Digital drawing of a dowel bird🎨//By @ridoy12

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Hello friends, I hope you are all well. I'm much better. Today I came to share with you a beautiful painting of our city.

It is very beautiful to see ants. So today I did a digital drawing and this digital drawing is a dowel bird. It took me a long time to digitally draw the dowel bird. Even then I patiently did this digital drawing. I am very happy to be able to draw a digital dowel bird. So I shared this drawing with you.

Project 13_3.png

With the help of my mobile, I started digital drawing through an app.



Idol I opened the app on my mobile to digitally draw the dowel bird and then I drew the bird's lips and head.


Then I drew the bird's tail and fan.



Then I drew the bird's feet



After drawing the dove's fan, I now draw the dove's eye.


Project 13.png

The bird has been drawn, so now I select the black color and draw the bird color.


Project 13_2.png

I am very happy to be able to do this digital drawing of dowel bird. The digital drawing is done. So I shared with you. I hope you like my digital dowel drawing.

❤️🌹💖Special Thanks to All Friends who are supporting this Post.💖🌺💓


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