The Pfizer Vaccine is NOT a Vaccine

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Pfizer is clear their product is meant to prevent already-infected people from developing serious symptoms, NOT to prevent the virus from spreading. And if it's not made the way vaccines are made, doesn't function the way vaccines function, and doesn't grant immunity, then it is NOT a vaccine. It's an injectable pharmaceutical product.

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Pfizer's vaccine announcement

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Experimental Vaccine? I'll Wait and See!

Serious side effects found on day 1 of public vaccination

CBC says vaccine's protection against virus (what protection?) outweighs side effects

Melinda Gates and CNN beg for more vaccine censorship

It doesn't take a genius to realize things don't add up and something's going on. You're not crazy. Taking a "wait and see" approach is wise and prudent. Most countries (including Canada) are being clear that it is NOT mandatory, but that those who refuse will find it difficult to participate in society. All skeptics and critics of the vaccine are heavily censored, and fear of the virus is continuously stoked.

Under that duress and pressure, making an important medical decision might not be a good idea. For me and my family, waiting to see what happens - and until cooler heads prevail - is the right choice.

I hope I've provided you with some ideas and information that will help you in making YOUR OWN decision.



Is the ModeRNA “vaccine” the same ? Worse ?

It's similar (brand new) technology, so just like the Pfizer jab, we just don't know. We don't know the long term positive effects (they admit that will have to be seen in time), and we also don't know the long term negative effects. Which is why it's smart to wait... and probably why most anti-viral injections usually go through a 10+ year process! Which "vaccine" ends up being less harmful (and more effective) will be determined in the coming years.

I was reading that if Moderna can get this right, the RNA can be instructed to destroy Cancer cells. So I am hoping it is a good technology.

Looks like a theory at this point, and cures for cancer are all suspect while cannabis is being ignored/prohibited, in my opinion. Unless a scientist is willing to admit the issue has been politicized, and that cannabinoids are a known cure for many types of cancer, he/she is either ignorant or corrupt. Dangling a cancer treatment (before one has even been proposed/developed) is something a group of investors would do... and I imagine that is who wrote that article, some investors, thinking from an investor's angle. Good technology doesn't begin by putting out a random product into the population and THEN finding out what it's effects (positive and negative) are. That's something only a suicidal company (or one granted legal immunity) would do.

So is it the THC that cures cancer ? Which Cannabinoids?

Yes THC is definitely one of the main cancer-fighting cannabinoids but CBD (famous even in mainstream circles lately) and CBG are important as well. Certain types of cancer respond to different combinations of cannabinoids. A good general starting point is equal parts CBD and THC. There's also a combined therapeutic effect when dozens of cannabinoids work together in various ways, along with the therapeutic effects of the terpenes (non-cannabinoids organic compounds found in cannabis, responsible for the aroma and flavour). It's called the entourage effect, and it's why some patients prefer a "whole plant extract", rather than specific preparations of pure THC, CBD, etc. For a good general overview, here is a presentation (with 200+ really good links to reputable universities and hospitals) on the topic I did with my wife @MediKatie.

Yeah .... I lost a bunch of my family to Cancer... I sent them all the information on THC, CBD hoping it could save their lives. I’m not sure if they tried any of them but they did not survive. I hope that Cannabis is the cure.

Sorry to hear you've lost so many to cancer.
I think there are many ways to treat and cure it. Basically it's often about correcting the problem or conditions that allowed cancer to take hold in the first place. Understanding our endocannabinoid system is part of that I think. Avoiding cancer-causing foods and drugs is obviously extremely important. Organic and raw food as much as possible, less white sugar, less processed, less alcohol, less smoke, and so on. Sometimes I think surgery is the best option, followed up by lots of RSO (cannabis oil)for healing, pain control, and to deal with any residual cancer cells.

A friend of mine's father was serious ill with skin cancer, which he healed using RSO:

But I also have a friend with liver cancer and he's not having much luck with the oil. It seems a lot more research is necessary, but in a lot of places, we're still trying to fight prohibition so that we can grow, extract, use, and experiment with this awesome plant.

What a stupid "vaccine"

Yeah LOL
Incredible to see the media (and public) claiming that the jab will slow or stop transmission, flatten the curve, help slow the pandemic, etc. When the company itself has NEVER said it provides immunity! It's just to control symptoms!!

This is disturbing stuff but needs to be reported on. I hope people check out all those great links.

So, the "vaccine" (pharmaceutical product) will cause the need for ventilators because it causes breathing problems?! Okay, people, please don't jam that crayon any further into your brain! At the beginning of this stupid "pandemic" (series of baseless executive orders passed by tyrannical politicians posing as health experts), they said the reason for all these restrictions comes down to overwhelming the healthcare system and that there would not be enough ventilators for the population.

This "vaccine" is extremely ironic: it causes the health conditions we're so deadly afraid of contracting, but we're not worried about the healthcare system overload from injecting the entire population with an untested product?! People are getting so dumb they don't even know why they're scared....the government says boo and they drop to their knees begging for orders. People can be made to ignore or obsess about just about anything! We're eating up the stupidest, textbook emotional appeals pumped out like gospel by the monopolized mainstream media while ignoring all facts, statistics, and common sense.

I think somebody should throw up in Manlinda Gates' face and then sneeze down her throat.

It would be comical if societal collapse wasn't such a serious possibility!

It's like when a product is called cheezy or chocolatey because it doesn't contain any real cheese or chocolate....except with dire consequences.

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