Social Media - Finding the "Human" in Technology

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Few days ago, I have seen a different scene at my village. There were many people on the street and kids playing in the ground. For once I was little surprised, as I am into different world but the changed scene has something to do with the social media. There were some internet service disruption in my area, which called all the people outside than their usual comfort entertainment zone.

I am lucky to born at a time, where am I able to see the two different world in existence. So many changes happening in human lifestyle. The more important being the way people have shifted living their real social life to virtual social life. I have witness both the lifestyle - the "orthodox' old style of living of the 90's as well as the "Virtual" prevalent style of living and easily in a position or to highlight certain points.

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In all these time, I have seen how Social media took over the people life style. People getting addicted to different Social media platform. They made them an inseparable part of their life. Being present on every other social media account is considered to be "status symbol". People getting crazy over social media, they make use of them for making reels, video etc. It is very difficult to imagine their life without Social Media. There are always some kind of argument over life with or without social media.

Considering the true facts that there are always two sides of a coin i.e for every decision that we make or to any situation that we are in. In the same way, presence of social media have their own positive sides as well as negative sides.

Benefits of "being into" Social media

Lets understand , how the presensce of social media have influenced our life. and people have made it an integral part of their life.

  • Social media entertains us. Now a days, it is good source of entertainment, with many funny or entertaining content available online.

  • Social media allow us to communicate with people. Unlike the age old technique of communication, now we can easily share all the important events with a far off friends or relatives in a fraction of second.

  • Social media is now a good way to promote any business. As more people have their account on different platform. This helps to increase our business. It is a good market place to buy and sell different product.

  • Social media is good way to generate revenue for the creativity. The different platform allows user to monetize their content with their creative stuffs. It becomes a good earning source for many

Seeing so many benefits, it appears to be a good place for people. But there was a life too that was existed before the launch of social media. Lets understand the other side of social media and assume a life without it :

Positive aspect of "staying away" from Social Media:

  • Keeping our personal life limited to ourself. No more putting the personal event in public gallery.

  • We will not be putting up picture for garnering fake likes and presenting themselves in wrong ways

  • No more faking to look flawless. People tend to wear nice dress or looks better only for their social. Just to create a good follower base.

  • Users would start spending more time with our friends and family, interact with them and have fun with them.

  • Cutting off from social media will help us to focus entirely on our work and not get virtually distracted, thus helping you to achieve success in our work.

  • An absence helps to boost our confidence and self-belief. As we are no more relying on other people opinion, views and decisions . i.e people choices.

  • Taking a break from Social meid can help us to invest our time in some productive hobbies and enhancing skills.

  • Recently a social media influencer committed suicide only because of mental pressure he faced with negative stroll on his social media account. An absence from social media will not a person exposed to any kind of negativity and they can thus create a positive atmosphere around them.

  • Staying away from social media, we get more innovative ways to entertain ourself. Spending some quite time will allow us to be more productive
    and mindful.

Living without social media can help you to discover ourself. We will find more time for ourself and we can utilize this time wisely to work on our betterment so as to bring an improvement in yourself.

A healthy comparison

After evaluating the above points, we may conclude that there are many beneficial things which we fail to look at. Just because we are over exposed to the virtual world. Social media does offers a plethora of opportunities for long-distance connections and self-expression or showcasing the different creativity. However, we are leaving behind the old legacy of human touch, feeling and emotions. We will find wasting a lot of time being on social media instead of doing our work properly.

My stand on Social media?

If you are considering my stand as far as social media is concerned, which I referred as "virtual social life". I remember once I missed to board the train while waiting at railway station. I kept scrolling the #youtube shorts and forget that I was middle of a journey. That was an important lesson learned in hard ways. Now I am more happy and proud to say that I am not active in any other social media except :

#hive - if it is placed in generic social media category. Bur i a make use of reading different content and also to earn some rewards

#whatsapp - Matching steps with the technology. It is easier and most common way to stay virtually connected for face to face interaction. Yhis is only way left now and I only use to make or receive calls

#twitter - I have a very little presence over this platform. Hive being the sole reason, that made me to create an account over.

I left #facebook way back in 2012, never accessed #Instagram #tiktok #snapchat or any other platform. (infact i am not aware of any else) It is important, that every individual must find the right balance between the online and the offline worlds.


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The benefits you have listed are on point. Social media has done us so much good. I glad it came into existence