The People Who Own My “Mumu” Button

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In life, there are people that everything they do get you angry even when they do not try to, and there are also some people who you can't just get angry at regardless of what they do, and sadly, I am (un)lucky enough to have a few people who fall into the latter category.

Personally, as an individual, most people in my life would know that I can barely ever get angry for long, but even when I want to, these two people are exempted and they are my brother and “Somebody's son”.

My brother is older than me by six years, and we grew up like cats and rats, most days we were fighting and I was getting him into trouble as the last kid, but who would have seen that we would become best friends when we got older?

Me and my brother

My brother right now knows everything about me and he is the first person I run to when I have something happening in my life so it is impossible to stay angry at him; who would I tell things or gist with if I am angry at him?

Now, it has even gotten to a point that even when he gets me angry, I’ll find a way to talk to him which is crazy but I can't imagine being mad at him or vice versa.

Moving on to “somebody’s son”, you might be curious about who somebody’s son is and he is my boyfriend, but I call him that because of the Tiwa Savage’s song.

Me and “somebody’s son”.

Anyways, I met him at a point in my life when I didn't want a relationship at all but one thing led to another and I was dating him, the one thing that attracted me to him was his communication skills and this is mainly why I can't stay mad at him because he always knows what to say.

Another reason I can't is because when he started courting me, we made a promise that we wouldn't get angry at each other for long, this promise was made based on a scripture in the Bible and if I get angry at him, I’ll be paying a fee, and since I wouldn't want to, I have no choice but to always talk everything out.

Sometimes the inability of being angry at these two people can be frustrating especially at my boyfriend because men can be annoying but other times, I am glad about it, In my opinion, this whole thing is a blessing and a curse, especially since they know this reality.

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Family is family, right? Thanks for sharing this with us!


 3 months ago  

Exactly, it is

Its life afterall , family is important …ya ?

 3 months ago  

Yes they are indeed

Wow, that's what family and meeting the right bestie is all about.

But then some people would use that little anger to destroy everything they have built in a jiffy.

 3 months ago  

True, some people would take advantage but I am glad they don't.

Yea, it's a good thing

 3 months ago  

Jealous of yall that grew up with people of your age group 😄 Mine's too old and we're only close to an extent.

 3 months ago  

Well I understand that, a lot of my friends always said that but my parents kind of gave us no choice but to be friends

I'm one of those people who can't stay angry for long at anyone !LOLZ so I can relate. For me... if I have a disagreement with someone... mostly it's done and then it's over. We agree to disagree and we move on... well I find it relatively easy to do anyway...

Such lovely photos with your brother and your boyfriend, Ophelia. Isn't it wonderful to have such special relationships like these? But definitely, something that people can and do take advantage of at times 🤔 !LUV !ALIVE !PIZZA

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 3 months ago  

Exactly, when the argument is over, we are good, most people don’t understand that though.

I am glad I have these wonderful and it’s amazing that they don’t take advantage.

Thank you for visiting, it’s been a while! 😊

I know it has! I'm so sorry... I have been meaning to read your blog for ages... I've missed you... just been hectic trying to get around everyone... but I have had yours open for the last week... I'm not finished yet. I will try to be around more often 🤗 !LUV

 3 months ago  

I understand, I have also been AWOL so I am not the one to complain 😆


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