Ghana witnessed a tremendous launching of 4th hive borehole.

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Following last week's announcement post regarding the construction of another borehole here in Ghana, today has provided us with another wonderful inauguration ceremony of the hive borehole, which began a few days ago. Today's launch did not only helped to improve the quality and efficiency of human living by supplying water to this community, but it also showcased and promoted the hive ecosystem to everyone who attended today's meeting.

Pentecost Senior High School in the Bremang community is the fourth town in Ghana to benefit from the hive ecosystem's various empowering programmes aimed at improving people's lives and delivering a better level of living. Our mission to provide water to communities in order to improve their quality of life is complemented by assuring effective marketing of the hive ecosystem through different media sources that covered the inaugural ceremony. This is a summary of the various scenes captured at the 4th hive borehole inauguration ceremony.


The inauguration ceremony for this 4th hive borehole project was slated on Friday, September 2nd, 2022. It was planned in collaboration with Bremang community leaders and the Principal of Pentecost Senior High School. Following an assessment of the current project by various agencies, an agreement was reached to have the borehole launched and handed over to the Bremang authority.

Several members of the community were invited to attend the inauguration. The launch of the hive borehole could not be avoided by the whole student population. They were all excited to see and experience the hive ecosystem. We want to thank leaders for today's fantastic event to inform Ghanaians about the hive ecosystem improvement initiative.










However, in order to make the celebration memorable, the Pentecost school students organised a cultural presentation to greet the town authorities and other guests who were invited to participate in the hive borehole launch. The students put on a spectacular performance, making the celebration unforgettable.

After gathering all of the event's attendees, the coordinator for the day requested that an opening prayer be offered to kick off the ceremony. All of the above events were completed, resulting in a spectacular ribbon cutting to officialy launch the borehole for usage. This included both the leaders of the town and the leaders of the high school.









Let me emphasize that, despite the fact that the hive borehole is intended to assist empower struggling communities in Ghana. It is also meant to publicise the various life-changing projects that the hive ecosystem is attempting to achieve. This empowerment initiative, which was launched here today, drew the attendance of several media representatives, who produced a series of reports to be aired to Ghanaians and the rest of the globe.

Many thanks to @collinz for giving a lecture to explain what the hive ecosystem is all about. All were excited to recognise the hive ecosystem as the driving force for the development of the borehole that was donated to the Bremang community.

In addition to the hive plaque and flyers were printed for distribution, students were given hive-branded exercise booklets today to learn more about the hive ecosystem. We (@mcsamm & @collinz) are thrilled that so many students are interested in being a part of the hive ecosystem. Making hive known to students like these is one of the hive team's top goals in Ghana.




Ultimately, the school's principal thanked the hive ecosystem on behalf of the Bremang community for this beautiful gift. He said once again that the school needs assistance in things such as computers to help pupils develop their technical abilities. In addition, several pupils expressed deep gratitude for the hive-branded books they got.

This is our way of saying thank you to all of our supporters who have stuck with us through it all. Thank you very much, @guiltyparties @theycallmedan, @taskmaster4450le, @doze, @ocdb, and others @resonator @acidyo, @ackza and @v4vapid, @blocktrades, @adetorrent, @daveks, and others @bhattg @felixxx @newsflash @zuerich, @lichtblick, @dswigle, @tomhall, not to mention @collinz, @anaman, and @awuahbenjamin, @ellizbeth, and everyone else who contributed to the success of the hive borehole ceremony. The success belongs to the whole hive ecosystem.






Project : Construction of borehole system
Location : Pentecost High School (Bremang),
Ghana West Africa

Sponsor : @valueplan
Project manager : @mcsamm & @collinz


Changing lives with hive.


Yesterday was just massive ..I really enjoyed the reception Hive received by the headmaster and the student at large .

And thanks to you for the support you offered bro. We hope to always count on you @awuahbenjamin in helping us carry hive to students in various university campuses.

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Congratulations @mcsamm and @collinz, I just quickly come to say hi and that what you’re doing it’s really FANTASTIC ! You already know that though but one again, Bravo to you both !! Take care :)

We are deeply committed to raising the flag of hive first, particularly in Africa. And working with communities to improve their lives is a rewarding experience. Thank you for your assistance in spreading hive through these initiatives. @anttn

Indeed and that’s one of the reason I, and many others, appreciate and respect your project, it’s because of this double perspective ! I wish for further success and development 🤞🏼 :)

Thank you @anttn

you’re welcome 😉 Keep up those amazing projects !

I didn't know that so many people are using Hive in Ghana 😍 massive respect for you guys from Pakistan

We are really grateful to you @abrarhusain. We seek to raise awareness about hive and web3.0. Imagine if all of the students who attended today's ceremony someday become hivers, where they could contribute outstanding content on the blockchain. Our future conference and seminars with students will undoubtedly assist us in doing this and promoting the hive ecosystem across Ghana while also empowering communities. Thank you for visiting.

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As always, thanks so much. You contribute greatly to the success of this initiative @bhattg

You are welcome sir, you are really doing great work

!giphy welcome


I was quite impressed by the large turnout and the overall success of the program yesterday. Hive is improving people's lives, and I'm proud to be a part of #hiveghana.

Taking on projects one by one, empowering people to live more sustainable life. Original concept of growing into a new direction of caring for others, well done!

@tipu curate 2

I see these boreholes, but I don't understand what's going on.

How many of the things are you building?
What are the costs?
Who is working on it?
How did Hive pay for it?

Wow! What a vast number of people involved! Send my regards to you guys!

wow!! this is amazing, you have all make a great impact to the people in the community, more. strength to your elbow.

Each time I read how the Ghana hive project I see an online platform that gives back so much to the real life comments. Glory to God for the successful inauguration of the water project I hope the water will add to the people's joy and make their life better.

What a feat! You guys keep giving more reasons for us to love Hive!😁❤️

very nice looking at these images remind of my time in The Gambia back in 1994 , nice work enjoy your Weekend .

This is so encouraging to see! When people take back their power to help each other. Not for profit, but for love. Well done!


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This is just awesome! Weldone guys.

Thanks many times sir.

This should be trending.. and I hope my Other African brothers are doing the same

Many of these across Africa will help achieve the promotional objectives of the hive ecosystem. You're right budddy. Thanks for stopping by @alkeverse

As always, you guys are doing Ghana and Hive honor. Thank you!!!

Man I wish I was there for the inauguration. Perhaps you should consider more my earlier suggestion on bringing the next Hive borehole(if there’ll be one more, or several) to Northern Ghana?? A lot of communities here could really use it too, and it’ll be a better distribution of the boreholes across the country this way, as Northern Ghana is the other half of the country.

We're considering helping to extend the borehole to not juat the northern part of Ghana but hopefully to many other regions. Thanks for supporting the initiative in promoting the ecosystem.

Lovely picture brother. ❤️ A huge shoutout to you guys for doing this.

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Thanks many times bro.

Hello @mcsamm
Your project is great and inspiring.
Thanks for sharing!

Amd thanks for stopping by dear.

Wow. This was such an uplifting read and a great project. So cool!

It really is.

Really great to see how Hive is benefitting others in real life cases offline.

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Thank you sir.

keep changing lives :D incredible to see it!

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We are glad you passed by.

Congrats, Ghana! Keep up the good work! :)

Thanks a million times sir.

Congratulations on constructing the fourth borehole in Ghana. I must say this is mind blowing and it should serve as an example to others, May God continue bless the mind that produced the idea, Amen

Amen and amen, thanks buddy.

This is amazing. I have come across various posts about the Hive borehole initiative and I must commend the team behind this project. You guys are the best.

I thank you on behalf of the beneficiaries for reaching out and providing them with one of essentials life.... Water.

And I also thank you guys for using this forums and initiative to bring more ears and eyes to Hive. Thanks for the publicity.

We share this victory with you too. Thanks for stopping by.

Oh. I am honoured. Thanks.

Spreading the love through Hive. It is infectious. Congratulations to another Borehole and for a wonderful gathering crowd to show them the way of Hive.

Making your mark on Ghana.

I can't thank you enough for your constant support and enthusiasm for our efforts to promote hive in Ghana. Thank you very much. @dswigle

I sent it to you, Sam. @mcsamm Sorry about that. I hope you will be able to forward it to the Borehole site.

Thanks again!

wow, fantastic!

@tipu curate

Thank you.

Hive is changing lives and this is a good example. Thanks for sharing these images and bringing more awareness to hive.

Thanks for the recognition dear.

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What you did gthis day will be remembered for long, even when you are gone!!
Thank you for touching people heart and attending to their need through HIVE.
You are Blessed.

Amen. Thanks always. Supporting a community with water is indeed incredible. The hive ecosystem needs the world's recognition for this achievement.

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Congratulations for accomplishing this!

We share the success with you too @creativemary

Wooooow brother and Ghana team
This it's AWESOME
it's really beautiful the event and the project. My congrats You rules and You are making an Excelent work! You inspires me every day for being a better Hiver and human being. I always going to wish all the Best for you, your team, the amazing people that lives in your country
Blessings and You make a very amazing labor

With such activities, we can provide evidence to the world about what hive can do. We've done this not just for ourselves, but for the greater good. All hivers can tell the world and demonstrate what the hive ecosystem has accomplished in Africa. People will trust hive if share these offline activities. Thanks to you @nahupuku

Yes! Here in Venezuela we going to Start a project about something like that, today, our first event about Teach people to use Hive (with My Community: PukuMundo), mostly going teenagers that make art and live in hard conditions because our National chaotic crisis. So, You inspire us a Lot, and your work that You develop there, we can make the world a little bit better place to live (with Hive and the social program that we can develop for helping others) God bless You.

We are in full support of your effort to improve lives.

Thanks a Lot. I'm really apreciate your kind words

It's always nice to see how the platform is impacting real world communities.
What you guys have done is an inspiration and a game changer.
Congratulations to you and your team. :D

We're grateful foe your words.

Anyone can understand what I mean so much better if they just use or ... this is why I always say: even the poorest leeast tech educated cities in the USA or developing nations MUST begin teaching or (and eos / telos / wax ) in every single public school system ... the children in a few years would all catch up and within 4-6 years (in one election cycle) a graduating highschool or college class would be able to lead their nation and its new cyber democracy/republic/bureaucracy

In Ghana within 4 years the next generation of schoool graduates can become experts in the best new system for cyber governance ... next gen voting itself

And all these social experiment ls can be profitable

Hive is more than a blockchain.

Wow congratulations @mcsamm and @collinz what a monumental achievement you have both presented to the local community!

This is such a significant occasion that will go into the history books as not only a bore hole, but also the start of so many exciting and promising endeavours for all of the students and townsfolk too!

I wish that I hadv'e known as I would have fully supported you with this project too, but you re now both on my favourites list so I can support other projects like this!

Congratulations on your success once again and I hope that you all continue to achieve great things for the communities ensuring an abundance for all.

We're grateful for your words and willingness to support. It means a lot to us. Once again thanks for helping us to spread hive through these initiatives @chocolatescorpi

Happy to support all emerging nations/cultures in any way I can- especially for things that we in the western world take for granted, like clean drinking water...Keep up the great work!

We should be all delighted to be a part of this project. Everyone on the hive blockchain has made a significant contribution to our accomplishment. More communities in Ghana are in desperate need of such and other products to improve their lives. Thank you @chocolatescorpi for your assistance, and we hope to get further assistance in assisting hive to make an effect in Ghana.

Sounds like a great plan and I look forward to being part of the next one @mcsamm !

Thank you.