Hive Learners Community Announcing Collaboration With Newbies Initiative Program

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Good day everyone, today we have a very important announcement to make that we believe would be very beneficial to everyone of us at Hive Learners, but before we go into the big announcement, we would like to first of all inform you guys that due to some certain changes, the Stage 02 Learning program would no longer continue and the reason for that would be made known to you guys in a minute.

First of all, we want to acknowledge the fact that a lot of members had participated our learning stage and we know how much the stage 02 tutorial has helped a lot of you and we’re very grateful that you guys made sure to do all of the tasks that came with the stage 02 tutorial. This new development & adjustment doesn’t mean we won’t support the stage 02 post that has already been made in our community (all of them would be supported). We will publish full and complete list of Learning Stage 02's participants soon. But, If you haven’t made a post on stage 02 yet then it’s fine, we invite you to participate in Newbies Initiative Program (Program Details are explained below)


Now as for the big announcement, we at Hive Learners would love to announce to everyone here today about our full collaboration with the Newbies Initiative Program. For those of you who don’t know about the Newbies Initiative Program, it’s a program that has been on for quite some time now and it’s designed to help teach and coach Newbies on everything they need to know about Hive.

The Initiative is being spearheaded by @starstrings01 and some other good Hivians who have dedicated so much time and work to make sure that every newbie get all of the support they need in other to become very successful on hive.

Together with Newbies Initiative, we would be putting out tutorials along with some tasks out there for everyone of you Newbies to participate in. In this way, participants will be able to learn basic & important things about Hive & will be a better Hivian. This tutorials would last for a duration of three months before a new batch of people would be admitted. In other for you to be a part of this three months program, you will have to follow the Newbies Initiative protocol which will be explained fully to everyone of you in(SMILE & The Hive Classroom) [where voice meeting regarding tutorial/tasks will take place] and Hive Learners discord server.

Full Details & Guidelines On What is Newbies Initiative And How To Make Applications For Participating in Newbies Initiative Project

The deadline for this application is 27th February. You’re only eligible to apply for this program if you have a reputation between 25-65 and less than 500 Hive Power.

NOTE: If you are our previous participants of Learning Stage 02, you can still join Newbies Initiative Program and we are eagerly waiting for your participation. If you have any further questions or confusions, please reach us on discord.

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We are very happy to join this community.

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It's a great initiative and a great opportunity for the learners. Learning never ends.!!!

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