Cloud of ash from nearby Okanagan wildfire envelopes town

in Canadalast year (edited)

▶️ Here's the scene in the North Okanagan region of BC right now, as a massive wildfire, drought, and heat wave combine. We have had smoke for over a month without a break, embers falling from the sky, and looming evacuations.

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For more info, see my video yesterday, and my post a few days ago.



Holy shit.. that's ugly looking sky

Not even sure that's sky.... ash and toxic soup maybe :(

Did you watch the video? He said it was sky... think he's lying..??🤣😂

Never seen anything like it..... would make me want to run the other way, but where do you go?

Underground DUMB DUMB :)

Yeah, into the gulags with ye, @greatesteem!
When the sky gets ugly, grab your stash and head for the bunker :D

Holy crap, that shit looks apocalyptic...or at least like Beijing.