Mental health is equally important as physical health

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Life is unpredictable and uncertainty is a part of our life. There is no way to escape from it and in the case of health, it's also applicable. It doesn't matter how much effort we make, somehow sometimes we become sick. Indeed we can't escape from sickness every time but to live a better and happier life we should try our best to be healthy.

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In this present world, most of us are health conscious. People are going to the gym, doing regular exercise, maintaining diet food and so many things to maintain good health but in the past people weren't so conscious about health. People have become conscious about physical health and it's a very good thing and I appreciate it but unfortunately, most of us are ignoring mental health which is equally important as our physical health. If physical and mental health are ok then we can consider one a healthy person otherwise not.

In ancient/past times people were not conscious about mental health but most of them used to spend a lot of time with nature which was healthy. At that time there weren't any additive devices like computers, smartphones, etc. Excessive use of those devices is capable enough to make us stress makers mentally unstable. Updated technological devices made our life easy and comfortable but as a disadvantage, it hamper our mental health and I think we are well acknowledged about it. Although it wasn't a mental concern in the past but in the present time it's a matter of concern and we need to think seriously about it.

In the case of physical health, I think I don't need to recommend anything to anyone because people are already aware of it. As people ignore mental health, I am focusing on it. Believe it or not, in the current time, most of people are mentally sick. And various kinds of physical sickness come from those mental sicknesses because psychology acts as a driver of the human mind. The power of psychology is so huge that is capable enough to make our life happy. Maybe for that reason, doctors used to say that positive psychology can heal a patient more than 50%. In the case of percentage, I can't say anything about the percentage but it's right that our body reacts based on our thoughts.

Very few people are mentally satisfied. Many people do suicide because of it and with time the number of suicidal cases is increasing. I can't blame technology directly as the control of technology is done by us but indirectly it is not wrong if someone blames technology for it. So I think we should maintain the usage time of technology as well as technological devices for a healthy and happy life.

In case of mental sickness making a consultant with a doctor is very necessary. Unfortunately, very few people, or some rare people discuss about the matter with doctors. People hesitate to go and discuss about it with a specialist doctor because in our society people don't take it from a positive mindset and criticize those people saying mad which creates another kind of stress and societal pressure. It sounds ridiculous but that's the truth and that's the reason for not discussing the matter with a doctor. People only love to see it in movies only.I think we need to come out from that kind of mindset if we want a healthy generation in the future.

I feel I am one of the few persons who are mentally satisfied. I think some suggestions may help others to get mental satisfaction like me. They are:

Make a solo walk at least for half an hour two times in a week. And I think morning time is a good time for it but sunset time is not also bad because it creates possibilities to enjoy the sunset which can give relaxation also.

Trying to find positivity in any kind of situation is very important. Our perspective is the thing that makes an impact on our mood directly. In every incident, we can see it from both perspectives, and trying to see most of the incident from a positive perspective can give mental satisfaction.

If you think that I violated any rules of this platform or my word hurting you or I made any mistakes here , let me inform about it through comments or my other social network . I will try to correct it if I made any mistakes.

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 2 months ago  

Our mind controls our body... The body corresponds to what our mind says.. So I guess mental health is more important, because if not, it'll make the body suffer and be jeopardized...
So yes, staying positive the whole time strengthens our body health ☺️

 2 months ago  

Yes. That's my point. But most of people just ignore it. Many of us need mental treatment but we never met any specialist doctor for the treatment.

I so agree that mental health is also important as physical health. In fact, for me, it is more important. Even if you are healthy physically, but if your mind can't function well, then it's no use. But there are still people out there who will laugh if they heard about depression. They don't know how deadly this is, it is suffocating some will really just choose suicide as their only solution. I just hope that more people will give importance of mental health too.

 2 months ago  

I also think mental health is more important than physical health but I feel we need to focus on both mental health and physical health and for that reason, I wanted to prioritize both equally. It's time we need to take mental health seriously.


 2 months ago  

I think mental health is as important as the physical health. But no one wants to talk about their mental health out of embarrassment.

Anyways, great post!

 2 months ago  

Most of us need treatment for it and discuss it with a specialist doctor. Because of embarrassment, we don't do it. It's really a very bad thing and we need to come out from that kind of mentality.


 2 months ago  

Technology though has wonderful advantages, it requires our time and attention, driving and straining our mental state which is often neglected.

I hope we focus more on our health especially mentally so that we can function optimally

 2 months ago  

Health is always important and both mental and physical health. Because of excessive use of technology we are ignoring our health which is very bad for us..

 2 months ago  

I hope we all get it right someday soon

 2 months ago  

This is a very important health tip to talk about. So many of us don't take our mental health into consideration. We wait until it has gotten to the peak before we final seek help. You have said it all already and it's important we act towards that and prioritize our mental health as we do to our physical health.

 2 months ago  

I think it's that time we need to be conscious about our mental health. I think only cultures about physical health and ignoring mental health is one kind of torture and makes us unhappy 🤔.

 2 months ago  

That's very true. Looking out for that should be everyone's priority.
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 2 months ago  

I sometimes think that I wish I was born in a bygone era because people were very powerful then because the air of that time was quite pure. I like to breathe in fresh air.

Nowadays, due to computers and mechanical devices, a person is not mentally healthy and that is the reason why suicide has become very common.

I often get headache and that is because I use mobile a lot. I try very hard to go out for a walk. But still my work is mostly on mobile. Due to which I often get stressed

 2 months ago  

Firstly I am sorry for late reply. I was busy with my study and somehow missed this comment only.

In your case I can only suggest you to reduce the use of mobile as much as you can and it's healthy for you. Within a limit everything is ok.

Yay! 🤗
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 2 months ago  

Thank you for appreciating.