Inside the Okanagan wildfire fallout zone

in Canada2 years ago (edited)

▶️Unbelievable scene here on a summer's afternoon as toxic gas, smoke, soot, and other particles fill the region.

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Just 2 hours after my previous upload which can be found here.



It really feels like Armageddon at's kind of messing with my circadian rhythms because it looks like sunset at random parts of the afternoon, some days much earlier than others.

Now......... BRING ON THE RAIN!
(hopefully) <3

Really apocalyptic. The people in that region have suffered enough, this is too much :(

LOL at the labelled diagram!

Looks horrible ☹️

I hear about 100 homes/buildings have burned down in the area now. :/

I was thinking about you last night. And how bad everything is there. I wish you and your wife and child a speedy improvement. I hope for rain. all the best. and stay safe