Sunday's simple vegetable salad for dinner -Creative Sunday

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salad for cre sunday (10).jpg

salad for cre sunday (1).jpg

Hello, and greetings to the community friends and all creators doing good work for Creative Sunday. Today is another creative Sunday here and hope you all are doing well to enjoy this initiative. Today I give you an idea with one simple salad that can look very attractive.

1 (2).jpg
2 red cabbage leaves
1 red paprika
1 carrot
1 green paprika
1/2 cucumber
small piece of iceberg salad
1/2 onion
12 green olives
1 tomato
2 tbsp pomegranate kernels
2 tbsp pumpkin seeds or peanuts or walnuts I used pumpkin seeds

salad for cre sunday (3).jpg

Used apple core remover to make small red rounds. used a cookie cutter to make leaves from green paprika
carrots and cucumber sliced in an oval shape

salad for cre sunday (2).jpg
All vegetables are sliced and chopped

salad for cre sunday (4).jpg
Organize iceberg salad in the center and red cabbage on the edge of plate.

salad for cre sunday (5).jpg
slice tomatoes like this.

salad for cre sunday (6).jpg
Arrange the tomato slices according to your choice. How you do it will be creative.
Cut carrots and cucumber into the heart shape:
Just take one half of the slice, flip it around, and put it together with the other half slice, and the heart shape for any decoration of food. can be made with other vegetables or fruits.

Untitled. jpg
It is very easy
First, cut them in novel shapes instead of chopping them round just make a knife little cross direction and get oval shape slices.
Make a cross-cut in the slices.

salad for cre sunday (7).jpg
Set all heart-shaped carrot slices on the red cabbage. and small round cuts of red paprika on the edge of the iceberg salad.

salad for cre sunday (9).jpg
Arrange onion slices olives, leaves made from green paprika,
and cucumber slices in a heart shape, and sprinkle some pomegranate kernels on the salad.

salad for cre sunday (1).jpg
Sprinkle some roasted pumpkin seeds on the salad to get a nutty taste.

You can decorate it in many different ways this is just an idea to make simple food more attractive with a little creativity.
I think this tutorial gives you some interest in making nice salad looking forward to seeing some recipes using these Ideas.
Thank you very much.


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 3 months ago  

Lovely healthy salad 🥗 Creative Sunday @hindavi . Its full of healthy vegetables for good health. Thanks for sharing and compliments of the season 🎄🎉. Best of the new week,

how delicious this salad with fresh vegetables, so tasty

Thank you very much.

looks good

Thank ou very much for supporting me. :)


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Healthy salad with great design it's attractive but I didn't see mayonnaise to complement it or is it not needed?

You don't need mayonnaise. all those ingredients make a different taste. You can use mayonnaise if you want. thank you for stopping by.

Ok, I have learnt this type from you.