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Hi all of you in the Hive Learners community! I am happy to introduce myself again and I hope that you will welcome and support me here to grow and be strong with you in this creative community. Being in the Hive Learners community is an award as well as a great opportunity for me to be able to fill and hone skills and share knowledge in the teaching and learning space of fellow community friends. Thank you Hive Learners community team!


Who am I?

There is a remote village in Tanah Luas District, North Aceh Regency, Aceh Province - Indonesia, the name is Blangjrun village. 43 years ago or early January 1979, I was born and raised by my beloved parents, but! both of whom are now passed away. They also gave me a name Ridwan. While the letter "t" stands for the initial letter of my late father's name which is currently written on my account, namely @ridwant. Currently, my family and I live on Jalan Darussalam, Banda Sakti District, Lhokseumawe City, Aceh Province, Indonesia.



I completed my last education in 2001 at the Computer Informatics Management Academy (AMIK) majoring in Information Management. A small campus in Lhokseumawe City caught my attention at that time because there were no other campuses or academies that offered (focused) for courses on informatics and computers.

What is my job?

I am an ASN employee currently on active duty in one of the government agencies of North Aceh Regency. I am a subordinate staff for the position of land reform data manager at the Land Office. My main duties are: To collect land data for the agencies that carry out land acquisition for development as well as several other tasks outside my main duties.



I think, everyone has a passion and pleasure for a certain job or object. I have a penchant for reading, writing stories, photography and traveling (refreshing) to certain places, such as forests, mountains or to rural areas. I like to do recreation with my family even with my friends.



My Knowledge of Cryptocurrency

Since being active on, I started to find out about cryptocurrencies and Why is the platform so valuable? because of the digital currency asset called HIVE in it. Crypto HIVE is a virtual currency that runs on a blockchain system protected by a secret code with the concept of cryptography so that it is not possible to be manipulated and this virtual money transaction cannot be faked.

There are hundreds of virtual currencies that are already circulating in the crypto market today, and some of them are the target of investors in the such as bitcoin. Although currently the position of HIVE assets is still on the order of fat numbers, it is not impossible that the prediction of digitalCoin in the next five years will actually come true at the price of $1,35 and will continue to increase because the HIVE coin is a long-term profitable investment.

Other routine activities

Apart from being a husband, I am the one who takes full responsibility as a father for my three children. all of them are currently in elementary school and kindergarten (TK) education.

Besides being activity in the office, I have to make time every day (except holidays) to take and pick up my children to their respective schools.


My special thanks to my best friend @fujaxxi and he was the first to introduce this platform to me a few years ago.

My expectations

The @ridwant account is my company on the platform. I will continue to strive and work optimally to increase the company's assets by investing. The Hive platform and assets are a great opportunity to build business and economic growth.

Types of Content I'm interested in

Story writing and photography are the content that I really like. Maybe I will be more inclined to this type of contest according to my hobby.

Maybe that's just my introductory narration in the steem Learners community. Hopefully, the information about me in this post will be a bridge to get to know each other, discuss and learn and share useful information to build the development of the community and platform in the future.

Special thanks to the Steem Learners Community Team and all the hivers friends in this creative community for your warm welcome for me, great support and motivation.

Regards @ridwant

It's really great to CAN JOIN WITH YOUR HERE
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Hi @ridwant, I am a fellow student of the #hivelearners community. I just read your #hl-intro blog post. I have posted mine in the community recently, as well. I don't know much about Indonesia, or the Aceh province. The only thing that comes to mind for me is the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004. I remember seeing the media footage of that event. I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I'm looking forward to seeing what you produce as part of our studies with the Hive Learners community!

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Selamat bergabung kawan, semoga sukses

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Hey buddy.

No need to repost an introduction since you have been here for 4 years.
Also since you have been here for 4 years, you should know that double posting or double introductions aint allowed :)

Also the Hive Learners have updated their rules to not need a introduction.

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Mr @cwow2 Thanks for warning me, but I already did! maybe i missed it! what should I do with this post now? ... I also have a hard time communicating on the comments page, because spamminators are always tagging me..

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What have you done to get spaminator on you??

Just leave it for now. Its already done, but you should have known better since you have been here for 4 years :)

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Hi, @ridwant
Our team members will soon check for your introduction/verification. Meanwhile, make sure that your introduction post covers these points.

Introduce yourself to the community by following these guidelines.

  • Write 'Hive Learners', 'Your Hive ID' & Date on a clean paper and take a selfie photo with that paper.
  • Post at least three or four more pictures with that photo and write an introductory post of 200-250 words.
  • You must include the Hive ID of the person who invited you to the Hive Platform.
  • Make a whole new intro post. You can't just copy-paste any previous intro of yours (For old users)
  • Must use #hl-intro and your country tag in the first three tags. For example, if you are from India, use #hl-intro,#india as the first two tags.

Also Try to cover these while making an Introduction Post:-

  • Your name, age, and the country you reside now
  • Area of work or study
  • Your experience with crypto
  • Your hobby and passion, dislike
  • What kind of content do you like to read and write?
  • How did you find Hive and what's your plan to build your future in this platform?

For more information join us

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I have done according to your instructions. Thank you very much for this information.

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Forgive me! one tag missed, I already did.. Thank you.

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