Learning About The Hive Keys & It's Security

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Greetings everyone, today we would be learning about hive keys, the different types of hive keys and how & why you should keep your keys safe.


Just like the bank makes sure a lot of security measures are in place to keep your money safe, we also have to do that with our hive passwords (also known as hive keys), but unlike some banks that loses their money to robbers even after implementing those security measures, our hive keys will be forever safe if we follow the steps here today.

Hive has four keys.

  1. Master key : The most powerful key on the hive blockchain.

  2. Active key : The second most powerful key on the hive blockchain.

  3. Posting key : This is the most common key in the hive blockchain.

  4. Memo Key : This is the most rarely used key as it doesn’t have much importance.

How to locate your hive keys

First of all, I will be directing every one of you on how to find your hive keys using hive.blog.

The first thing to do after logging into hive, is to go to your Wallet, then click on Keys and Permission after which you would find all of your keys along with the access each keys has. The screenshots below will help give you all better understanding.


** Open Wallet**


Click on Keys and Permission


Click on “Reveal” and you will see your Keys. Below the “Reveal” Button is the Permission each keys has.


How to keep your keys safe

Now when it comes to keeping your keys safe, you have to

  1. Make sure you don’t give anyone your keys : Your keys are yours and shouldn’t be shared with anyone, that’s why they are called “Private keys”

  2. Avoid clicking on any link that requires you to input your Keys before you access them : Aside from logging into your account or transacting on your wallet, nothing else on hive would require you input your private keys before gaining access to it, so make sure when you see things like that (also known as phishing links) you stay far away from them.

  3. Go old school : The best way to protect your hive keys is to write it down, not on your phone or some app that saves passwords but to write it down on paper, yup, complete old school. And I know it can be stressful having to copy a password with random numbers and letters when you need them, but it’s better for it to be stressful than for it to be hacked and lost.

Well that would be all for today on securing your hive keys, we will meet some other time where you will be taught on what hive power is and how to power up your hive.

Also, everyone between the rep of 25-59 has to write about the basic security of Hive from your own understanding & learning from this post and it has to be nothing less than 200 words. Try to cover the below points when you are making a separate post for passing Stage 2's first task :-

  • How much do you know about the security keys of Hive?

  • Do you have enough idea about the importance of these keys?

  • Do you know how to locate security keys of Hive?

  • What are the functions/permissions of each keys and explain them?

  • What measures have you taken to keep your keys safe?

You can write more & share your knowledge if you already have enough idea about the importance of the security keys so that others can learn from your post.

Make sure to include the tags #hl-blog #stage-02 as your first two tags in your post.

Goodbye for now.


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Thank you @prayzz, very detailed explanation of various hive keys, really useful for us beginners in hive. At first, I was personally confused by the number of keys in the hive, but if we look at it from a security perspective, our hive account will be very strong.

If I'm going to make this stage 2 post, about the hive lock and its security, does it have to be accompanied by a photo as well? And what photo?

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Hello dear friends, this is the
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