Macrophotography. Ladybug

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Hi everyone. on this occasion I want to share some of my photography results about small animals, namely ladybugs. maybe you've often seen this ladybug. This beetle is usually found in rice plants and on small grasses.

I found this ladybug in front of my house, when I was picking the lime beetle I saw this ladybug and I immediately took the camera to take a picture and this is the photo. hope you like it.




This ladybug has a unique shape and color, its body shape is round and curved and on its back is red and black. This ladybug is often found on rice plants but it doesn't bother rice plants because this ladybug doesn't eat plants. These beetles eat small insects that are on rice plants. and this ladybug is also harmless to humans even for children because this beetle does not have it so it is safe to hold.



Forest Mosquito


I found this mosquito in the forest when I was photographing the flower, I saw this mosquito standing on the flower and I immediately approached the mosquito to take a photo of it, I took two photos of him immediately flying because the mosquito was disturbed by my movement.

Most forest mosquitoes do not feel pain when they bite us. we just feel the itching evek where he bit it.

The process of taking this photo is very simple using a smartphone camera and I use an additional tool, namely a macro lens. I use a macro lens because the objects I take are small, so if I use a regular smartphone camera, the results are blurry and unsatisfactory.

That's why I use a macro lens so that the picture is good and can focus on the small object that we are shooting.





CameraXiaomi Mi A1
LensLensa 3,81mm
ProcessLensa Macro
LocationIndonesia - Aceh




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Nice ladybug buddy

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Nice photography

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