A Cultural Festival; Igbo Masquerade Festival

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Hello everyone, hope all is well with you all.
It has been a while since I posted and engaged in this wonderful community, and truly I have missed engaging on creative content by you guys. My daily activities have had me up to my neck. Right now, I miss my freedom.

Anyways, I don't want to bother you all with my long talks, but to tell you about how interesting my culture is. Igbo Culture.

This morning, I got a notification on the discord channel about the new features topics and this one got my attention. A feature post to talk about your cultural festival. Oh! Yeah an interesting topic for me and I have got a lot to share with you.

Today, I'm going to talk about my cultural festival which is a masquerade festival. Here, in West Africa, Nigeria. We have three major ethnic groups; Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa. They all have beautiful cultural values, one that will catch your attention.


In Igbo land, our masquerades are seen as mysterious beings that infect fear at the sight of them. In the Eastern Part of Nigeria, when a masquerade is seen in public, it means something great has happened and they are to be treated with respect because it's believed they are bonded with spiritual beings in a human body making them feel intoxicated with great power.

Most of the masquerade is seen with masks on their face, while some carry carved horrifying images on their head, well that depends on where you come from.

images (1).jpeg

In the southern part of Nigeria, there is a masquerade called Adamma. This masquerade is a maiden spirit mask but worn by men. It is very decorated and gorgeously dressed in colorful attire. And when it dances people can't resist but dance along. Sometimes I wonder if it's a man in there. Also, we have the aggressive ones. Likes of Mkpamkpanku, Ijele, and others.

images (2).jpeg

The Mkpamkpanku masquerade is an aggressive, agile, and notorious one. Mainly worn by youths. Most times they have tied around on its waist with ropes to restrict it from overreacting.

In a festival like this, it's advisable not to play around with the aggressive ones because of the strange powers on them, but the beauty of masquerade makes me realize that I have an origin. A history and culture to tell my unborn child.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post. Have a great day ahead.

 9 months ago  

You share such a unique and beautiful festival. Thank you for various brothers

 9 months ago  

The first time I received a severe beating from this masquerade eehh, it was horrible. This is one of the Igbo culture that I don't really like and if I have my way, I will abolish it.

However it has its own way of making a lot of people happy with the dance.

Nice piece dear.

 9 months ago  

Lol... So sorry for that sad event you experienced.

 9 months ago  

Thank you 😊

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 9 months ago  

If masquerade chase you ehhhh
They can be beautiful tho and their display is always amazing

 9 months ago  

I love your festival and wish to attend if i got the chance too.

 9 months ago  

Wow I love masquerade festival, I do travel back home just to see the masquerade dancing and pursing some people.

Thanks for sharing

 9 months ago  

Wow, the culture in your place is unique my friend, I love the part of my Mkpamkpan disguise, it looks scary.

 9 months ago  

They're really a lot of festivities happening in Nigeria and the Masquerades are really a great part of these traditions.

Not minding their notoriety, they're still a main part of our cultures, ancient cultures passed from generation to generation.

The Mkpamkpanku masquerade

This name caught my attention, it really sounds so scary, hehe. Im looking forward to attending one of these 😂😂..

I'm glad you took time to bless us with this amazing post, I hope to see more of you around bro ❤️

 9 months ago  

Wow you've equid us with many knowledge about different masquerade and thire uniqueness in the southern part of Nigeria. Thanks

 9 months ago  

This festival is looking so exceptional cultural celebration 🎉
Great post 📯
Thanks for sharing with us 💞