing. This I pray !!

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